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The following article appeared in the 10/10 Philadelphia Bulletin.

This retired Navy Vice Admiral indeed needs to be permanently retired.

Here's an example of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, at work.

During his campaign, whenever he needed volunteer workers to make calls, pass out flyers, etc. CAIR was johnny-on- the-spot with Muslim volunteers.

When he won and was faced with forming an office staff, CAIR recommended their local public relations director.......whom he hired as his office manager. She now controls his appointments, opens his mail, and who know what else to make sure he is under firm Muslim control. Obviously, this Admiral has become another "Useful Idiot" for the Islamists. Sad!

Al Rowley, CDR, USN (Retired)

[Must be something in the sea air that gets to them - some of them - Jack Murtha an EX-Marine (one of the few ever to qualify as an ex-marine) is another example and the current, active Admiral in charge of military activity in the Middle East and more specifically Iran and the Persian Gulf -wants to 'negotiate some more' with the Islamic Regime while it goes on developing nukes!]

Inside Today's Bulletin

Sestak Needs To Be Relieved From Duty

By Lori Lowenthal Marcus, For The Bulletin

"Congressman Joe Sestak, D-Pa., a recently elected former U.S. Navy admiral, recently revealed his indifference to the well-being of U.S. veterans of the Iraq war, that he is either careless or clueless about domestic security concerns and that he would be grateful if voters dumped him from office.

Yet the Democrat and Republican parties may not even run viable candidates against Mr. Sestak.

Mr. Sestak, along with three anti-U.S. and anti-Semitic activists, were touted as the featured speakers at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) first annual fundraiser last spring in Philadelphia.

CAIR (along with some of its highest-level members) has numerous documented connections to terrorist groups and their foreign funders and has ardently and with deep pockets strained to thwart security investigations of Muslim American terrorism suspects. The CAIR-Sestak connection is no accident:

Mr. Sestak hired the former spokesperson of Philadelphia CAIR, Adeeba al-Zaman, to run his local office. Despite interviewing her three times, Mr. Sestak claimed not to notice that CAIR was on her resume. Yet at 23 years old, how many entries could there be in the employment history section of Ms. Zaman's resume?

A largely Jewish audience at a March speech angrily confronted Mr. Sestak about lending his name and voice to raise money for an organization tied to terrorism and haters of Jews. The congressman initially offered three justifications:

1. He was going to the fundraiser because 250 of his constituents were going to be there. Mr. Sestak compared his CAIR fundraiser appearance to his meetings with Irish-American, Polish-American and African-American groups. To Congressman Sestak, a terrorism-related organization is equal to any other constituency group.

2. He was unaware the event was a fundraiser and that his employee, the one who had been a CAIR spokesperson, had accepted the invitation for him. But when told it was a fundraiser and given documentation about the CAIR-terrorism connections, Mr. Sestak went anyway.

3. He insisted that his appearance would send a powerful message because he would tell the audience they must denounce terrorism and terrorists and that they should name as terrorists groups such as Hamas.

But as Mr. Sestak should have known by then, his CAIR appearance would send a powerful message all right, but the message was one of validation for their activities and not a meaningful rebuke.

Fast forward to a June gathering in Washington. Mr. Sestak was asked whether, given that CAIR had just been named an unindicted co-conspirator in the terrorism-funding Holy Land Foundation criminal prosecution, he still would have agreed to speak at their fundraiser.

Mr. Sestak's lightening-quick response: "I would have agreed to it even more quickly" than he had in the spring.

Mr. Sestak went on to talk about the sacrosanctity of negotiating with everyone, friends and enemies alike. "Negotiations with consequences" was his mantra throughout the session. In fact, Mr. Sestak proudly stated that he went to speak to CAIR "in order to speak truth to power."

That line may be a good one for garnering street cred, but does Mr. Sestak, a member of the U.S. Congress, really not understand that he is the power, not CAIR?

Pressed repeatedly for when and what kind of consequences he would impose on organizations with documented ties to terrorists, Mr. Sestak finally exploded:

"Go ahead and vote me out of office; you'd be doing me a favor. My sick daughter is my priority, so go ahead and vote me out of office."

But in his March speech, Mr. Sestak used his daughter's illness to make a very different point. He said then that through the months of her hospitalizations he was grateful for the wonderful treatment she received at Walter Reed and other government hospitals.

He wanted good quality health care to be available to all Americans, not just high-level federal employees. That, he claimed, was the impetus for his political career.

A softball question was tossed to Mr. Sestak about the recent Walter Reed Hospital scandal. Mr. Sestak revealed that in all the times he visited his daughter at Walter Reed, he had never taken the opportunity to find out what was happening to the wounded war veterans.

He had never looked "below the deck," as he put it in Navy parlance. Next, this elected official and former Navy admiral admitted that even after the exposure of the U.S. veteran health care scandal, he did not attend the congressional hearings on the scandal.

In less than six months, freshman Congressman Joe Sestak managed to insult U.S. war veterans, Jews, African Americans, Polish-Americans and Irish-Americans. He did this publicly and proudly.

But the one group he extolled repeatedly was a segment of his Muslim constituency - the one connected to terrorism and Jew-hatred. Why? And why are both political parties ignoring what should be considered acts of political suicide?

Mr. Sestak said voters would be doing him a favor by voting him out of office. Doing so would also be a favor to all Americans. Let's take him up on that offer."

Lori Lowenthal Marcus is a lawyer and writer who lives outside of Philadelphia.

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