Sunday, February 3, 2008


- Around 8 a.m. a private security company's guards shot and injured an Iraqi citizen as their convoy passed near Al Zawra Park in central Baghdad, Iraqi police said.

- Around 8:30 a.m. Lt. Col. Ahmed Ibraheem, the director of Iraqi national police affairs in the Ministry of Interior, was killed when a bomb attached to his car exploded and injured two as he was driving his car.

- Around 8:30 a.m. a roadside bomb targeted an U.S. military convoy in Al Bayaa, western Baghdad, Iraqi police said.

- Police found three bodies in Baghdad, one in Ur, one in Shaab, and one in Hurriyah.


- A bomb exploded inside the office of Dr. Hussein Al Zubaidi, the head of the security committee for the Diyala provincial council, in Baquba. The blast injured him, two bodyguards and two U.S. soldiers according to Iraqi police. Iraqi police imposed a curfew in the city. U.S. military said no coalition soldiers were injured.

- Iraqi police said al Qaida gunmen attacked the headquarters of a local awakening council in Al Katun area, killing four guards.


- Iraqi police said that seven civilians were killed early Sunday morning as the U.S. military bombed Al Milah town in eastern Samara. US military didn't respond to e-mail for confirmation.


- Gunmen attacked a Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headquarters south of Kirkuk and injured one of the guards yesterday, Iraqi police said.


- A parked car bomb targeted a U.S. military convoy in Mosul, Iraqi police said. U.S. military said two Iraqi civilians were wounded and no coalition soldiers were injured.

- Gunmen killed citizen Subhan Hammed as he was driving his car in Al Hamdaniyah town yesterday.


- Iraqi police said that the police force defused three IEDs and seven mines that were attached to an oil well about 110 kilometers north of Basra.

Al Anbar

- A roadside bomb targeted police officer Lt. Col. Issa Al Essawi as he was driving his car in central Fallujah yesterday. Al Essawi was injured in the attack.


Police said that the final toll of the two explosions of Ghazil and new Baghdad markets reached 98 people killed and 125 others injured.

Five people (3 policemen and 2 civilians) were injured in an IED explosion that targeted a police patrol in Khadhraa neighborhood west Baghdad around 10:30 am.

Two civilians were killed and three others were injured in clashes between gunmen and the Iraqi security forces (police and army) in Kadhemiyah neighborhood north Baghdad around 5;00 pm.

Gunmen driving 13 cars (sedan cars) kidnapped three policemen who were in a check point near al Ferdous mosque in Ur neighborhood north Baghdad around 5:15 pm.

Police found five bodies in Baghdad today. Three bodies were found in Rusafa, the eastern side of Baghdad in the following neighborhoods (2 bodies in Sadr city and 1 body in Husseiniyah) the two other bodies were found in Amil neighborhood and Bayaa neighborhood in Karkh, the western side of Baghdad


Four members of Sahwa council (awakening council) were killed and nine others were injured in an IED explosion that targeted their patrol near Tal Mohammed village in the west bank of Shirqat town north of Tikrit city around 11:10 am.

A combined force (Iraqi police and the a force from Samara emergency brigade) raided al Jallam area east of Samara city south of Tikrit city today morning. The force killed four Arabic insurgents and the captured Safa’a Mohammed Abdullah al Khadawi, the assistant of Abo Mutasim, the prince of princes of Qaida.

The police of Sulaiman Bik area released two kidnapped people and arrested their kidnapper when they raided an area near Toz town east of Tikrit today morning.


two members of Sahwa were killed and six others were wounded when a suicide car bomb attacked a gathering for sahwa in the area between Makhmoor town and Qayara town south of Mosul city today afternoon.

Courtesy McClatchy Newspapers

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