Friday, October 5, 2007


(Iraq) U.S. military says kills 37 Iraqi militants - air strike kills 27, another 12 killed in separate raids;

Iraqi security forces arrest three Al-Qaeda operatives - in Sulaimaniya — Kirkuk court gives deathsentence to four for terrorists

(Iraq) U.S. military: 3 American soldiers killed, 5 wounded by roadside bombs

(Afghanistan) Militants, civilians killed in Afghan clash; NATO soldier dies

(India) Suicide bombers roaming on Hyderabad streets — on high alert

(India) Police hunts for suicide bombers in Hyderabad

US court sentences Taliban-linked heroin kingpin Haji Baz Mohammad to more than 15 years in prison

(U.S.) Loaded Gun Found in Tucson Airport — past security screening area

(U.S.) Audit Report by Department of Energy Inspector General’s Office on efforts toprevent smuggling of radioactive materials into U.S. (my title)— PDF file

(U.S.) Detecting Terrorists With Biometrics Technology

Lebanon issues arrest warrant for Fatah al-Islam leader

(Lebanon) No place for Hezbollah ‘mini-state’ in Lebanon

(Lebanon) Hezbollah chief accuses Israel of killing leaders in Lebanon

(Iran) Ahmadinejad: ‘Let Jews move to Europe or Alaska’

(Somalia) Explosions, gunfire kill 8 Somalis in capital — update to earlier story

Algeria confirms GSPC guerrilla chief Hassan Hattab has surrendered;_ylt=A9G_R3nKoAZHDicAOw9vaA8F

Egyptian police uncover smuggling tunnel leading to Gaza Strip

Egypt police investigate possible sectarian slaying of two Christians in sensitive village

(Nigeria) Christians attacked by Muslims in Nigeria

Turkey struggling to weed out the PKK terrorists at home before winter sets in

(Denmark) 2005 Cartoon Protests: Muslims never saw Mohammed cartoons

(UK) Metropolitan police sought suicide bomber advice — advised by Israeli security forces

(Iraq) U.S. says 25 militants killed near Iraq’s Baquba;_ylt=AhBLrz7jNyGOYJk34DeDID1X6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. pulls plug on 6 al-Qaeda media outlets

(Iraq) Al Qaeda Beheads Four on Video

(Iraq) British troops step aside for Iraqis in Basra;jsessionid=J4TXYCTBDVHP3QFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0?xml=/opinion/2007/10/05/do0505.xml

(Iraq) Split between al-Qaida, Iraqis worsens

(Kurdish Iraq) Terror group raises stakes for U.S., Iran — Kurds call resurgence of al-Qaeda-linked cella new sign of Tehran’s support of Iraqi militants

(Iraq) Washington Post report: Blackwater Faulted In Military Reports From Shooting Scene —anonymous military source

(Iraq) Ex-Investigator Details Iraqi Corruption

(Afghanistan) Suicide bomber kills two children in Afghan south — near the town of Sangin;

(Afghanistan) ISAF soldier, several civilians killed in fresh Afghan violence — Helmand and Paktika provincesfighting

(Afghanistan) British soldier killed in Afghanistan explosion, two injured - near Kandahar

Afghanistan: Country ‘may be lost forever’

(Pakistan) Taliban commander Baitullah executes three soldiers — letter left with bodies: “We will gift threebodies everyday”\10\05\story_5-10-2007_pg1_5

(Pakistan) Mutilated bodies of 3 hostage soldiers found

(Pakistan) Taliban commander Baitullah says his bombers are waiting for Benazir Bhutto\10\05\story_5-10-2007_pg1_6

Pro-Taliban commander threatens Benazir with suicide attacks

Pakistan: US warned of reaction to unilateral military action

(India J&K) Pakistan-based top LeT commander killed in encounter in Indian-administered Jammuand Kashmir

(India J&K) LeT militant arrested in Jammu

(U.S.) Holy Land jury is told to keep deliberating — Dallas: Judge speaks after getting note that panelistrefuses to vote

(U.S.) DHS: Chertoff outlines security goals by 2009;_ylt=Ap9f4lWMhMlXDej.IYONUyYTv5UB

(U.S.) Loaded Gun Found in Tucson Airport - beyond security checkpoint

US ‘must break Iran and Syria regimes’;jsessionid=J4TXYCTBDVHP3QFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/10/05/wiran105.xml

(Iran) Ahmadinejad rules out talks on Iran’s ‘nuclear rights’

(Iran) Ahmadinejad vows to abolish Israel,23599,22539717-23109,00.html

Iran: Millions hold nationwide rallies to mark ‘Jerusalem Day’ — President Mahmoud Ahmadinejadsaid Israel’s continued existence was an “insult to human dignity”

Iran cleric denounces French sanctions call,23599,22537829-23109,00.html

Lebanon charges 16 Palestinians, 4 Russians with terrorism

(Gaza) Three blasts rip through Gaza overnight

(Gaza) Palestinian killed by Israeli army was carrying hand grenade - Israel

Hamas: Fatah using ‘insurgency’ tactics

Hamas pays Gaza security forces wages in cash from suitcases

Palestinian Islamic Jihad: IAF missed group’s cell

Islamic Jihad activists march in Gaza to commemorate ‘Al-Quds Day’

(Philippines) Two dead, 26 hurt in blasts — bombs in Kidapawan city department store,23599,22539067-23109,00.html

(Thailand) Two killed in south Thailand in Yala and Pattani — railway station bomb blast injures Buddhistsin Yala,23599,22538622-23109,00.html

(Somalia) Explosions kill 5 Somalis in capital

Somalia: Widespread security crackdown in Mogadishu

(Somalia) Hijackers release khat cargo plane in Somalia

Nigeria: Can Condemns Religious Killing in Kano

Libya’s Terror Legacy Leads Congress to Slow Pursuit of Ties

(UK) London Car Bombings: Doctors face court over UK terror,23599,22537935-23109,00.html

(UK) Boy charged with terror offenses — 17 year old charged with terrorist materials and informationfor terror attack

(UK) BBC Panorama on Hizb ut-Tahrir (video)

(Germany) Under surveillance, German Islamist center dissolves itself — one of its members,Fritz Gelowicz, was plotter in attack US citizens in Germany

(Netherlands) St Maarten key in terrorism funding

Spanish police detain Basque separatist leadership

(Azerbaijan) Trial of imprisoned newspaper editor on new terrorism charges opens in Azerbaijan

(Australia) Dates set aside for Haneef appeal - London car bomb suspect,23599,22537825-29277,00.html

Sri Lankan soldier killed in fighting with Tamil Tigers

North Korea claims US agrees to remove country from terrorism-sponsors list for nuclear disablement

Cyber-terrorism: The Storm Worm

Other News:

(U.S.) Bush: Terrorists don’t represent Islam

Saudi Arabia complains that Muslims can’t practice their faith freely in Europe

(U.S.) Florida group to protest Muslim day at Six Flags

(U.S.) Indianapolis: Pastor says Muslims don’t need footbaths — Cites Quran’s allowance for faithfulto use dust

(UK) Muslim pupils won’t face outright ban on wearing the veil

(Belgium) VB protests new mosque in Deurne

(Russia) Nazism: Skinheads bring Moscow to ‘racist brink’,23599,22538947-23109,00.html

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