Monday, September 10, 2007

TERROR NEWS Sept 9th & 10th

Al-Qaeda promises 9/11 hijacker video - Second video of Osama bin Laden with last testament of Sept. 11 hijacker, Abu Musab Waleed al-Shehri;_ylt=AvsL9CtKgyNqib7z.0368Nms0NUE

- see image from video courtesy of SITE Institute

U.S. attitudes on Sept. 11 events shifting

In Terrorism Fight, Wariness Tempers Optimism

America marks six years since 9/11 under shadow of 'war on terror'

(Al Qaeda) U.S. official calls bin Laden "virtually impotent";_ylt=AnHNIKHkeZDjxaylPJLjAwgTv5UB

Al Qaeda threat to U.S. rebounds despite lull;_ylt=AvvFCqXlVvpTkiulADF5QnIwuecA

(Al Qaeda) Bin Laden video stirs Arab world;_ylt=AmflFFituhub0nXFrcmsxHcTv5UB

(Al Qaeda) Hiding in Pakistan? Years Later Bin Laden Elusive -- Pakistan Doesn't Allow the U.S. to Search Area

(Iraq) Clash kills 12 gunmen, injures three US soldiers in Iraq -- in Samarra city

(Iraq) One killed, 4 injured and nine detained in combat operations in Kirkuk

(Iraq) Blast kills, injures US soldiers in northern Iraq - in Kirkuk

(Iraq) British security worker killed in explosion in Iraq

(Iraq) Mastermind of attack on Yazidis killed in Iraq\09\10\story_10-9-2007_pg7_1

(Iraq) Pentagon planning base near Iraq-Iran border: report;_ylt=AspHq1cLbFAfRW99GyTmv7xX6GMA

(Iraq) Al-Sadr Restructuring His Mahdi Army Militia,2933,296240,00.html

(Iraq) Petraeus to appear before Congress today;_ylt=AhrnXRf7LCfZPLYyZMyExs5X6GMA

(Iraq) Poll: Iraqis say US troops not helping;_ylt=ApmlAoFFbUNSQ_jgeKqCozNX6GMA

(Iraq) Britain stayed in Basra longer because of US: commande;_ylt=ApCeF4g4XpHvx1fzqDo9vDlX6GMA

(Afghanistan) Osama, Omar are alive and healthy, Afghan warlord says;_ylt=AuX4Yfs251PHTgXKxspycvbOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban says 'ready for talks' with Afghan govt;_ylt=AvZX0TIzFur1ujjH3vw9TKrOVooA

(Afghanistan) Gunmen free 10 Afghan deminers;_ylt=ArAhCWNy8K2MlWFRkICj2ADOVooA

(Pakistan) Europeans Get Terror Training Inside Pakistan

(Pakistan) Tentacles spread from Al-Qaeda's lair in Pakistan;_ylt=Ag_2G7FEYYfh8TEE.xJgN3LzPukA

(Pakistan) 10 militants killed, 7 troops injured in N Waziristan -- on Sunday\09\10\story_10-9-2007_pg1_5

(Pakistan) More than 260 Pakistani troops kidnapped by militants have been freed, security officials say

(Pakistan) 13 Taliban killed in attack on World Food Progam convoy\09\10\story_10-9-2007_pg7_4

(Pakistan) 17 Taliban and 66 Afghans arrested at Taftan

(Pakistan) Militants destroy video center in Swat\09\10\story_10-9-2007_pg7_49

(Pakistan) Taliban threaten members of the national and provincial assemblies\09\10\story_10-9-2007_pg7_3

India: Police issue photos of Hyderabad blast suspects

(India) Hyderabad blasts suspect had 'affair' with Armyman?

(India) Bomb hoax caller traced to Hyderabad, arrested

(India Kashmir) Four intruders killed at LoC in Kashmir

(India Kashmir) Blast injures 3 police officers in Indian Kashmir before Sonia Gandhi's arrival

(India Kashmir) Five security personnel injured in power explosion in Srinagar

(India) Maoists kill civilian in Chhattisgarh

(India) Eight militants surrender in Assam

(Thailand) Suspected insurgent kill 1 and wounds 5 in attack on public bus in Thai south

(Thailand) Nearly 70 arrested in raids in Thai south;_ylt=AlQVM5Pn6z3sM2mfEZTh7anuNREB

Thai military to lift curfew in south for Ramadan§ion=theworld&col=

Philippine military capture two more militants -- Abu Sayyaf militants in Palawan

(Philippines) Cops foil Gen Santos bomb plot, arrest suspect

(U.S.) Terror groups raise funds through drugs: DEA

(U.S.) Identities of men in ferry photos still unknown

Somalia: 3 children and their mother die in mortar attacks, witnesses say

Somalia: Governor Escapes a Grenade Bomb Attack

Sudan to issue arrest warrants for Darfur rebels

Nigeria: JTF Uncovers Militants Hide-Out in River

Algerians hold mass protest against terrorism

Algerian port bomber was aged 15: report;_ylt=A9G_R3tqPOVGMp8A.wlvaA8F

Algerian Group Uses Suicide Bombers,,-6909834,00.html

(Algeria) Al Qaeda group says targeted Algeria president

(Turkey) Explosion at Turkish-Iranian pipeline stops gas supply to Turkey

Spanish police defuse car bomb suspected placed by Basque separatists

(Spain) Police clash with Basque separatist demonstrators

German suspects had deadline for attacks: report -- were told to act by September 15;_ylt=ArVU84KoyCq0IUzdxDtRfB.s0NUE

(Germany) How the CIA Helped Germany Foil Terror Plot,1518,504837,00.html

German official calls for registration of chemical purchases in wake of terror arrests

Germans divided on giving up personal freedom

(Netherlands) Dutch arrest PKK member wanted in France

(UK) Scotland: Terror trial evidence concludes - Mohammed Siddique trial

(UK) Twin tower detective backs call for public inquiry into 7/7 attacks

(UK) Muslim group behind 'mega-mosque' seeks to convert all Britain -- Tablighi Jamaat -- Glasgow airport bomber Kafeel Ahmed linked to Tablighi Jamaat

(UK) Mosque leaders' anger at 'hardcore' claims

(UK) Islamist party Hizb ut-Tahrir 'is targeting university students'

(UK) Terrorist study to show better methods for linking intelligence;jsessionid=ALTQQRIX1OBDLQFIQMGSFF4AVCBQWIV0?xml=/earth/2007/09/10/sciterr110.xml

(Iran) US calls for Iran to cooperate rapidly with UN nuclear inspector;_ylt=ArzxjSncDB53Sa5JQZ7OodlSw60A

Iran, Russia still talking on nuclear plant completion;_ylt=AnoZKbJRgaAEW2sYnKS6kUhSw60A

Lebanon seeks donor help to rebuild siege camp - Palestinian refugees;_ylt=Aum7A_ItxqWL8hrabOwNCcjagGIB

Turkey says Israel pledged airspace violation probe

(Israel) Suicide bombing foiled in Tel Aviv -- Islamic attacker meant to infiltrate Jewish city with smuggled explosives -- by Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades of Fatah

Israel Could Swap Captured Hamas Commander for Long-Held Soldier

Israel: Russian neo-Nazis could get their Israeli citizenship revoked -- Neo-Nazis found with weapons, explosives;jsessionid=ALTQQRIX1OBDLQFIQMGSFF4AVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/09/09/wnazi109.xml

(Gaza) Palestinian faction attacks Israeli military post -- Israeli Nahal Oz military position, east of Gaza City

(Gaza) Qaeda penetrating Gaza via clans: Israeli expert

(West Bank) Poll: Abbas' popularity has grown since Hamas takeover of Gaza

(Mexico) Sabotage Believed Cause of Mexico Oil Pipeline Blasts,2933,296239,00.html

(Mexico) Dynamite blast on truck kills 23 in Mexico - cause under investigation

Sri Lanka military says 6 rebels killed in separate attacks

(North Korea) US nuclear experts headed to NKorea;_ylt=AnmxXZsFzjp0FmxDCWL4LhqCscEA

(China) French government falls prey to cyber-attacks "involving China'

(Australia) Canberra relists three terror groups

Commentary: Where's the War? The placidity of the domestic front.

Other News:

Pakistan police, Sharif men clash

(Pakistan) Media lashes out at govt, wonders "if 9/10 will be Pak's 9/11"

Afghan demands apology for football 'insult'§ion=subcontinent&col=

Iran steps up crackdown against 'immoral' activity;_ylt=AjxcWtXzzAQeWZflyF8s4AlSw60A

Bangladesh seeks Russian help to build nuclear power plant;_ylt=Ai.voQzptFVjc1Bh3daoP1p_5GIA

Iraq debate is sea of statistics;_ylt=Avw601vAFYPBNn5gyFlZRnNX6GMA

Moroccans stick to status quo instead of ushering in Islamists

Morocco Islamists say 'money' blocked poll advance\09\10\story_10-9-2007_pg4_11

Canadian prime minister disagrees with decision to allow Muslim women to wear veils for Quebec vote

Sweden: Muhammad protest in Uppsala

(Germany) Politicians, Jewish Leaders Condemn Attack on Rabbi in Germany,2144,2776403,00.html

(U.S.) NYC: Muslim Day Parade

Al-Qaida criticizes Hamas

(Al-Qaeda) Abu Yahia al-Libi in new 90-minute video (from Laura Mansfield)

(Pakistan) Report: Osama is in Chitral: US experts report

"Where Is Osama Bin Laden?"

Pakistan issues airport terror alert,,12215_cid_2775289,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

Afghan Suicide Attacks Rise, U.N. Report Shows

(Aghanistan) Two UK troops killed in Afghanistan: military - Over 30 Taliban killed in separate incidents;_ylt=ArlhDMSKxKShFquhbvJxu6ms0NUE

(Iraq) Bombs kill 20 in Iraq - Sadr City car bomb killed 15, and wounded 45 - Kufa bomb killed 5, wounded 8

Germany says terror plot may be wider - Network might have involved 50 people

(U.K.) Leading militant in split with Islamists - Maajid Nawaz, senior member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, quits and recants views,,2165439,00.html

(Algeria) Al-Qaeda claims Algeria attacks: report - Al Qaeda in Maghreb claims bomb which killed 30 & attempt on President which killed 22;_ylt=Ao2XaBYokAlWhIK6q0HaM8us0NUE

(Lebanon) Christian leader says Hezbollah could torpedo vote

Syrian VP: 'We will respond soon enough' - Syria blames US & Israel for Israeli foray into Syrian airspace

Fatah promises 'revolution of the masses' will topple Hamas

(Israel) IDF denies capturing top Hamas member

(Spain) ETA vows to continue attacks on Spain

(Columbia) 11 bodies handed over in Colombia probe - Red Cross turns over 11 held by FARC to government;_ylt=Aja5YcJUtNJT83WvGRG8JaSs0NUE

(India) Drug addicts, students new faces of ULFA terror§ion=subcontinent&col=

(India) Top militant shot dead in Doda - Top Hizb-ul Mujahideen commander killed by security forces

(India) ULFA denies involvement in blast - Sept. 1 blast killed one, injured 20

(India) Parents of hardcore ULFA leaders urge them to surrender

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