Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Picture: Israeli Robot Crushes Suicide Bomber (Updated)

Noah Shachtman

A pair of suicide bombers struck in the Israeli town of Dimona yesterday -- the first strike of its kind in more than a year. Once it was all over, a bomb disposal robot removed one of the attacker's jacket, to make sure there were no more explosives on him.

(His bomb failed to go off, and police shot and killed him.) Then the machine rolled over him, to double-check. The likely NSFW picture is after the jump.

There's something else odd about this picture. Look at the end of the robot's arm: Is that a weapon I see?

UPDATE: Sam Jaffe write in to say that the weapon on the robot "fires a metal slug into explosive material. I've seen video of it being used on a carbomb at the height of the 2nd intifada.

If it works, the robot gives up the ghost -- Israel's version of suicide bombers."

He also points us to some NSFW video of the bomber getting shot, and an interesting story about the shooter, Kobi Mor, and his unit.

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