Wednesday, September 19, 2007


(Iraq) Suicide car bomber kills himself outside Iraqi army base in Mosul, wounds four civilians
(Iraq) Al Qaeda fighters seize control of Iraqi village - in Diyala;_ylt=Al.cIttFrXCXoGMlFb.at0dX6GMA
(Iraq) Al-Qaida group challenges high-level U.S. Iraq report
(Iraq) US soldier killed in armed attack in Baghdad
(Iraq) Three US soldiers killed, three others injured in attack east of Baghdad - in Diyala on Tuesday
(Iraq) U.S. Bans Travel of Officials Outside of Green Zone,2933,297255,00.html
Iraqi PM calls for Blackwater to be replaced;_ylt=AnS2Y3BTUBMiBB8PxsZNlr9X6GMA
(Iraq) U.S. Working to Reshape Iraqi Detainees - Islamic clerics enlisted to "teach out of a moderate doctrine" and persuade detainees from insurgency
(Afghanistan) NATO forces launch major Afghan anti-Taliban operation in Helmand -- also -- Afghan troops killed three militants and detained four more in Wardak province, woman killed in Taliban attack on NATO outpost in Zabul province;_ylt=AvcNgkYVjqBsKYYffRjujBvOVooA
(Afghanistan) Suicide bombs kill three Afghan policemen - in Helmand province's Garmser district
(Afghanistan) Taliban accused of using children as human shields
(Pakistan) Militants kidnap seven more Pakistani soldiers;_ylt=Au0aLMi8p87QOvhcKdPPLKfzPukA
Pakistan: Mutilated bodies of 15 soldiers brought to Miramshah -- bodies had been badly mutilated - limbs chopped off
(Pakistan) 'Varsities, seminaries failing to curb extremism'\09\19\story_19-9-2007_pg7_33
(Indian Kashmir) One Indian soldier killed in Kashmir rebel ambush -- by Muslim militants;_ylt=AsYn6jqm9Dl89VqwmGTeBspA7AkB
(Indian Kashmir) Two alleged Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists killed -- residents of Pakistan
(Indian Kashmir) Five militants killed in Kashmir gun battle
(India Assam) ULFA outsourcing suicide attacks: US think-tank
(India Assam) Wanted ULFA commander nabbed in Assam
(India) Militants kill two civilians in Manipur
(U.S.) Holy Land defense cites free speech
(U.S.) First Amendment, Alternate Theories Highlight HLF Defense Arguments -- IPT News
(U.S.) Clues to terrorism in passengers' faces? Airport screeners focus on travelers' behavior
US Air Force sets up Cyber Command
(U.S.) California: Muslims Sue FBI Over Alleged Mosque Surveillance
(U.S.) California: Muslims, ACLU sue FBI, Justice over surveillance
(U.S.) Terror insurance bill due Wednesday in US House
(Algeria) Policeman killed, another injured in Algeria's bomb blast -- in Al-Akhdaria on Tuesday
Kenyan police stop relatives of 18 Kenyans with alleged terrorist links from holding march
(Somalia) Troops open fire on Somali media house - update on Tuesday story on Shabelle;_ylt=AvoUAfYOqPdUge6CXHNCumeQLIUD
Somalia: Families Flee Violence in Sool Region
South Africa: World Cup May Make Country a Terrorist Target
Iran to use "all means" to defend itself if attacked;_ylt=Aqgvq1a6ytB_1hLOOnyho41Sw60A
Iranian general: Plans drawn up to bomb Israel if it attacks Iran
(Iran) Top Iranian's revolutionary zeal unaffected by US threats
(Iran) EU ready to sanction Iran if necessary
(Iran) Germany ready to impose more sanctions on Iran
(Iran) French Defense Minister: France not working on military plans against Iran
(Iran) Rice swipes at IAEA, urges bold action on Iran
(Iran) US undersecretary of state calls for new sanctions against Iran
(Iran) Egypt rejects any strike against Iran and looks to normalize relations
(Iran) Trapped reporter for U.S. radio station leaves Iran
(Iran) MEMRI: Signs of a Possible Rift in the Iranian Leadership on the Nuclear Issue
(Lebanon) Fatah Islam Wives to Depart to Syria, Militants Reportedly Tried to Join al-Qaida
(Israel) Hamas-controlled Gaza 'hostile entity'
Hamas says Gaza sanctions "declaration of war"
Palestinian Islamic Jihad slams Israel for declaring Gaza 'hostile entity',7340,L-3451320,00.html
(Gaza) Four missiles launched from Gaza at Israeli targets overnight - by Al-Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Fatah
(Israel) IDF kills 2 terror suspects near Nablus -- troops hunt for cell allegedly planning suicide attack
(Israel) IDF Arrests Senior Terrorist in Shechem -- Al-Aez worked with both Hamas and the PFLP in planning terrorist attacks
(Israel) Rice in Israel talking Palestinian state
Turkey: Foreign minister's cousin killed in PKK attack
(UK) Al-Qaeda suspect to face London court -- Raingzieb Ahmed returned from Pakistan suspected being member of Al-Qaeda
(UK) 2 in UK in court on terrorist charges - Raingzieb Ahmed and teenager charged with chemicals for terror act
(UK) Air passengers face delays after Spain beefs up security in anti-terror measures
Germany Becomes A Target for Sophisticated Homegrown Terrorism
German government approves 1-year extension to troops' Afghan mission
EU confirms Belgium's de Kerchove as new anti-terror chief
Swedish artist displays prophet cartoon at seminar despite al-Qaida threat
(Philippines) Gunmen attack ex-governor's convoy in southern Philippines; 10 killed
(Philippines) Supreme Court asked anew to declare anti-terror law unconstitutional
North Korean defector leaves for US from Southeast Asian country
Colombia rebels demand demilitarized zone for hostage swap: Chavez;_ylt=AmQPkHaLdpmMu0ztWO16rNWwv7kA
(Columbia) After ruling, Colombia studies Chiquita extraditions;_ylt=AuWI9BA276wREsoOS4j0LFSwv7kA
Cuban hijackers get life in prison
Russia and China 'spying on US'
Other News:
Bangladesh authorities ban cartoon insulting Islam, arrest cartoonist
Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan says wants to lift Islamic headscarf ban;_ylt=AktMyjvuCgKxC9e.o_e25bPtfLkA
(UK) British Woman Divorces Son of Usama Bin Laden,2933,297283,00.html
Jordan: Restaurants forced to close for Ramadan
Serbia: Activists urge halt to 'neo-Nazi' march

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