Friday, July 6, 2007


(Iraq) Four explosions rock Baghdad's Green Zone

(Iraq) Nine killed in southern Iraq - roadside bomb near Hilla and clashes between Shiite militants and police in Samawa;_ylt=AuYeozCTczZ8hlpqPqf8qC1X6GMA

(Iraq) US soldier killed in west Baghdad combat

(Iraq) Man executed for role in 2003 Iraq blast - outside the Shrine of Ali in Najaf;_ylt=AguX86dUskmtF400Y7M9WY5X6GMA

(Iraq) Fire erupts in Iraqi oil pipe - bombing targeted the Doura Refinery and reservoirs of oilderivatives in Lutaifiya

(Afghanistan) 33 Taliban killed in southern Afghan battle, Afghan military says

(Afghanistan) Suicide car bomb wounds two UK troops in Afghanistan - near Kabul;_ylt=Aj1_ZElV5a4Agr.Wj8X.IBHOVooA

(Afghanistan) Thursday bombing also kills 3 NATO soldiers (my title) - update to suicide bombingThursday killing 10 Afghan police;_ylt=AteZbvZqLbgbyL72PFQRXwfOVooA

(Pakistan) Fresh explosions, gunfire rock Lal Masjid - Loud explosions and gunfire rocked theLal Masjid in Islamabad on Friday - Govt rejects surrender conditions by Abdul Rashid Ghazi

Pakistan mosque cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi says would rather die than surrender;_ylt=AuXwyOhJFRxnyQtNPceLu2jzPukA

Pakistan mosque students 'will be martyred'

(Pakistan) Students holed up inside Lal Masjid fire rockets

(Pakistan) Militants vow to avenge Lal Masjid deaths -- pamphlets distributed by Mujahideen-i-Bajaur saying suicide attacks will occur

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid Operation: Govt Amnesty offer for all who lay down arms\07\06\story_6-7-2007_pg1_1

(Pakistan) Rocket fired at Musharraf's plane in Rawalpindi

(Pakistan) Two arrested after "reportedly" failed assassination attempt on President Musharraf

(Pakistan) Suicide explosion in northern Pakistani kills four soldiers - in Sawat valley

(Pakistan) Six killed in failed bid to kidnap Pakistani soldier

(India) Is Al Qaeda recruiting Indian Muslims?

(India Kashmir) Eight terrorists and two children killed in Jammu and Kashmir

(India J&K) Report: Militants unleash reign of terror in Kishtwar

(West Bank) IDF troops arrest 5 Hamas fugitives in West Bank

(West Bank) IDF troops nab ten terror suspects in West Bank

(Gaza) 11 militants killed in Gaza clashes - Israeli forces pulled out of the Gaza Strip Friday after battle on Thursday;_ylt=AvZErFzSNzUsRuEIHZWo4XvuyucA
Commentary: Hamas won the propaganda war this week

Hezbollah to send ex-minister to Paris dialogue

Yemen identifies slain Egyptian al-Qaida suspect as plotter of suicide attack on Spanish tourists

Yemen detains 15 suspects in suicide attack against Spanish tourists

Kenyan Muslims denounce terror suspect renditions;_ylt=AtSfsspaTVfOGuFWUYBJJfITv5UB

Nigeria kidnappers threaten to kill girl;_ylt=At5xc9IsDrVGIrjW9DD9xE7Z9YEA

(Thailand) 3 insurgent suspects arrested in South - confiscate bombs for attacks in Yala

(Russia) Terrorist acts averted in North Ossetia

Turkish government, military agree on Iraq incursion plans

(Germany) Reduced jail for Kurd who ran cash for Iraq terror group Ansar al-Islam

Italian police arrest 2 suspected members of Red Brigades-style terror group

Philippine left-wing activists protest new anti-terror law, scuffle with police

(Sri Lanka) Six soldiers killed as Sri Lanka jets bomb rebel positions;_ylt=Av.axzGUB4NE6PTUBW6GK_UtM8oA

(Sri Lanka) 12 LTTE cadres among 15 persons killed in separate incidents

(China) Hong Kong anti-triad police probe attacks on Marriott Hotel

(China) Mine explosives blamed for nightclub blast,23599,22030942-23109,00.html

North Korea says it is considering shutting down nuclear reactor upon receiving first energy aid

North Korea nuclear talks to resume in July;_ylt=ArI4hGLNc73D405_UzU6homCscEA

Analysis: Expert: Nuke terror better than even bet

Commentary: Diana West: Call it like it is

Commentary: Muzzling Jihad Watch - Robert Spencer

Commentary: Is the Government Censoring Jihad Watch?

FERL: British PM Says Investigators Figuring Out Terrorist Cell

London Times: Bombing plots "were carried out with bin Laden's blessing"

Sky News: Terror Plotter Jailed For Nine Years,,70131-1274043,00.html

AP: U.K. terror suspects made U.S. inquiry

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Sources: 2 in plot explored U.S. jobs

Daily Telegraph: Five ex-NHS doctors quizzed over UK bombs;jsessionid=QO5N4GL0WJ4QRQFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/07/06/nterr606.xml

London Times: 'Clean skin terrrorist' guilty of hoarding car bomb manuals

AP: British court convicts man of having terrorist manuals, and money laundering

Reuters: Britain convicts al-Qaida "sleeper" agent Omar Altimimi

London Times: Fresh terror raids on Australian hospitals

BBC: New Australia raids over UK bombs

Deutsche Presse-Agentur: Indian police question family of UK terrorist plot suspects

Times of India: I'm working on confidential project on global warming, Kafeel told parents

Guardian: Glasgow suspect moved to burns unit,,2120240,00.html

Daily Express: Terror Search Fiasco

Blog: UK Police: Look Out For People Doing Things

Daily Mail: Stolen NHS syringes used in failed car bomb attacks

ABC News: Exclusive: U.K. Terror Plot -- Why the Bombs Failed

Daily Mail: NHS fiasco as foreign bomb suspects are handed jobs while British doctors are forced to go abroad for work

Australia News: Terror suspect doctors sought work in Queensland,23599,22028254-29277,00.html

BBC: Few UK imams 'come from Britain'- only 8 per cent BBC graphic:

Daily Telegraph: Only 6pc of imams are native English speakers

(UK) Commentary: Brown blew chance to stop the terrorists

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