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(U.S.) No verdict yet in terror-financing trial of Muslim charity

(U.S.) The Element of Surprise - L.A. Int'l Airport using random placement of security checkpoints

(U.S.) Virginia: Muslim American Society President Omeish Says He's 'Victim of Smear Campaign -- appointee to Virginia commission resigned

related IPT videos on Omeish

(U.S.) $24 Million to Nonprofits at Terror Risk - for homeland security protective measures

(UK) Islamic group accused of al-Qaida link wants to open second school - Tablighi Jamaat to open madrassa for 500 boys,,2179871,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=19

(UK) London Internet whiz was vital militant link: FBI - "Irhabi 007" ("Terrorist 007" or Younes Tsouli) the vital link in 3 plots -

see CT Blog posts on tsouli -

and FBI Director's speech

(Iraq) US-led forces kill top al-Qaida leader - Abu Usama al-Tunisi "the emir of foreign terrorists," led kidnapping & killings of U.S. soldiers

(Iraq) US Military in Iraq Reports Success Against Terrorists - U.S. military says core leadership of al-Qaida in Iraq crippled

(Iraq) Exclusive: First Images of Controversial Blackwater Incident - ABC News with photos of Sept. 16 incident -

see State Dept. report

(Syria) Muslim cleric suspected of smuggling fighters to Iraq shot dead in Syria

(Iran) Key nations agree to delay Iran action - U.S., 5 others delay new U.N. resolution until November

(Somalia) Tensions rise in northern Somalia

India warned of suspicious transactions

(India) Woman jailed for terrorist links - 5 years for funding conduit

(North Korea) Japan: Keep North on terror list, Komura urges Rice - Japan wants past abductions of Japanese resolved

(North Korea) Macau government to cease oversight of bank accused of money laundering for North Korea

Other News:

(Canada) Sharia-bank bids trigger concerns

Italy: First Islamic bank in Italy to open in 2008

(Pakistan) Blast hits Pakistan convoy; 1 dead, 19 wounded -- bombed when passing through Tank;_ylt=AncibWMcagPXNSUaQJfgkLrzPukA

Report: Pakistan, Russia 'vulnerable to nuclear theft' -- nuclear insiders sympathetic to jihadi causes

-- NTI report links

(Pakistan) Districts 'dodging' Punjab govt on collecting madrassas' data\09\28\story_28-9-2007_pg7_4

(Pakistan) Graffiti praises bombers in Mohmand Agency\09\28\story_28-9-2007_pg7_36

(Afghanistan) Red Cross staff seized, Danish soldiers killed in Afghanistan - update -- 18 Talban killed overnight near Pakistan border;_ylt=AvUoaBMh0NEoXpuZWPRjtC3OVooA

(Afghanistan) New efforts to free Red Cross workers in Afghanistan;_ylt=Aq65RUZ6o.tsEozZIblVnfHOVooA

Afghan security forces may be unable to hold captured ground: US general;_ylt=AjaOuh8rBmq4WTYrMg6O8Q7OVooA

(Iraq) Arrest of nine wanted, nine suspects during security raids in Kirkuk

(Iraq) 3 Baghdad airport employees detained as terror suspects

(Iraq) Italy arrests Iraqi over planned attack in Iraq;_ylt=ArwkxbYnAO76LHDEc2AcU1xX6GMA

Iraq: Muslim Ulema slam decision by US senate to divide Iraq

(Iraq) US air raid kills women and children: Iraqi officials

(Iraq) U.S. investigates deaths of 9 Iraqi civilians

Turkey, Iraq sign deal to combat Kurdish rebels;_ylt=AooMtvRypdC5Y95epcf6z7lX6GMA

Iraq-Turkey: 'Hot pursuit' issue unresolved in security deal

Turkish forces kill four Kurdish rebels

US details wiretap delays in Iraq kidnap case

(Russia) U.S. Embassy in Moscow informed about terrorist threat - embassy

(Guantanamo Bay) U.S. to Allow Key Detainees to Request Lawyers -- 14 Terrorism Suspects Given Legal Forms at Guantanamo

(U.S.) California man found guilty in eco-terrorist plot

(U.S.) Alabama city reopens fallout shelters - Huntsville wary of nuclear terrorism

Commentary: Al Qaeda on the ropes? by Arnaud de Borchgrave

(Indian Kashmir) Two guerrillas of Pakistan-based Hizbul Mujahideen arrested in Kashmir

(Iran) Official: Iran Ordered Terrorist Bombing in the Americas - former Argentine intelligence official,2933,298300,00.html

(Iran) FOX News Poll: U.S. Should Take Tougher Line With Iran,2933,298309,00.html--

PDF file of poll results

Iran denies building new nuclear site

(Iran) US to Iran: Case not closed on nukes

(Iran) Influential promoter of Islamic revolution - Hossein Shariatmadari

(Iran) Commentary: Will the 12th Imam cause war with Iran?;jsessionid=BZ43B440BTK1VQFIQMGSFFWAVCBQWIV0?xml=/opinion/2007/09/28/do2804.xml

(Israel) IDF troops find two bombs in Palestinian car near Ramallah

(Gaza) Israeli invasion of Gaza Strip 'not imminent'

Gaza toll rises to 13 after militant dies

(Gaza) Hamas: '200 female suicide bombers await the Merkava' Israeli tanks

(Gaza) Hamas: 50,000 gunmen ready to defend Gaza

(Gaza) Army of Islam gunmen march in funeral

Report: Hamas' new "peace gesture" - offered to hand over the control of border crossings in Gaza to Egyptian security forces

Lebanon army: Israeli warplanes breach Lebanese airspace

(Syria) Israel Sends Warplanes to Investigate Syrian Air Activity

(Syria) Report: Defecting Iranian official gave info before alleged Syrian foray -- attack by Israeli jets on alleged nuclear site

Saudi asks Israel to halt work on security barrier

(Kenya) U.S. Embassy says Islamic extremists may be planning to kidnap travelers to Kenya

(Somalia) Four Somali soldiers killed in Mogadishu attack;_ylt=Aqxke7CVthpVJpKs4vwt1K2QLIUD

(Somalia) Two Somalis killed in Mogadishu violence;_ylt=AhXiI6k5zfouXE7QRN7Uy0KQLIUD

(Nigeria) Gunmen in Nigeria kill oil worker;_ylt=AkDwGbp8la7_C7OG19d9oHqwv7kA

Nigeria: Militants Kill One, Abduct Four in Port-Harcourt

(Sudan) Attacks on aid groups rising in Darfur;_ylt=AvbTEGdWavIkITxlYLKvSC0ShIMA

(Canada/Spain) Left-Wing Spanish Terror suspect lived in B.C. as 'Lolo' the singer

(Canada/Spain) Accused ETA terrorist Victor Bilbao wants extradition hearing

(Germany) "Cyber Jihadist" Trial Opens New Front in Anti-Terror Fight,2144,2800263,00.html

(UK) Letter Bomber Jailed For Five Years,,30100-1286181,00.html

(UK) Bomber: My friend the Al-Qaeda chief

(Spain) Secret Bush-Aznar Memo Sparks Controversy

(Thailand) Bomb wounds pregnant teacher, 6 others -- in Pattani province

(Thailand) Insurgents murder three soldiers -- in Pattani -- army spokesman: "the insurgents can still get away with these attacks because they are supported by the people in the area"

(Philippines) Talks at risk as MILF, Manila clash

(Philippines) "Top US lawyer" Ramsey Clark on Manila 'al-Qaeda' blacklist,23739,22498684-5012761,00.html

(Sri Lanka) '70 Tamil Tigers killed' as violence escalates,,2179459,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=12

Sri Lanka sinks three boats, kills a dozen rebels;_ylt=AvS0QITDk8PAVGI1YZGshastM8oA

(Japan) Security tightened on Tokyo subway after threat of terrorist attack -- extortionist calls with threat that "a terrorist group including Pakistanis was hiding in central Tokyo and planned to conduct suicide attacks on the subways"

Japanese PM vows to keep Japan's anti-terror naval mission alive

North Korea edging closer towards giving up nukes: US envoy;_ylt=Ak0Bvl_1YuaWRYjptxzRYv6CscEA

Colombian woman hijacks small plane to desert FARC rebels

Russian Neo-Nazis follow tactics of Al-Qaeda

Other News:

Iran: Mother sentenced to death by stoning

Pakistani Taliban force burqa on Christian women's school

(West Bank) New Piety Squad Patrols Ramallah

Vatican urges Muslims to work for peace, reject violence and teach young to respect others

(UK) Two million more migrants expected in UK in just a decade

Netherlands: Abuse of family reunification laws

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