Saturday, September 15, 2007


(Iraq) Coalition Forces Kill 14 Terrorists in Iraq — detain 17 — raids in central and northern Iraq

Iraqi, US forces kill extremist commander in Diwaniyah

Iraq: al-Qaida group threatens Sunnis;_ylt=AoUcdlhkFTB_DnLN9We6asZX6GMA

(Iraq) Four US troops killed in Diyala

(Iraq) UK troop numbers in Iraq to be halved by December (my title);jsessionid=REDAVVL2UGVG3QFIQMFSFGGAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/09/15/wkuwait115.xml

(Iraq) US State Dept Report: Religious freedom deteriorates in Iraq

Afghan police kill 3 Taliban involved with SKorean kidnappings — Interior Ministry update on Friday story

(Pakistan) Explosion at CD center in N. Pakistan wounds five, 14 shops destroyed

(Pakistan) Islamabad blast suspect arrested in NWFP

(Pakistan) Peshawar police foil bombing attempt\09\15\story_15-9-2007_pg7_15

(Pakistan) Al Qaeda has made Pakistan Army vulnerable even in barracks — growing presence ofTaliban indoctrinated soldiers within the Pakistan Army

(Pakistan) Confederation of Terror

(Pakistan) US sees serious religious freedom problems in Pakistan\09\15\story_15-9-2007_pg7_17

(India) Report: Hyderabad blasts brain Bilal killed — Times of India report

India, Bangladesh discuss fight against terror

(Indian Kashmir) Five terrorists and two civilians killed in Jammu and Kashmir — at Dalwa area —Pakistani cadre of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) killed by security forces in Sodal

(India Assam) ULFA militant killed in encounter in Assam

(India) Maoists kill one civilian and a SPO in Chhattisgarh

(U.S.) South Carolina pipebomb case: Car’s explosive contents revealed at hearing for USF students— Ahmed Mohamed on video saying remote car detonator could “save one who wants to be a martyr for another battle”

(U.S.) Details emerge in South Carolina explosives case — laptop had websites on weapons, jihadists

(U.S.) Lowcountry terror case deepens

(U.S.) CIA Bans Water-Boarding in Terror Interrogations

(U.S.) Syria-N. Korea Reports Won’t Stop Talks

IAF attacked N. Korean nuclear shipment to Syria

(US/North Korea) US experts end N.Korea nuclear visit;_ylt=AjwJSjfcq_1FK1BrUcjNFTuCscEA

(U.S.) AP: Federal agencies flunk their audits — DHS and DoD

(Canada) Quebec terror suspect remanded in custody

(Canada) Bomb suspect’s Quebec journey

(Canada) Maskinonge: one church, one terror suspect

(Austria) Terror suspect in Austria released

(Sweden) Al-Qaida: Bounty on Swedish cartoonist;_ylt=AjpMYwLK.gfEDVHM4fwNJCgTv5UB

(Europe) Converts To Islam Move Up In Cells — Arrests in Europe Illuminate Shift

Algerian authorities arrest five people on charges of terrorism links

(Algeria) Eight hurt in Algerian bomb blast,23599,22422026-23109,00.html

Eritrean president pledges support for Somali rebels — Eritrea has supported Somali Council ofIslamic Courts since December

Somalia: Eritrean Head Attends Opposition Conference in Asmara

Iranian influence, both commercial and political, increases in Iraq, worrying

(Lebanon/Syria) US claims Hezbollah still smuggling arms through Syria

Lebanon: Fatah Islam figures caught;_ylt=AlpWkWVtHSHlrYfulfbZpaXagGIB

(Gaza) Palestinian Islamic Jihad attacks Israeli army unit in northern Gaza

(Gaza) Fatah says Hamas must back out of Gaza coup before negotiations can begin

Palestinian PFLP militant leader says Hamas targeting his party

(Thailand) Bomb kills 1, wounds 5 in Thailand’s restive south — Pattani bridge bomb

(Sri Lanka) Bomb, clashes kill 29 in Sri Lanka;_ylt=AhS9cqIY8ek3Cv3eTVAHMLctM8oA

Colombia “has faith” in Chavez-FARC meeting

Commentary: John Doe in post-9/11 era - by Michelle Malkin

Other News:

(U.S.) Dearborn hosts October 27 anti-terrorism conference — Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffneyamong confirmed speakers

(Poland) Communists could return to power in Poland

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