Friday, February 8, 2008


Hmmm . . . . So, a Palestinian Muslim alien who uses an alias just so happens to be at a gas station (where he works) in the middle of the night and
blows up in an explosion at the Tampa station. Accident . . . or Islamic terrorist whose bomb-making practice went awry?

The FBI is involved in investigating the case of Farid Yusif a/k/a Farid Karakra. And since the ATF is the agency that handles such cases--while the FBI is the lead agency on TERRORISM cases--you do the math.

Thanks to Bill Warner, investigator extraordinaire, for the tip on this very disturbing story:

Farid Karakra a/k/a Farid Yusif: Who Did He Really Mean to Blow Up?

Heavy equipment was brought in to take down an unstable wall and proper up the roof so investigators could get a look inside.

Bill notes:

Gas fires have an explosion value with concussion in a confined area, but not enough to almost knock down a cinder block wall and bring down the roof of a building, the bay doors and glass would be blown out to relieve the pressure. Gasoline is not stored inside the bays of an automotive shop, there are no natural gas lines in the automotive store.

At least Tampa media are asking similar questions, a good step for MSM:

The "Accidental" Handiwork of Farid Karakra a/k/a Farid Yusif . . .

Why was Karakra at a local Citgo mechanic's garage at almost midnight? The garage was closed. He had just left friends at a local coffee shop and was en route to meet them at another location.

The FBI is asking all of these questions. But, they are tight-lipped on telling the media anything. They even refused comment on any connection of Karakra to 2 USF students who were recently arrested.

The question again is why. Have they established a connection? Are they looking into this as a matter of precaution? It would seem odd that a federal agency is involved in a matter left up to local fire investigators.

As readers know, Tampa is the home to the University of South Florida, terrorist Sami Al-Arian's former place of employment. It is the home of the two "Just Fireworks" smiling Muslim terrorists caught with pipe bombs in Goose Creek, South Carolina, near an important military base.

It is the home to two Saudi students who did a dry run on a kids' schoolbus. And it is the home to a number of extremist mosques and Muslims who have been indicted in baby formula and other scams at party stores and grocery outlets they own.

So that a Palestinian mysteriously blows up in what appears to be preparation of explosives is really not a coincidence.
We've welcomed these people here. And this is just a taste of the consequences.

**** UPDATE:

Bill Warner notes that the above photo of Farid Yusif a/k/a Farid Karakra is a MUG SHOT and that it was taken because the Palestinian has a criminal record. For what? Get this (from Warner):

Farid Yusif Karakra--The MSM is showing his mug shot. That photo was taken last July 2007, when he was arrested for UNAUTHORIZED USE OR POSSESSION OF FRAUDULENT ID a F-3 felony (Case Number: 07-CF-015528). He got it all reduced to traffic court and the case was closed in Sept. 2007.

Why did he need a phony ID last year?

Why, indeed. And why didn't the mainstream media mention Karakra's prior record? Trying to be nice to the dead?
Yup, this is how we let terrorists in our midst go free and further plan their "activities" against us. Fake ID held by a Muslim alien, and he gets traffic court treatment.

As I keep saying, it's that Adam Ant song about our condition vis-a-vis Islamic terrorism:

Desperate But Not Serious.


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