Monday, October 8, 2007


(Pakistan) 130 militants, 45 soldiers killed in Pakistan clashes (updated) - 2 days of fighting inNorth Waziristan - soldiers still missing

(Pakistan) Support Network in Pakistan Accused of Helping Taliban, Others Sneak Across Border to Attack U.S.,0,1518944.story?track=rss

(India) Security beefed up at religious places following al-Qaeda threat -- to Hardiwar and Dehradun

India for joint SAARC mechanism to combat terror

(Afghanistan) Afghan news agency visits German hostage - German engineer & 5 Afghans kidnappedby Taliban-linked militants in July

(Afghanistan) Australia suffers first combat death in Afghanistan

(Iraq) Car bombs kill 24 in Iraq

(Iraq) Britain to cut Iraq force to 2,500

(Iraq) Khawaarij and Jihad: Is Al-Qaida's Network in Iraq Doomed to the Fate of the GIA?

(Lebanon) Terror cells 'planned to bomb ISF headquarters'

Lebanon arrests 30 militants who allegedly plotted to attack Arab, European ambassadors

Israeli president brands Iran 'center of global terror'

Israeli cash ends up in Hamas' hands - Money transferred by Discount Bank to Bank of Palestinewent to Hamas,7340,L-3457290,00.html

UAE freezes $1.3 million of suspected terrorist funds - 17 bank accounts "frozen in line withU.N. resolutions," says central bank official

Morocco holds five as terror suspects

Afghanistan: 16 militants killed -- by US airstrikes in eastern Afghanistan - fighters under "Most Wanted"Tahir Yuldash of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan;_ylt=AntlJ_6PGzffDoMN98Sef8bOVooA

(Afghanistan) Suicide blast targets NATO convoy in Afghanistan - 2 civilians killed - in Lashkargah;_ylt=AkLXFSkvG1HXvXHZbq4KP7DOVooA

(Afghanistan) Talks with the Taliban important -- UN official Tom Koenig

(Afghanistan) Tons of heroin, hashish seized in Afghanistan\10\08\story_8-10-2007_pg7_35

(Afghanistan) New U.S. push to kill Afghan poppies

(Pakistan) Over 90 including 2 Qaeda militants killed in Waziristan - update

(Pakistan) 50 Pakistani troops missing amid bloody fighting near Afghan border

(Taliban) There is no defense against these children of death -- Robert Baer on the Taliban suicide bombers

(Iraq) Booby-trapped cars kill 4, injure 9 in Baghdad - in Al-Karradah suburb and Al-Kamaleyah suburb

(Iraq) Bombing near Polish embassy in Iraq kills one - Al Arasat district

(Iraq) U.S. military: raid in eastern Baghdad kills five gunmen, detains three -- Sadr City

(Iraq) Bomb explosion injures 15 in Kazimiyah, Baghdad

Iraqi Interior Ministry official accuses Allawi, Al-Dhari of complicity with militant group

(Iraq) Iran envoy is denounced for 'terrorist' links

Iran's Plan for Iraq -- by Walid Phares

Iraq vows to punish Blackwater guards;_ylt=AjHcYl8LO6.Vl14.d71i1DNX6GMA

(Iraq) Top Iraqis Pull Back From Key U.S. Goal -- Reconciliation Seen Unattainable Amid Struggle for Power

(India) Hyderabad Bomb blasts accused will be punished: Minister

(India) 35 more convicts sentenced in 1998 bomb blast cases

(India J&K) Kashmiri rebel groups suspend fighting over Muslim festival

(Algeria) Report: Algerian anti-terrorist sweep leaves 29 dead

(Sudan) Darfur rebel says Sudan army killed up to 100 in attack;_ylt=A0WTcUwAHwpHHRkBpB9vaA8F

(U.S.) Detroit: Prosecutor to go on trial over conduct in 2003 terror case

(Russia) Four troops killed in Chechnya attack - 10 wounded;_ylt=AqSE7tasgVmtGB66l.06gM1_5GIA

(Russia) Lithuania stops minibus with bomb entering Russia - guards

(Turkey) Four injured in explosion near ferries terminal in Istanbul

(Turkey) 2 more Turkish soldiers killed after 13 die in separate attack by Kurdish rebels

(Turkey) Soldier killed in Turkey landmine explosion;_ylt=AniiyEnQ2BFgTjm6.dRYA4btfLkA

(Turkey) Turkish hackers target Swedish Web sites - anger over Muhammad cartoon;_ylt=AtFA_wgCdKgITFxkrw4Zc07tfLkA

Iranian students call president 'dictator,' clash with hardliners at university

(Iran) Germany: Berlin Says US and France Guilty of Hypocrisy -- on Iranian sanctions and companiesdoing business with Iran,1518,507443,00.html

Iran: Ahmadinejad's Dirty Little Secrets -- By Adrian Morgan

Lebanese paper: Former MK Bishara met with Hezbollah chief Nasrallah

(Lebanon) Fiery Attacks on Nasrallah Over Proposal for Direct Presidential Elections

Syria 'likely' to respond to Israeli strike -- Intelligence official fears attacks by proxies against Israel

Syria jails 5 for belonging to an extremist Islamic group

(Syria) Al Qaeda on the run - Syrian slaying of "theologian" is latest setback

(Bahrain) 'Terror' four charged

(Qatar) Islam against citizenship in 'hostile state' -- cleric Dr. Yusuf Al Qaradawi says accepting citizenship in non-Islamic countries during war is against Islam

(Gaza) New jihadi cells multiply in the Gaza Strip

(Gaza) Israel claims mass quantities of weapons smuggled into Gaza

(Gaza) Seven Palestinians injured in Israeli air attack

(Gaza) Terrorists Raid Hamas Media Center in Gaza

Hamas Says Fatah Rejected Reconciliation Talks

(Israel) IDF attacks terror cell firing mortars into Negev

(Israel) IDF arrests 10 Palestinian terror suspects in W. Bank

France fears double terrorist threat

(Spain) Judge jails 17 members of ETA's political wing

(UK) Campsite terrorism training trial due to start -- Yassin Mutegombwa

(UK) Terrorism deters family plans -- 1 in 7 won't have children

(UK) British Think Tank: Al-Qaeda ' is winner from war on terror'

(Thailand) 18 Runda Kumpulan Kecil (RKK) suspects held in South -- in Narathiwat

(Thailand) Thai troops kill 5, arrest 19 in Muslim south

(Indonesia) Bali bombers ready to die: report -- "This is the happiest period for us, because we are soon to die as martyrs",23599,22549136-23109,00.html

Indonesia: Splinter groups pose new terror threat, says expert

(Sri Lanka) Military: Roadside bomb blast kills 1 police commando, wounds another in eastern Sri Lanka

(North Korea) S.Korea sure of early nuclear settlement;_ylt=AnqLsTjuESOug7C2YbU9hJ2CscEA

Other News:

(Netherlands) Hirsi Ali looks for sponsors

(Gaza / West Bank) Report: Mideast jihadi leaders say U.S. presidential candidate best hope for victory in Iraq

(Serbia) Police detain 56 neo-Nazis in north Serbia

(Israel) 70-year-old man caught drawing swastikas on Jerusalem electric pole

Spiegel interview with Israeli Historian Saul Friedlander: 'The Holocaust Won't Disappear',1518,510071,00.html

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