Saturday, September 29, 2007


Iraq: Sectarian violence kills 18 - Mosul carbomb, drive-by shooting kills Sunni sheik, US military hands over 9 bodies in Samarra;_ylt=AkduajD_58KHSEwChbtrWCVX6GMA

(Iraq) Mosul Car bomb kills police in northern Iraq;_ylt=AufE3oCOrGf4nPnFVbe84W5X6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. soldier killed by gunfire in Diyala province

(Iraq) Extremist brigade commander detained by Iraqi, U.S. Special Forces — in New Baghdad

(Iraq) Counterterrorism Analyst Evan Kohlmann Raises Doubts About Alleged Death OfTop Al Qaeda Leader

(Iraq) US army recovers bodies of murdered Sunni couple in Baghdad’’s Adhamiyah

(Iraq) MNF find ads, items supporting 9/11 attacks in Iraq

(Iraq) US regrets if civilians killed in Baghdad raid

Iraqi civilian deaths part of war on terror: US military;_ylt=Apa6eAETA0c1hPG3g8T3CksTv5UB

(Afghanistan) Kabul bus bomber kills 30 troops — Taliban claims responsibility;_ylt=AvxXSyk_PWbo53tX2sy_PkrOVooA

(Afghanistan) 4 Red Cross hostages freed in Afghanistan

(Afghanistan) Karzai calls for stronger action against terrorism after blast;_ylt=AhjnuCnlBuGpQcRgZKSA7GzOVooA

Afghan president offers Taliban a place in government for peace deal

(Afghanistan) Taliban constitution made public — “Constitution of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”

(Afghanistan) Commentary:’Why Won’t the AP Describe the Taliban as Terrorists?’

(Pakistan) Nine wounded, 12 arrested in militant attack on Waziristan checkposts — in Mir Ali, Khajori and Jabler areas

(Pakistan) US drone ‘shot down’ in N Waziristan\09\29\story_29-9-2007_pg7_3

(Pakistan) Terrorist alert triggers security sweep in hotels — Raja Bazaar

(Pakistan) Woman beheaded in Mohmand Agency — letter claims murder for “moral” reasons\09\29\story_29-9-2007_pg7_2

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid back in news: students threaten government

(India) Suspected Bangladeshi terrorist held in West Bengal

(India) Hyderabad twin blasts: Police arrest suspect’s brother and his aide

(India) Hyderabad cops to grill terror suspect

(India Kashmir) Two rocket launchers recovered from terrorists hideout in J&K

(India) 41 persons sentenced in 1998 Coimbatore serial bomb blasts case

(India Assam) Three construction company employees abducted by Black Widow militants in Assam

(U.S.) Jury set in Miami terror trial — plot to blow up Chicago’s Sears Tower and bomb FBI offices;_ylt=AhwwKm._3BhCmPbUAQWQbSkTv5UB

(U.S.) GOP Urged to Cite ‘Islamic Terrorists’

(U.S.) Terrorists still slowing mail on Capitol Hill — requires bio-chem testing

(U.S.) FBI’s three-front war on terrorists

FBI stated during 9/11 congressional hearing that it has no role in “war of ideas”

Algerian security forces kill four militants, arrest three others

(Algeria) Founder of Algerian Salafi group surrenders to authorities

(Algeria) 6 Algerian security force officers killed in attacks by Islamic militants

(Algeria) Al-Qaeda leaves Iraq and goes to Algeria, says Iraqi Prime Minister

(Somalia) Four civilians killed in fresh Somalia violence;_ylt=ArF6zY78dEFBDMe9LQDJOMiQLIUD

(Somalia) Troops forcing residents from homes in Somali capital, rights group says

(Turkey) Twenty Kurdish rebels killed by Turkish army during past 15 days

(Turkey) Four terrorists killed, one surrenders

Iran’s Parliament Signs Resolution to Label CIA, Army as ‘Terrorist Organizations’,2933,298590,00.html

Iran urges world powers to wait for IAEA report

(Iran) Ahmadinejad: US putting him in same boat as bin Laden

Iran Wins 2-Month Reprieve From New U.N. Sanctions Over Nuclear Program,2933,298492,00.html

(Syria) Radical Syrian cleric ‘shot dead’ — update on Friday story — recruited foreign militants to Iraq — Sheikh Mahmoud Abu al-Qaqaa aka Mahmoud Qul Aghassi

(Syria) Fatah al-Islam’s God Father Assassinated in Syria

Hamas Struggles to Beat Boycott Squeeze

(Canada) Millions in terrorist assets flowing free

(UK) BBC’s Newsround fed youngsters Al Qaeda propaganda, claims ex-spy;

(Sri Lanka) 12 tourists wounded in first-ever bomb blast in the Maldives

(Sri Lanka) Warplanes hit Tiger territory;_ylt=Av0gJGyOxUPh_uAIwmY36nItM8oA

North Korea tells US to drop ‘hostile policy’ in nuke talks;_ylt=AmZHrYkJ0.9ycn.57OKxbaiCscEA

North Korea nuclear talks shift focus to energy aid

Other News:

(Turkey) Nation does not see headscarf as political symbol — Most Turks favor a lifting of the banon the Muslim headscarf

French teens jailed for riot bus attack

(U.S.) Illinois: School district considers banning traditions seen as offensive to Muslims — Christmas and Halloween party traditions debated, after Jello banned,CST-NWS-oaklawn28.article

(U.S. Postal Service) Muslim holiday stamp reissued at new rate

US judge rules against New York City taxi drivers in GPS battle

(U.S.) Tylenol Tampering Case Unsolved at 25

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