Sunday, October 7, 2007


(U.S./Germany) Report: German would-be bombers targeted US bases -- three arrested Islamists discussed how to avoid killing too many women and children when setting off car bombs at US bases

Suicide bombers head to Iraq from Damascus - Sunday Times: Influence of Saudi Wahhabiskey to understanding jihadis

(Iraq) Baghdad bombings kill nine -- in Al-Dora

(Iraq) US Army cordons off al-Doura in preparation for massive attack

(Iraq) Violence in Baghdad kills 3, governor survives shooting - in Salihiya neighborhood

(Iraq) Al-Qaida front group claims responsibility for a bomb that killed a tribal chief in Iraq

(Iraq) Top cleric asks Iraqis not to join anti-Qaeda fight -- Sheikh Harith al-Dari: "they are still part of us"

(Iraq) Petraeus: US must keep pressure on al Qaeda in Iraq

(Iraq) U.S. military: Shiite militiamen suspected in May kidnapping of Britons captured

(Iraq) Petraeus puts heat on Iran over Iraq violence

(Iraq) MNF's Georgian Brigade deploys near Iranian borders

(Afghanistan) 4 Afghan police, 4 Taliban killed;_ylt=Arfydur.lDwa7EuzybS000bOVooA

(Afghanistan) Report: NATO troops shoot dead three Afghan civilians - not heeding checkpoints;_ylt=Apbm0PvAJfaobK.JsQSTHbjOVooA

(Afghanistan) Blast fuels fears Iran is involved

(Afghanistan) British troops face decades in Afghanistan

(Pakistan) Thirty militants, 6 Pakistani soldiers die in clash -- after ambush near Mir Ali town;_ylt=Aqwx8mwvGYGAd0H15MJmSnnzPukA

(Pakistan) North Waziristan Taliban militants capture 28 soldiers -- more Pakistani soldierskidnapped by Taliban\10\07\story_7-10-2007_pg7_1

(Pakistan) New Lal Masjid imam implies suicide bombing warning\10\07\story_7-10-2007_pg7_9

(Pakistan) Local cleric, Tehrik-e-Nifaz Shariah Muhammade (TNSM) demand Shariah in Malakand\10\07\story_7-10-2007_pg7_2

(India J&K) Eight die in fighting along Kashmir border

Turkey puts up buffer zones along Iraq border;_ylt=Amb4KeI2XNNma4m4mpY.cCftfLkA

Turkish troops kill one Kurdish rebel near border with Iraq

Jordan sentences 3 men to jail for plotting terror attacks against factory

Hamas, Jihad call conference to rival US peace meet -- to be held in Syria

(Gaza) Mortar shells fired at S. Israel from Gaza

(Gaza) Hamas claims it arrested 3 Fatah members who planned to set off bomb

(Gaza) Palestinian Christian activist stabbed to death in Gaza

(Israel) IDF arrests four terror suspects in Judea and Samaria overnight

(U.S.) Ridge: From Homeland Security to Travel Booster -- Michael Cutler quoted

Algeria ex-rebel boss surrenders, worries linger

Egypt Arrests Alleged Terror Cell -- arrested 12 -- leader Ahmed Abu Al Naga

(Sudan) Darfur town razed after peacekeeper raid

Somalia: Chief Magistrate Killed in Mogadishu

(Indonesia) Bombers' jail rant -- in letter Bali bombers say they will continue their Jihad if allowed to live,21985,22543238-661,00.html

(Indonesia) Ban against Islamic sect criticized -- Al-Widayah Al-Islamiyah

(Thailand) Busted: Hat Yai bomb plot -- police foil 17 IED bomb plot in Hat Yai

Netherlands: threatening with 'cartoon riots'

Denmark: Prevented terror attacks cause fear, paradoxically

Sri Lanka navy claims last rebel ship sunk

(Sri Lanka) Twelve dead in navy attack,23599,22545393-23109,00.html

North Korea's disablement to begin in mid October: report;_ylt=Au0Nv1pPaF9IcveH8OpjH4aCscEA

Other News:

(UK) Muslim medical students 'refuse to learn about alcohol or sexual diseases'

Nigerian sued over play on "abuses" of sharia law

Netherlands: No reason to fear Muslim 'tsunami'

Italy: Muslims have rights to veil, like a nun

(U.S.) Missouri: Muslim inmate sues over jelly sandwiches

Saudis publish official fatwas Web site

(U.S.) Bush: All religions pray to 'same God' -- 'That's what I believe. I believe Islam is a great religion that preaches peace'

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