Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Germany arrests Sudanese man for allegedly spying on dissidents

Baltic States

New phase of cross-border regional co-operation Latvia's government to face no-confidence vote

Poland & Czech Republic

Poland rejects populism and xenophobia in favour of pro-Europe liberal conservatives

Gates hopes Polish military cooperation will continue

Poland will seek 2008 Iraq troop withdrawal

Czech gov't to introduce green cards for non-EU foreigners

Czech troops in Iraq to be reduced US experts to conduct more research at Czech radar site

Ukraine & Belarus

Yushchenko reaffirms Ukraine’s Nato stance

Ukraine not to send troops to Afghanistan Belarus:

Lukashenka Comments Draw Accusations Of Anti-Semitism

Yamal-2 pipe project across Belarus should be revived -Russian PM

The Balkans

Croatia to seek war criminal's extradition from Russia

Serbia not to intervene even if Kosovo declares independence

Serbia wants out of Kosovo debt?

Serbian spy officials know whereabouts of war crimes fugitive Mladic, rights activist says

Montenegro hunts Karadžic in mountain resort Moldova:

Urgent measures needed to stop torture or other ill-treatment

Cyprus & Turkey

Political, military leaders attend anti-terrorist summit in Ankara

Gül holds terrorism summit with party leaders

Turkey confirms eight soldiers missing

Kurdish rebels ask for talks with Turkey

Fighting terrorism costs Turkey its R&D budget

PM Erdogan warns US that he needs nobody’s permission to defend Turkey

Middle East

Egypt, Yemen, Qatar, Oman & Kuwait

US may sell 2 early warning aircraft to Egypt; Northrop Grumman to benefit

Israel concerned Egypt will smuggle terrorists into Gaza

Yemen: Fear of torture: Mohammed Ali Nasser Mohammed (m)

Rearranging Yemen’s priorities

Arab Interior Ministers of Iraq's Neighboring Countries meet in Kuwait

Saudi Arabia & UAE

Agriculture ministry blamed for camel deaths

Saudi Arabia Not Doing Enough against Rights Abuses, Terror Financiers

3 Indian kids die in Saudi: food poisoning

Syria, Lebanon & Jordan

Syria will not abandon rights, Army chief of staff says

UN apologizes to Syria over translation error

Lebanon vote postponed to November 12

Warnings against foreign intervention in Lebanon reiterated

MPs barricade themselves in Beirut hotel

Jordan Experts focus on water management, conflict resolution

Amman invites independent election monitors

Israel & West Bank

German Spy Brokered Deal between Israel and Hezbollah

Israel: the agreement with the US for the weapon supplies

Palestinian detainees in Israel on hunger strike

Palestine inmates riot in Israeli jail 'Hamas is creating humanitarian crisis to pressure Israel'

Iraq & Kurdistan

Bin Laden Urges Iraq Insurgents to Unite No news in Baghdad is bad news for Democrats Iraq signs propane agreement with Iran

Defending Southern Kurdistan

Tehran hosts Int’l Conference on Islamic Finance

Rafsanjani Supports Free Speech

Basiji Wargames In Qom

Deputy Joint Chief Of Staff Appointed Iran has 'state-of-the-art missiles' Iran in pursuit of Islamic auto brand

Ahmadinejad quits Armenia trip over 'situation' at home: source

Central Asia

Pakistan & India

Pakistan expects positive outcome of IPI talks

Female suicide bombers threat to Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto banned from leaving Pakistan

Free vote would calm Pakistan's Baluchistan

-report Indo-Pak anti-terror mechanism meeting begins today

China (esp. Xinjiang) & Mongolia

Gas poisoning leaves 43 students hospitalized in Xinjiang

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan & Turkmenistan

Kazakhstan created own model of inter-religious consent

OSCE concerned at Kyrgyz vote irregularities

Afghanistan & Tajikistan

Tajikistan accounts for 70 % of drugs seized in Central Asia

Tajikistan Outlaws Jehovah's Witnesses

Azerbaijan, Armenia & Georgia

Azerbaijan boosts budget, warns Armenia Gabala radar station does not endanger Iran -

Azeri diplomat

Azeri official blasts US policies

Closed Border Adds To Turkish-Armenian Estrangement

Local TV ‘Censured For Airing Ter-Petrosian Speech’

New Armenian Law To Facilitate Phone Tapping

Armenian speaker urges expansion of ties with Iran

Does Tbilisi plan to kill Sanakoyev and wage a war?

Russia (esp. Caucasus)

Russia scraps nine more Topol systems under START-1 treaty

Soyuz TMA-10 Landed 600km Away From Designated Site

Suicide bomber kills herself, injures eight in south Russia

Lukoil to continue in Iran despite sanctions problems

Terrorist Activities

Incidents, Detentions & Trials

Turkish extremists destroyed and burned Armenian café in Brussels Unrest with Turkish youngsters in Brussels

Gitmo jihadi not sure why he was released - but promises to pick up where he left off

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