Saturday, July 7, 2007


(Iraq) 137 die in Iraq suicide bombings

(Iraq) String of Suicide Bombings Kills 73 in Iraq - bombings in northern Shiite and Kurd villages of Armili, Ahmad Marif, Zargosh,2933,288518,00.html;_ylt=AgjOblz8GhSG3PoaB3kg.Y5X6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. military: 7 U.S. troops die in Iraq

(Iraq) Al-Maliki says that Baathists have infiltrated al-Sadr movement

(Iraq) The Militia Politics of Basra - Second largest city "at the brink of a major economic and political meltdown"

(Afghanistan) Blast hurts 4 NATO troops in Afghanistan - NATO convoy in southern Afghanistan;_ylt=Aob74u8ZCMU9sL9TLlBrdaPOVooA

(Afghanistan) 100 insurgents killed in fighting in Afghanistan - battles in south, west and northeast

(Afghanistan) 30 Taliban killed, new claims of Afghan civilians killed -- Friday battles in Farah and Uruzgan;_ylt=Ankj9LDsPRgawqrn6ITCrhjOVooA

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid militants stand defiant\07\07\story_7-7-2007_pg1_4

(Pakistan) Surrender or die, Musharraf tells Lal Masjid militants

(Pakistan) Boys' madrassa captured; loud explosions around mosque complex

(Pakistan) Cleric says Musharraf attack linked to mosque siege, 70 dead;_ylt=Avu_HvYZpl9Liw28GyAKX07zPukA

Pak probes mosque links to attack on plane§ion=subcontinent&col=

Pakistan mosque cleric says "Musharraf attacker" called him§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) 30 women among 70 dead in Pakistan mosque: cleric;_ylt=AtigYHFH94wz6AySMJJVPb_zPukA

(Pakistan) Shooting at Pakistani mosque foils Islamist mediators;_ylt=AjB82K1hVEt_V1FBKFWSNVrzPukA

(Pakistan) Mosque defenders have 'month's supplies',23599,22035845-23109,00.html

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid militants prepare wills before showdown

Pakistan Daily Times Survey shows Pakistanis think Lal Masjid cleric should have fought to death (my title)\07\06\story_6-7-2007_pg7_29

(Pakistan) 2 held at Iran border for Qaeda links - two brothers with dual Turkey and Germany citizenship\07\06\story_6-7-2007_pg7_3

(Pakistan) Follow-up on Musharraf escaping Friday assassination bid (my title)\07\07\story_7-7-2007_pg1_1

(Pakistan) UK imams predominantly Pakistani: study\07\07\story_7-7-2007_pg1_9

(India) Two Hizb-ul-Mujahideen cadres among five militants killed in Jammu and Kashmir
Indian police break up Kashmir protests;_ylt=AhWTVKFIZ3sPJr2akG8vFzs1NXcA

(Indian Kashmir) Teenager killed as police open fire on protesters in Indian Kashmir, say witnesses

(India) 14 sentenced to life in prison for 1989 Bhagalpur riots

Hamas claims Friday's rocket attacks -- at Israel's West Negev

Hamas militia raids Fatah-allied Gaza university

Dozens of gunmen storm West Bank exam hall, disrupt finals for high school graduation

(Lebanon) Al Qaeda-inspired Islamist militants killed Christian Lebanese minister: report - last year;_ylt=AtWy7TBSvAWQ_Q8Gncm53aYwuecA

Lebanese troops arrest militant in north Lebanon

Morocco raises terror alert to highest level citing new threat

(Philippines) Blast rips through bus in Philippines -- in Mindanao,23599,22036056-23109,00.html;_ylt=Ah7jljj_ZjHVI1V1ss8vZiBUKYUA

(Thailand) Islamic school shut down, rebels kill three in restive Thai south;_ylt=AjX9N_LNpA_GUb7TADt2YX7uNREB

(Canada) US bids to reinstate charges against Canadian Omar Khadr at Guantanamo;_ylt=AmwNA2428UIumoKfKAZCdWIwuecA

Internet the Breeding Ground for Global Terrorism

(Iran) Al-Qaeda linked to operations from Iran

Iran becoming increasingly dangerous, says Rice,7340,L-3422123,00.html

Russian Parliament passes anti-extremism measure

Mauritania denies having secret CIA prison

(Columbia) US coal firm linked to Colombia militias;_ylt=ApQO_aQx1qEgv.HRbpU4ElSwv7kA

North Korea close to making new missiles operational: US;_ylt=AuXEWrq82QQTdSoMoehBTlGCscEA

North Korea considers early reactor shutdown;_ylt=Ag1Lg_7ej5fKesaZnaseR7.CscEA

Sri Lanka says military kills three rebels;_ylt=Avf3pFZJxbk6WNHXOm72PLstM8oA

Sri Lanka troops find remains of at least 15 rebels§ion=subcontinent&col=

Other News:

Rhode Island: Episcopal priest suspended for also being a Muslim

(France) Member of French Govt: Bush behind 9/11, says French politician,23599,22036167-23109,00.html

Denmark: Police getting handle on "honor" killings

UK: 'Not in Our Name' Campaign - main goal is to fight the "diseases of Islamophobia and racism".

Sky News: London Remembers July 7 Bomb Attacks,,30100-1274118,00.html

DPA: Analysis: Britain remains top terror target two years after July 7 attacks

CNN: Suspect charged in UK bomb attempts

Daily Mail: Eight Al Qaeda fanatics working for the police (but they don't dare sack them)

Evening Standard: Eight Al Qaeda fanatics working for the police (but they don't dare sack them)

Sky News: Al Qaeda Extremists 'Working In Police',,30100-1274107,00.html

Times of India: E-mails, internet chats of terror suspects probed

Daily Mail: Terror-case doctor talked of car bombs

Times of India: Five Indian doctors released, Haneef not charged yet

Times of India: Haneef continues to be quizzed; remains in custody in Aus

The Australian: Six doctors questioned as terror net widens,20867,22031760-601,00.html

The Australian: Radical group faces ban,20867,22031761-601,00.html

Daily Telegraph: The textbook terrorists

London Times: "The unexpected profile of the modern terrorist: 26, from a caring family, married, with children, graduate"

Daily Telegraph: Terror suspect told family 'time had come'

FOX News: Doctors of Death: Radical Islam's Influence in Glasgow Terror Plot,2933,288261,00.html

BBC: Ban foreign language imams - peer

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