Saturday, October 6, 2007


(Afghanistan) Kabul suicide bomb kills U.S. soldier, 5 Afghan civilians -- third suicide bombing in eight days;_ylt=AlWlT7YAWu1r0VAk8H8xNnrOVooA -

- see also Jeffrey Imm October 5 posting -- Suicide Bombings and Jihadists' "Love of Death"

(Iraq) Nine killed, injured in separate attacks northern Iraq

(Iraq) Three US soldiers killed, five injured in two separate attacks in Baghdad

(Iraq) Head of militant group detained in Iraq -- accused of sectarian violence against Sunnis in Arab Danan region

Iraq national security adviser says 'big fat no' to attack on Iran

(Iraq) The Sunni Insurgency Has Become a "Disaster": An Estranged Former Ally Lashes Out, Accusing Al-Qaida of Torture and Murder in Diyala

(Pakistan) Militants target Pakistan military convoy with bomb, rockets; 1 soldier killed, 19 wounded -- on Saturday in Ahmad Khel - west of Miran Shah

(Pakistan) Civilian dead, eight soldiers injured in Miranshah -- on Friday - attack on military base and convoy\10\06\story_6-10-2007_pg7_5

Pakistan: Musharraf-Bhutto reconciliation 'could lead to fresh violence'

Pakistan: Friday prayers held in re-opened Red Mosque

(Pakistan) Return to the Red Mosque

(Pakistan) Reopening of Lal Masjid great victory of Islam: Maulana Ghaffar

(Pakistan) Unofficial results show Musharraf wins presidential election, official result to come

(U.S.) Miami: Liberty City Seven leader is on video discussing targets -- group's leader talking about attacks on buildings in Chicago, New York and Miami

(U.S.) Miami: Terror figure heard urging strike against Sears Tower

(U.S.) Feds Seek Life Sentence For Contempt in Hamas Case -- Abdelhaleem Ashqar trial

(U.S.) Judge reverses Guantanamo ruling -- Decision reinstates suits challenging indefinite detentionat military prison

(U.S.) Bush defends detention, interrogation policies for terror suspects

(U.S.) Appeals court lets Sept. 11 suits resume

(India) Hyderabad on terror alert

(India J&K) Two soldiers and four ultras killed in Kashmir -- include three Pakistan-based infiltrators

(India Assam) ULFA militant killed in Assam

(Iran) Bush denies plans to attack Iran;_ylt=AnY204jsh.kU7FhOIK_fZoZSw60A

(Lebanon) Nasrallah Wants to Change Lebanon into a Presidential Republic

(Israel) High Level Debate Stalled Syria Air Strike -- U.S. Was Concerned Over Intelligence, Stability to Region, Officials Tell ABC News - Rice didn't support

(Israel) Jerusalem Post report: State Dept Secretary Rice offered to publicly condemn Syria for operating a nuclear facility instead

(Israel) Raid: Israel may have tricked Syria radars

Hamas prime minister urges Saudi Arabia, Egypt not to attend Mideast conference

(Canada) Terror suspect loses bid for bail -- Syrian national Hassan Almrei

Turkish soldier killed by Kurdish rebels

Bosnia: Foiled attack on US embassy linked to Islamists

(Spain) From peace talks to zero tolerance: Spain gets tough on ETA allies

(Spain) Alleged Syrian arms dealer fights extradition to US -- Monzer al-Kassar charged withsupplying arms to terror group FARC

(Spain) Sporadic violence in wake of Basque separatists' arrests

(UK) Reports: Iraqi interpreters who worked for UK forces win right to asylum

(Russia) Gunmen kill police official in troubled Russian Caucasus region รข€” fourth this month

Algerian military kills 22 militants; arrests one

(Nigeria) 10 Christians slaughtered over alleged Muhammad cartoon -- update -- 61 injured, 9 churches burned, hundreds displaced after rumored 'insult' to Islam

(Sudan) Elders Criticize West's Response to Situation in Darfur -- Carter: no genocide

Sudan's Islamists, main dismantling factor of the country

Indonesian Cafes Raided during Ramadhan

(Philippines) Jemaah Islamiyah eyed in Kidapawan City blast

Philippine police investigate rush hour bomb attacks

(Thailand) Insurgents kill village headman assistant - in Pattani

(Sri Lanka) 5 Tamil rebels killed, 4 soldiers wounded in clashes in northern Sri Lanka: military

(Sri Lanka) Three men 'executed' in Sri Lanka;_ylt=Al_iqFxegwsexxZel.jqXGotM8oA

Other News:

(Denmark) Documentary explores Mohammed cartoons

(Netherlands) Prime Minister: Hirsi Ali should leave the country!

(France) Youths riot in French town

(Nazism) 'Confessions' document Holocaust in Ukraine

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