Saturday, July 14, 2007

TERROR NEWS - July 14th

Terror Commander: New Attack Will Dwarf Failed Bomb Plot -- Taliban's Mansour Dadullah advisesPakistan journalist that larger attacks than Glasgow, London bomb attempt to happen soon

(USA - Padilla Trial) Prosecution rests in Padilla trial

(UK Car Bomb Plot) Two more terror suspects charged in failed attacks on London and Glasgow

(UK Car Bomb Plot) Doctor charged over UK bomb plot - Indian-born doctor, Mohammed Haneef, charged in Australia over UK bomb plot,25197,22072905-601,00.html

(UK Car Bomb Plot) Australia: Terror suspect doctor granted bail - Indian-born doctor, Mohammed Haneef

(UK Car Bomb Plot) Third Doctor Charged Over Terror Plot - Dr Sabeel Ahmed; others charged are Iraqi doctor Bilal Abdullah and Dr Mohammed Haneef,,30200-1275198,00.html

(UK Car Bomb Plot) Arab Liberals on the 'Terrorist Doctors' Plot in the U.K.

Radicalism among Muslim professionals worries many

(UK) Jailed terrorist fanatics 'should be treated as prisoners of war'

(UK) Ex-spy chief says more UK attacks likely;_ylt=AitBeoGTkMjrU5wvXtnOJcYTv5UB

(Iraq) 21 Iraqis dead in a fresh wave of violence - in Al Muqdadiyah, Baquba

(Iraq) US kills six militants using 'human shields' in Iraq - in Diyala;_ylt=AsNdsTNWL1rf.ytqNDsTeu5X6GMA

(Iraq) Car bomb destroys building in Baghdad, kills one - in Shiite district;_ylt=AjMHG1Em8qPPBqVfEUES31RX6GMA

(Iraq) Gunmen kill eight in southern Iraqi town - in Jbela

(Iraq) US army finds 500 bags filled with explosive material in Iraq

(Iraq) Sunni insurgents spread jihad fervor by Internet postings

Iraq: Embedded Reporter recounts alleged atrocities by Al Qaeda in Iraq (my title)

(Afghanistan) Police, Taliban killed in Afghan clashes - two police and 21 suspected Taliban killed - violence in Charchino, Kandahar, and Helmand;_ylt=AssiMQvpmbVJcuFXKi43huDOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban behead 7 Afghan "spies" in 10 days: official;_ylt=AlRcFgMF_Kt4w1GrfSPlOlzOVooA

Pakistan: 18 soldiers killed in suicide attack - near Daznaray - death toll one vehicle missing

Pakistani troops sent to dissuade jihad - in northwestern frontier - rockets fired at military check point - bomb struck military vehicle in Bannu;_ylt=AnK8ul50IUfIb5kW4GgL8q7zPukA

Pakistan struggles to contain Red Mosque fury

(Pakistan) Thousands protest Lal Masjid operation - tens of thousands protest across Pakistan on Friday

(Pakistan) Govt had reports about Lal Masjid weapons: minister\07\14\story_14-7-2007_pg1_4

(Pakistan) People captured during operation against Lal Masjid: Supreme Court orders release of those not involved in serious crimes\07\14\story_14-7-2007_pg1_2

Pakistan opposition leaders stating 1,000 killed in Lal Masjid operation

(Pakistan) 3 pro-govt tribal leaders killed in Miranshah\07\14\story_14-7-2007_pg1_5

(Pakistan) Taliban "enforce Shariah" in Bajaur Agency

Pakistan: US pays Pakistan Army $100 million a month for border presence

(Pakistan) Bush Aide Says Musharraf Fails to Contain Al-Qaeda in Pakistan

(India) Pakistan ISI module neutralized in Gujarat - smuggling in fake currency, narcotics and arms and ammunition

(Indian Kashmir) Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami 'commander' among three terrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir

(Bengal) Harkat-Ul-Jihadi Islami (HUJI) activist nabbed at a Bengal village

(Thailand) Insurgents kill 3, as PM defends government's policy

(Lebanon) Gunmen fire Katyushas, engage Lebanese troops in house-to-house fighting

(Lebanon) Death toll climbs as army closes in on Islamists in Lebanon;_ylt=ArdykO9mZ1nllPWGShBj0GXagGIB

Lebanese army pounds camp;_ylt=Aq2ZaVmVRP844vjco2_OULragGIB

(Lebanon) Two Lebanese soldiers killed in camp clashes

Hamas rejects Abbas's new government,23599,22075889-23109,00.html

(Gaza) Palestinian snipers reportedly hit and wound two Israeli soldiers

Israel weighs plan to ease security grip in West Bank;_ylt=Au5P5wIm1vjhvjpifZqqNbnuyucA

'Israel agrees to pardon 178 Fatah suspects on the run'

(Israel) Americans urged not to visit Palestinian Authority territories

Egypt's subway on high security alert after hoax bomb threat

(Indonesia) Top terror suspect Abu Dujana, three assiciates, moved to Jakarta

(India Assam) Two ULFA cadres surrender in Assam

(India) Maoists kill civilian in Andhra Pradesh

Report: Iran Makes Major Nuclear

Bahrain Iran's province claim sparks uproar -- Advisor to Iran's Supreme Leader: Bahrain is an Iranian province

Turkey asks US about weapons 'given to PKK' - update

Somali Islamists say anyone taking part in reconciliation conference is 'sentenced to death'

Sudan 'resumes bombing in Darfur'

(Sudan) Arabs pile into Darfur to take land 'cleansed' by janjaweed

(Nigeria) Gunmen free Nigerian chief's son

(Australia) Terror raid on Perth home,23599,22074677-29277,00.html

Sri Lanka confrontation kill one and injured 11 in north

Sri Lanka's war seen far from over

(North Korea) Nuke inspectors arrive in N. Korea

North Korea gets oil for closing reactor;_ylt=AuTz6vMnWA2nRYKZcGygLpGCscEA

(USA) Tancredo: Find deterrent or face another 9/11

(USA) Justice Dept. reviewing FBI terror cases;_ylt=Ar4IL2feUs0nCG1e1hjgtxITv5UB

Other News:

Denmark: Muslim group loses court case, threatens fatwa

Scotland: Focus - State funding for Muslim schools sparks debate

(USA) Bush like Hitler, says first Muslim in Congress

US Congress slams UK academic boycott of Israel

Austria offers rewards for information on two Nazi fugitive

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