Sunday, September 23, 2007

TERROR NEWS - Sept 23rd

Iraq Anbar tribal leader vows to fight Al Qaeda

(Iraq) 1,200 Tarmiyah citizens vow to fight al-Qaeda

Iraqi forces detain suspected weapons smuggler in southern Iraq

(Iraq) Splinter groups of Al-Qaeda threaten Diali security - security committee

(Iraq) Car bomb explodes near Iranian consulate in Basra

(Iraq) U.S. Releases 260 Iraqi Detainees — Action Coincides With Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan

(Iraq) Private U.S. security firm to face criminal charges, Iraqi official says

(Afghanistan) Taliban behead two former Afghan policemen

(Afghanistan) 2 Italian soldiers missing in Afghanstan;_ylt=AiB5uHip0ZvgU2j9WcrBFZjOVooA

(Afghanistan) NATO investigates killing of 4 Afghans;_ylt=AhM0iAX2euqR2O44aMyfbCLOVooA

(Afghanistan) NATO sees hope for Afghan peace talks;_ylt=Atiq9SNFJ457gW.V5ox5UHbOVooA

Pakistan backs off Al Qaeda pursuit — Political realities force Musharraf to reduceefforts against Al Qaeda, depriving the U.S. of one of its strongest counter-terrorism allies.,1,583300.story?track=rss

(Pakistan) Suicide bomber killed — in Tank - killing himself and wounding three soldiers

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid cleric applies for bail\09\23\story_23-9-2007_pg7_14

(Pakistan) Combating jihadism Pakistan’s greatest challenge: Stratfor\09\23\story_23-9-2007_pg7_2

(India) Police posts set on fire in mob fury — Jamia Milia Islamia University —alleged that a police office dropped a Qur’an

(India) Two killed, vehicles burnt during Maoist strike in India

(India) Maoists: Railway tracks blasted, station blown up in Jharkhand’khand+Rly+station

Bangladesh Islamist groups continue protests against cartoon

(U.S.) Holy Land Foundation Trial: Fundraiser awaiting terrorism decision

(Iran) Secret US air force team to perfect plan for Iran strike

Iranian, Chinese weapons seized in Afghanistan - Mines, RPGs seized after Herat battle

Iran confirms shelling Kurdish militants in Iraq;_ylt=Aqkp7WpX4JprkrhsAQRYf3ZX6GMA

(Iran) Germany opposes ‘non-UN’ sanctions on Iran - Germany opposes French drive for EU sanctions

(Iran) U.S. Military chief: ‘No war’ with Iran;_ylt=Aiiq7bZ1sMAzMUuGMlYmALRX6GMA

Iran President Ahmadinejad rips U.S. — expected to address U.S. on CBS’ 60 minutes program Sunday

Iran promises missiles will fly if US attacks

Iran Lawmaker Threatens to ‘Send Region up in Flames’

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Says Sanctions Will Not Stop Nuclear Progress,2933,297683,00.html

(Iran) Ahmadinejad: US wants different opinions;_ylt=Au6gF3YZ0VMnj.dVDfNzQZZSw60A

Israelis seized nuclear material in Syrian raid

(Israel) Snatched: Israeli commandos ‘nuclear’ raid

Israel Orders Fighter Jets to Syrian Border,2933,297737,00.html

Israel police: Yom Kippur attack stopped - Hamas explosives belt found in Tel Aviv

(Israel) Hamas ordered to carry out large terror attack inside an Israeli city to undermineMiddle East peace summit scheduled for November

Palestinian Authority: U.S. Inviting Syria, Lebanon to November Summit

Israel to Release 90 Palestinian Prisoners

(Israel) IDF uncovers explosives lab in Nablus, Hamas fugitive arrested

Lebanon MPs demand security boost for presidential poll;_ylt=Am30MKpywxCYT7vBSLYdq7PagGIB

(Lebanon) Berri warns of Lebanon poll delay if MPs stay away

(Philippines) Army, MILF gunbattle erupts in Maguindanao

(Turkey) Hizbullah member wanted for 13 years captured

(UK) Police to video terror suspects

(UK) Scotland: Family: Convicted terror ‘wannabe’ naive — Mohammed Atif Siddique

Spain to extradite Al-Qaeda activist to Morocco — newspaper

(Somalia) Daily violence bleeds life out of Somalia’s largest market;_ylt=Au0nuSUYArwsECvptlQkaOqQLIUD

Nigerian oil delta rebel detained in Angola;_ylt=AjjmvvmsemGcxjP6LPYv_lLZ9YEA

(Niger/Mali) Tuareg rebels in southern Sahara no Islamist threat

(Sri Lanka) Under fire Sri Lanka offers olive branch to Tamil Tigers;_ylt=AizYmiQ0z4y96JUSvnWNUDotM8oA

Commentary: Internal and External Threats to the Jihad Media War

Other News:

(U.S.) Kansas City: Airport with footbaths turns to intimidation

(U.S.) Columbia University: Of course we’d invite Hitler to speak, says Columbia dean

(Germany) Leisure Photos of Camp Guards Shock Germans,1518,507175,00.html

Uganda police raid doomsday cult

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