Saturday, September 1, 2007


(Iraq) Four people lose life in security incidents in northern Iraqi city -- in Mosul

(Iraq) US to intensify fight against Qaeda after Iraq militia freeze;_ylt=AvNmXvPP.H.ls1I2QsW2WYhX6GMA

(Iraq) Sadr militia freeze will help fight Qaeda: US

(Iraq) More than 1,800 Iraqis killed in August;_ylt=AlEcdBybMKPIJozRYPydrcFX6GMA

(Iraq) Iran reportedly bombs villages in northern Iraq -- Strikes allegedly against suspected positions of breakaway Kurdish group

(Afghanistan) 60 suspected Afghan militants killed -- fighting in Ghazni district, southern Helmand's Musa Qala district, and in Pitigal Valley border region;_ylt=Aq5e_8lS1v0vbgEFIbLqRtzOVooA

(Afghanistan) Report: Taliban: South Korea paid over $20 million ransom -- vowing to use the funds to buy arms and mount suicide attacks

(Afghanistan) South Korea insists it paid no ransom to Taliban;_ylt=AnwH8XB1mMMUuVSRNc5alDLOVooA

(Pakistan) Suicide bomber kills five in northwest Pakistan - in the northwestern Bajaur region§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) Negotiations continue for 150 trapped Pakistani soldiers§ion=subcontinent&col=

(India) Suspects arrested in India Hyderabad bombings -- police arrested two people Saturday and formally named two others already in custody as suspects;_ylt=AgNNlzeBN1PFA8.tXjeXZUhA7AkB

(India) Hyderabad blasts: Police arrest two suspects

(India) Bilal masterminded Hyderabad twin blasts: Police -- Mohammad Shahid alias Bilal

(India) Terror becomes routine in India

(Indian Kashmir) Rebels kill former top policeman in Kashmir;_ylt=AutP234P5xGLasVvTTRChus1NXcA

(Indian Kashmir) IED found near airport road in Kashmir

(India Assam) One dead, 12 injured in ULFA triggered Guwahati blast

(U.S.) Minneapolis - Judge orders easing of terror suspect's strict confinement -- Mohamed Warsame, a Canadian citizen of Somali descent, suspected of attending Afghanistan terrorist training camps

(U.S.) Feds: We need time in JFK terror plot case - Need 2-3 months to determine if they can use classified documents,0,5682953.story?track=rss

Lebanese troops seize homes of Islamist leaders;_ylt=Aqj.qKmOz5RmbLx2UfJqxN3agGIB

Lebanon and Al-Qaeda's unruly aftershocks

(Gaza) Palestinian Fatah brigades fire two missiles at Kissufim

Hamas quashes Gaza show of defiance

Hamas holds three Fatah activists following clashes

(Palestinian Authority) Closed Hamas 'charities' may go underground - "Hamas will not give up so easily"

(Turkey) PKK operative surrenders to Turkish authorities

(UK) Revealed: the 'terror plot' to poison water supplies

(UK) Scotland: Access to web of terror 'is easy' -- Mohammed Siddique trial

(France) Four suspected members of ETA arrested in France

(Europe) Al Qaeda in Europe Recruiting Cyberjihadis, Whine About CIA Plot ...

Russia marks third anniversary of Beslan massacre;_ylt=AkbO7ozHgWhz_9utKdSGQQZ_5GIA

Sudan says Darfur rebels killed 41 in Kordofan attack

(Canada) Transport of live bombs shuts down major Toronto highways -- update

(Canada) Man charged in letter bomb case

(Mexico) Terror Calls Mexico

(Columbia) Venezuela's Chavez agrees to receive Colombian rebel to discuss hostage-for-rebel deal - update on Friday story

(Thailand) 1 soldier killed in clash with insurgents - Saturday in Sai Buri district of Pattani

(Thailand) Three killed in Thai Muslim south - update on Friday terror killings;_ylt=AuGMgjwxB1m0iXnAqXewp8nuNREB

(Thailand) Expert warns of terror attacks in major cities

(Sri Lanka) Heavy loss of life reported in fresh Sri Lanka violence;_ylt=ArkoISfMW1UgppxzwzmiVrctM8oA

Sri Lankan military launches new offensive against Tamil rebels§ion=subcontinent&col=

(North Korea) US, NKorea start nuclear talks in Geneva;_ylt=AvUzMZaAWaBY8wZDDgXR5.aCscEA

(U.S.) Commentary: CAIR Revealed

(U.S.) Ellison Keynote Speaker at ISNA Conference

Other News:

Malaysia considers switch to Islamic law

Malaysia plans Islamic laws

(Sweden) Controversial artist receives death threats

Muslims protest Swedish newspaper pictures,2933,295431,00.html

Swedish Muslims denounce newspaper for publishing cartoon of the prophet

Tajikistan Says 350 Mosques Functioning Without License

Romney: Retaliate for a nuclear attack;_ylt=AqeO2NGcwzFhgmNb_GJUFBITv5UB

US - Keith Ellison to back out of Muslim parade? After bloggers exposed their extremist connections.

Hollywood opens new front in war on terror - and goes gunning for Oscars

(Bulgaria) Nuclear power station in emergency shutdown,23599,22347205-23109,00.html

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