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July 1, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

UK Terrorism News:

(UK) PM warns of 'sustained' terror risk,,-6749836,00.html

(UK) PM defiant over 'al-Qaeda threat' - it was "clear that we are dealing, in general terms, with
people who are associated with al-Qaeda"

(UK) New crisis talks over terror threat -- COBRA emergency cell meets Sunday;_ylt=AklREi903GTvA.YHVpNxCiITv5UB

(UK) Fifth Terror Arrest In Nationwide Hunt -- in Liverpool,,30100-1273122,00.html

(UK) Update - Chesire Arrests "Terror arrests on M6" -- Liverpool airport closed

(UK) British police comb houses after airport attack;_ylt=Aq1zw7j57EC0fa9h7EZH3gkTv5UB

(UK) Police search Glasgow homes

(UK) MI5 fear bombers were 'off the radar'

(UK) Police check Bluewater gang's links to attempt to bomb clubs

(UK) Intelligence knew of car bomb threat

(UK) Airports in UK ban cars from terminals

(UK) Second London car bomb 'aimed at rescuers'

(UK) Police Arrrest 2 More in Connection With London, Scotland Terror Incidents -- two suspects were arrested in Cheshire - in addition to two arrested in Glasgow at airport attack -- Cheshire suspects arrested by a joint swoop by specialist officers from London and Birmingham,2933,287512,00.html

(UK) 2 Arrested After Car on Fire Rams Glasgow Terminal,2933,287472,00.html

(UK) Botched London plot leaves 'gold mine' of clues

(UK) Commentary: Luck is not enough;jsessionid=0TBWWHAM35IXRQFIQMFSFFOAVCBQ0IV0

(UK) Glasgow Terrorist Shouts "Allah" in Fighting Police (my title) reports that "Witnesses describe one of the Jeep's three passengers shouting 'Allah' as a he fought with police and a second man set himself on fire. 'He was shouting something. 'Allah,' something, ''Allah.' Every time he threw a punch, he was saying 'Allah.' "
Other Terrorism News:

(Iraq) U.S. raids Baghdad slum; 26 Iraqis die;_ylt=AtkiHaQXNBGnX2W6C5TSrcpX6GMA

Iraq: 2 policemen killed by roadside bomb, drive-by shooting

(Iraq) US finds 35 bodies in Iraq mass grave -- in Fallujah,23599,21997333-23109,00.html

(Iraq) Al-Sadr's group rejects a coalition between major Shiite and Kurdish parties

(Afghanistan) Suicide attack on NATO convoy, two Afghans wounded;_ylt=Al1vVUp.bZK8WOrp8fJZf2POVooA

Afghans: 62 Taliban, 45 civilians killed;_ylt=AkyKFiCCc4S2arUn8LyzqZHOVooA

(Afghanistan) Iran "baring its teeth" in Afghan, officials say -- Iran providing weapons to Taliban§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Afghanistan) Britain to throw extra troops into Afghan front line

Pakistan busts Jaish-e-Mohammad terror cell supplying suicide bombers to Taliban;_ylt=Ak3E21HEcnkKm7KjseFsDxrOVooA

(Pakistan Lal Masjid) We will hit back, warns Pak mosque chief

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid vigilantes still ruling the roost\07\01\story_1-7-2007_pg11_1

Pakistani Islamists baffled by U.S. support for military regime --- Las Masjid cleric openly calls for
Jihad against Americans and supports Osama Bin Laden

(India) Maoists attack police posts in eastern India, 9 dead§ion=subcontinent&col=

Somalia: Roadside Bomb Blasts As Government Police Vehicle Passes

Somali Independence Day marked by explosions, calls for peace

Iran rules out nuclear freeze;_ylt=AvhTlouiK4d0z_ffpaoGdFRSw60A

Iranian Group Denounces Terror Listing

Lebanese lawmakers leave amid threats;_ylt=AtPp8crOJY9ANO7.rR0nB8XagGIB

US wants to train Fatah in West Bank

Gaza: Israeli Air strikes kill 7 Palestinians

Palestinians fire two mortars into Israel

Palestinian Islamic Jihad threatens revenge for IAF killing

(UK) Unpicking the Lockerbie truth

(Russia) Mine blast kills 2 Russian soldiers in Chechnya: Police

(Columbia) Pope decries killing of 11 lawmakers by Colombia rebels

Islamic group welcomes plan for first U.S. envoy

(North Korea) UN nuclear inspectors end 'fruitful' visit to N Korea;_ylt=AgivFjdvEq9xWXGG4cwOytuCscEA

North Korea says US conducted 1,100 spy missions this year;_ylt=Akf36eFpAdnar0ESsKpQrjyCscEA

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