Sunday, February 24, 2008


Ten more "official" executions last week bring the number to 50 or the same pace of one a day since January 1st, 2008.

Official charges are murder, armed assault, drug dealing and in the case of one journalist in South-Eastern Iran, for having contacts with Jondollah.

In reality, specially viewing the almost childlike age and physique of many of those executed, the executions are part of the continuing "strike fear into the populace" strategy of an increasingly despised Mullah regime.

Meantime, Parvine Ardalan, strong activist for women's rights has been ordered to appear at the "National Security Tribunal" without any reason stated on the subpoena.

Human Rights agencies have noted that since Ahmadi-Nejad became President of Islamic Iran, the trampling of human rights has increased enormously.

In reality this is diplo-speak for human rights being totally ignored and non-existant.

There is currently NOTHING in Islamic Iran that could be recognized as "human rights" or "freedoms".

Not even in sham elections, where candidates are chosen/approved by the Mullahs and anyone they do not favor, including sitting members of parliament whose votes they did not like, are allowed to participate.

Meanwhile three European nations have drafted another sanction text to present to the UN, since even Iran shill, El-Baradei of the IAEA has sated that Iran has not shown any evidence of NOT building nuclear weapons and has to the contrary increased the number of centrifuges.

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