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Al Qaeda to Pakistanis: Join The Jihad

(Pakistan) Al-Qaida: Wage Holy War Against Pakistan

Al-Qaida No. 2 Calls for Holy War on Pakistani Government in
Retaliation for Red Mosque Attack (Pakistan) Yet another message from Zawahiri: Aggression Against Lal Masjid

(Pakistan) Al Qaeda Leader on the Web Again -- Instant Messaging Next?

(Pakistan) SITE Institute: "The Aggression Against Lal Masjid [Red Mosque]" รข€“ An Audio Speech by Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri Produced by as-Sahab Media

(Pakistan) Al Qaeda entrenched in Pakistan, U.S. officials say

(USA) White House, FBI Agents Race to Disrupt 'Summer of '07' Threat

(USA - Chicago) Muhammad Salah sentenced to 21 months in prison - Lied in civil lawsuit on murder by Hamas - acquitted of money laundering

Archives on Muhammad Salah:

(USA) White House denies signs of 'imminent' attack;_ylt=AoEK2E6IH.9Re7V2dA9xuLoTv5UB

(USA) White House says no evidence terrorist attack is nearing"There continues to be no credible intelligence to suggest that there is an imminent threat to the homeland," Tony Fratto, a White House spokesman, said.

(USA) Congressman Demands Specifics on Chertoff's 'Gut Feeling'

(USA) Homeland Security chief warns of 'increased risk,1,2055735.story?coll=chi-news-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

(USA) "Dirty bomb" danger at home? Undercover agents trick NRC, get license to buy radiological material

(USA - JFK Plot) Not Guilty Plea Entered in Plot to Blow Up New York Airport

(Iraq) 20 Al-Qaeda militants killed in Iraq: military;_ylt=AuK5rSiz0kVanhU2fg8mAcFX6GMA

(Iraq) Al-Qaeda 'kills, wounds' 4000 in six months,23599,22060251-38201,00.html

Iraq: Al-Qaeda video shows US offensive at Diyala - Islamic State of Iraq video first one of major campaign

(Iraq) Al Qaeda's Strength 'Undiminished' in Iraq

Turkey: US Weapons in Guerrilla Hands,,-6772432,00.html

(Algeria) Al Qaeda claims responsibility for bombing that killed 10 in Algeria

(Update) Algeria suicide bomber kills 10, injures 35;_ylt=A9G_R29jFZVG74UAfhFvaA8F

French court convicts 8 of helping 2003 Casablanca suicide bombers

Germans debate terrorism threat - Proposals for new measures start heated debate

Pakistan police detain militant wanted by India - Harkatul Mujahideen chief used by Pak to negotiate at Lal Masjid before attack

(India & UK) How 'dirty money' flows easily from Delhi to London - Reporters sent funds through hawala with Western Union's help

(India) LAEF militant killed, weapons recovered - Liberation Achik Elite Force (LAEF) militant wanted in triple grenade explosions

Bangladesh nabs fugitive militant after gunfight - Asadul Islam Arif convicted for August 2005 JMB & JMJB bombings

(Somalia) Mortar shells target Somalia presidential palace-witnesses

(Nigeria) Chronology of Nigerian militant attacks on oil industry - 5 foreign oil workers released one week after kidnapping

(Spain) Two suspected ETA members arrested in France

(Iran) Editor of Kuwaiti Daily: Arab Countries Must Join Forces to Counter Iranian Threat - MEMRI transcript

(U.S.) Al Qaeda Cell in the U.S. Or On Its Way, According to New Intel - ABC News report- White House meeting Thursday to address the threat and address countermeasures

US Govt Concern About Potential Al Qaeda Attack on US Homeland This Summer

(Algeria) Nine killed, 30 injured in Algeria suicide bombing

(Somalia) Eight killed as blasts rock Mogadishu market;_ylt=Av0zK5SUN7nYzalomZQZB_OQLIUD

(Philippines) Militants kill 14 Philippine marines, behead 10: military;_ylt=AqXsIsFdeoRMeEq2KlaqjwVUKYUA

(Iraq) Four civilians, two militants killed in Iraq violence

(Iraq) At least 3 killed, 18 wounded in Green Zone barrage in Baghdad

(Iraq) U.S.-Iraqi forces retake village;_ylt=AmgRPJwQxQbPd49_QIF_XxBX6GMA

(Iraq) US forces capture south Baghdad's most wanted terrorist

(Iraq) U.S. says expects al Qaeda to "lash out" in Iraq;_ylt=AosXvpSOWtDvIHPaDp38LRZX6GMA

(Iraq) German Woman Kidnapped in Iraq in February Released,2933,288901,00.html

(Iraq) U.S. targets Iranian aid to militants on all sides

Iraq: 200 explosive belts found in Syrian truck

(Turkey) Small bomb explosion in Istanbul; 2 people hospitalized

(Turkey) Cross-border operation delayed until after elections

(Afghanistan) Ambush on U.S.-led Afghan convoy kills 3 policemen;_ylt=AqywfRxnQhsUuXZ8lioyzDzOVooA

Afghan criticizes militants for hiding under burqas

(Afghanistan) 27 Afghan civilians killed in NATO strikes, local officials say;_ylt=AmJ9Q.Sfun6xzl5vLgnKvhnOVooA

(Pakistan) Red Mosque 'cleared of militants'

Pakistan: Lal Masjid crisis reopens madrassa reforms issue

Pakistan: Security alert all over the country

(India) Anti-terrorist squad for Bangalore now

(India) Two Hizb-ul-Mujahideen cadres killed in Jammu and Kashmir

(India) Two ULFA militants killed in Assam

India forces hunt Maoists after 24 troops killed;_ylt=Ao.OhWzY6aeetO0k87SuOI5A7AkB

(Thailand) 3 killed in Thailand after Thai PM visit

(Thailand) 12 suspected insurgents rounded up in Narathiwa

(UK) Four July 21 bombers sentenced to life - must serve a minimum of 40 years;jsessionid=XQ24U2Z4ORIJFQFIQMGSFFWAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/07/11/nterrortrial111.xml

(UK) Two men to face retrial over July 21st bomb plot

(UK) July 21 Firefighter feared 'dirty bomb'

(UK) The trail of terror leads to Pakistan

(UK) Police face awkward questions after surveillance fails to prevent attempted terror attacks

(UK) Abu Hamza fights US extradition

(UK) Abu Hamza inspired four to be suicide bombers

UK car bomb designs found in India

(UK) Key suspect Kafeel Ahmed's horrific injuries present quandary for British terror investigators

(UK) Terror suspect's bank accounts frozen - Bilal Abdullah

(UK) Australia Terror detainee Dr Mohamed Haneef to be held until Friday,23599,22058074-29277,00.html

(UK) Thai police deny London bomb suspect claim;_ylt=AkNV_QO8zVMCbtdKRCdjH40Tv5UB

(UK) London car bomb plot suspect arrested in Thailand

(UK) London bomb suspect 'recently visited Thailand'

(UK) Thailand deports London car bomb suspect: police

(UK) MEMRI: Arab Liberals on the 'Terrorist Doctors' Plot in the U.K.

(UK) Britain condemns al-Qaeda Rushdie threat,23599,22057512-23109,00.html

(UK) The 'peaceful' group linked to radical Muslims: Tablighi Jamaat

(UK) Commentary: On Planet Appeasement

(UK) Female genital mutilation a growing concern in Britain

(France) Algerian militants reject reconciliation with France

(Spain) ETA suspect arrested in northern Spain had plans to cause explosion, minister says

(Jordan) 2 sentenced for plot against Americans - living in Jordan;_ylt=AnsskIerugwYdlyTgnQFnO4Tv5UB

Lebanese soldier killed by

(Lebanon) Palestinians flee as Lebanon army set to storm camp;_ylt=AteowEB6r8EkK._B4C9NYMIwuecA

Hamas torturing and killing Fatah supporters

Hamas boycott prevents parliament session

Explosions blow hole in Gaza-Egypt border wall

Iran: We Are Ready to Take on Al Qaeda,2933,288908,00.html

Iran still defiant as UN envoy holds nuclear talks;_ylt=AmwIe5hA4Y5cD4bZ3JAEQ5NSw60A

(Australia) Fears terrorists plotting attack on Australian soil

(USA) FBI mines data on Americans for terror risk -- Government report discloses law enforcement efforts to gather, sort info

Libya: Death sentences for health workers upheld

Sri Lanka claims capture of last Tamil Tiger base in east;_ylt=AqwFs3krGoRt2kDJVrDoWEotM8oA

(North Korea) SKorea expects shutdown of NKorea reactor within days;_ylt=AlntjAY05PfkDh0Ua84VtH2CscEA

(North Korea) IAEA team likely to arrive in North Korea July 14;_ylt=AhkGR4kzoq5HX_mn2CjLWJ6CscEA

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