Thursday, September 27, 2007


(Iraq) Al-Qaeda suicide bomb fears spark pleas for a British return to Basra
(Iraq) More Schisms Among Jihadists and Muslim Brothers in Iraq

(Iraq) U.S. ‘Classified’ Iraq Corruption Report Posted Online - “Iraq is not capable of evenrudimentary enforcement of anti-corruption laws”

(Iraq) Sunnis may stop work with U.S. in Diyala

(Iraq) US insists Iraq violence not on uptick during Ramadan

(Iraq) Roots of Iraq weapon probes date to 2004

(Afghanistan) Australian Diggers in marathon Taliban battle - 4-hour attack by 50 taliban,25197,22492129-601,00.html?from=mostpop

(U.S.) South Carolina Pipe Bomb Plot: Authorities: How-to explosives video made by man arrested in SC

(U.S.) South Carolina Pipe Bomb Plot: Documents point to S.C. terror plot

(U.S.) Feds: Student made bombing how-to video;_ylt=AsPCV7NgBALkycSPTu2Gk64Tv5UB

(U.S./Canada) Report: Security on U.S.-Canada border fails terror test - Terrorists cansmuggle radioactive material from Canada to

U.S. Read report

(U.S.) Cyber-Attacks by Al Qaeda Feared

(U.S.) Virginia: IPT Video Sinks Muslim Brotherhood Appointment in Virginia

(U.S.) Va. appointee resigns after videos Video:

Esam Omeish at Jerusalem Day Rally Video:

Esam Omeish in front of the Israeli Embassy

(U.S.) N.Y. governor, mayor feud over driver’s licenses for aliens—licensespat0927sep27,0,2496313.story?track=rss

(U.S.) Teenager found guilty of helping to plan Columbine-style attack

(U.S.) In a 9/11 Survival Tale, the Pieces Just Don’t Fit - Tania Head’s story not verifiable

(Indian Kashmir) Army rescues six teenager recruited for LeT terrorist group

Iran Rejects Argentine Accusation Over Bombing Probe

Algeria: 8 killed in clashes

(Germany) Official Links German Terror Plot to Syrian Arms, Pakistani Operatives — follow-up to September 26 report on this story

(Sri Lanka) 24 Tigers killed in intense fighting

(Iraq) Police officer killed, three others injured in blast in Kirkuk

(Iraq) Five killed, eight injured in Basra blast

(Iraq) Car bombs hit Basra, Baghdad as more violence shakes Iraq

(Iraq) US military blames Al-Qaeda for Iraqi bombings;_ylt=A0WTcUQwnPtGrecALAtX6GMA

(Afghanistan) Taliban kidnap two International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) staff in


(Afghanistan) Two NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan

(Afghanistan) Interior Ministry: Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi arrested in southern Afghanistan

(Afghanistan) Taliban spokesman denies his capture by Afghan police

(Afghanistan) Tougher Taliban in western Uruzgan

(Afghanistan) Reuters: U.S. troops open fire on Afghan civilians: witness — after failed suicide car bomb attack;_ylt=AoDuVSNJZQeHxa21cG4vq3HOVooA

(Al Qaeda) Report: Bin Laden may have just escaped U.S. forces — August mission in Tora Bora almost snared ‘high value target’

New Al-Qaida Transcripts, Terrorism Legal Documents Now Available

(Pakistan) Resurgent al-Qaida plotting attacks on west from tribal sanctuary, officials fear,,2177799,00.html

slideshow: Waziristan’s impossible border,,2021829,00.html
Pakistan) Mullah’s men release 2 kidnapped police\09\27\story_27-9-2007_pg7_3

Pakistan) Plant in Musakhail comes under rocket attack\09\27\story_27-9-2007_pg7_28

(Pakistan) NGOs threaten to halt operations across the country - due to threats from Islamist extremists

(Pakistan) Christians receive threatening letters from banned outfits in Punjab and NWFP

(Pakistan) Govt rejects Benazir’s statement on Dr Khan

(Pakistan) US provides $20.4 mln for Pakistani law enforcement

(Pakistan) Tight security for Pakistan presidential nominations - Islamabad under lockdown

(Indian Kashmir) Hizbul Mujahideen guerrilla surrenders

(Indian Kashmir) Kashmir fighting leaves 12 dead\09\27\story_27-9-2007_pg7_20

(Indian Kashmir) Seven terrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir

(India) Two held with crude bombs — outside the Andheri railway station — ingredients similar to 2006 Malegaon blasts

(India) Four Maoists killed in Andhra encounter

(India) Two Maoists killed in Chhattisgarh

(U.S.) Judge rules part of Patriot Act unconstitutional

(U.S.) Washington Post: Patriot Act Provisions Voided

US report says threat of terrorists stealing nukes still high

U.S. study urges firmer guard against atom terrorism

Report: Nuclear terror threat real

NTI report links

(U.S.) JFK Terror Plot: Trinidad judge orders extradition hearing for JFK terror plot suspects

(U.S.) South Carolina Pipe Bomb Plot: Experts Say Explosives In Car Trunk Were Unlikely To Harm Naval Station

Iran shelling targets deeper inside northern Iraq: mayor

(Iran) US Senate brands Iran Guard “terrorist organization” — after similar bill passes House

Iranian Daily: ‘The Intelligence That the West Currently Has on Iran’s Nuclear Program is Limited to theSites Accessible to IAEA Inspectors – And More Than That They Do Not Know’

(Iran) New talks on possible sanctions on Iran

(Iran) France does not believe Iran peaceful nuclear claims: presidency;_ylt=Ajjw0mboXdNIH54Uxs.T8w9Sw60A

(Iran) Saudis worried Iran nuke issue headed to “confrontation”

Iran strengthens ties with South America’s leftist regimes

Iran’s Media edit out Ahmedinijad’s criticism

(Egypt) Bin Laden Ramadan lanterns show record sales in Egypt

Bolton: ‘Israel struck nuclear or missile site’

Palestinian Islamic Jihad shells Israeli military base

(Gaza) Palestinian brigades attacks Israeli military posts

(Gaza) Israeli troops pull back in Gaza as Hamas vows revenge

(Gaza) 11 Palestinians reported dead as Gaza violence intensifies

(Canada/Spain) Canadian ‘R&R’ for an ETA cell

(Canada) Air India probe to encompass terrorism funding

(Italy) Expelled Ex-Imam’s Website Mentions Imminent Terror Attacks in Italy - Paper— related AKI Sept 26 news story on imam

Qader Fadlalla Mamour

(Turkey) Imprisonment for pro-PKK municipality staff

German police prevent bomb attack on small town apple fair — potential Nazi link

(UK) Teenager had bomb-making manual - Abdul Patel teenage son of a veteran of the Afghan jihad — update on Wednesday story

(UK) Mistakes made over 7/7 reaction — minister

(UK) Man arrested over school nail bomb

(Philippines) MILF aided Abu Sayyaf: military

Sri Lanka says kills 11 rebels in latest battles

(North Korea) U.S. hopeful as North Korea talks open in China;_ylt=AjeKfOFy8DdcGjq9BExfT3OCscEA

(North Korea) Concentration camps hold a million people? Nearly 40 ‘detention’ centers reported in North Korea

(China) From China, With Love: Cyberwar the Next Big Threat to the U.S.?
(Columbia) US open to ‘concrete proposals’ from Colombian rebels;_ylt=Anx5IKAv4FmEchDeg2KJ3Qmwv7kA

(Columbia) Cordoba: FARC confirms meeting with Chavez

Commentary: Another Round of Reform for the FBI-Will it Make a Difference?

Other News:

(U.S.) Oh, Rosie! Terrorists invite her to Mideast — ‘We would welcome her to stay among us and know the truth’

(U.S. / UAE) DIFC and The Wall Street Journal launch Islamic and Ethical Finance Conference

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