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Al-Qaida offers 'interview' with No. 2

Indian police raid terror training camp

(U.S.) Haitian acquitted in Liberty City 7 case faces deportation

FARC rebels say Betancourt poised for release

US Commander: Al-Qaida In Iraq Still Potent, But Violence Down

Hamas Seeks Truce Talks With Israel and Israel Cool to Hamas Proxy Offer

Afghanistan holds four over missing German: report

(U.S.) Report: Terrorists cannot train online - see rebuttal in Roderick Jones' Dec. 14 post, "No Limits"

(Iraq) Leading Iraqi academic figure shot dead outside Baghdad house

(Iraq) Suicide bomber kills 11 in cafe in Diyala - on Tuesday

(Iraq/Iran) U.S. frees Iranian prisoner held in Iraq

Iraq says Turkey raid an 'attack on sovereignty' -- Turkish army deals 'heavy blow' to Kurd rebels -- and -- Kurds: We will defend civilians

Afghan president calls for forgiveness of Taliban -- from God to mark the Eid al-Adha Muslim festival

(Afghanistan) President Karzai calls for 'terror' focus outside Afghanistan

(Pakistan) Bomb kills 2 supporters of Pakistan ruling party's candidate in southwest -- in Dera Bugti

(Pakistan) Rashid Rauf may sneak into Afghanistan, Pak intelligence agencies

(Pakistan) Four soldiers go missing

(Pakistan) Report: Al Qaeda said to be pursuing nuclear weapon -- Bruce Riedel study says Al Qaeda goal to get Pakistan nuclear weapon - want a revived Islamic caliphate from the ashes of broken Pakistan - West Point Combating Terrorism Center journal "The Sentinel"

(Pakistan) Secret detention system in Pak exposed: paper -- and -- Pakistan quietly frees 100 men suspected of terrorism links

(Pakistan) $785 million US aid to Pakistan approved

(India J&K) Top Hizbul Mujahideen commander surrenders, deadly RDX seized in J&K

(India) 'LeT terrorists plan suicide attack on top UP politician'

(U.S.) West Point Combating Terrorism Center: "The Sentinel" - Issue 1

(U.S.) Judge orders hearing on CIA videos

(Iran) Israeli ex-military intelligence chief: 'NIE will enable Iran to get nukes'

Gaza's Hamas rulers seek truce talks, as Israel pledges to strike militant leaders

(Israel) Top Jihad terrorist nabbed near Jenin -- IDF says man tried to transport 400-kg bomb into Israeli city

(Israel) IDF troops arrest 4 Palestinian terror suspects in West Bank

(North Africa) Al Qaeda in North Africa takes new tack amid losses

Kenya deports British Muslim suspected of 'terrorism ties': group -- Ahmed Khalid Ibrahim aka Graham Andrew Adams

Somali elder: Kidnapped French reporter said being 'treated well'

(France) Paris court convicts five former French Guantanamo inmates of terrorist links -- while acquitting a sixth man

Spain: Moroccan suspect of the Madrid train bombings to be accused

Spanish court sentences 46 Basque independence supporters for links to armed group ETA

(Indonesia) Bali bombers' final appeal rejected

(Indonesia) Militant's lawyers try to halt Indonesia terror trial -- Abu Dujana, leader of Jemaah Islamiyah organization (JI)

(Thailand) Insurgents kill man, wound 2 soldiers -- in Pattani

(Philippines) Man arrested with 'Christmas Day' bomb -- police arrested Egyptian man allegedly plotting a bomb attack on Christmas day - in Cotabato -- Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) booklet found in his room

Philippines: Six Muslim rebels killed in clashes with marines

(Sri Lanka) Suspected rebels bomb train in eastern Sri Lanka as fighting rages in north

(North Korea) US diplomat heads to North Korea

(North Korea) UN concerned over North Korean rights abuses -- and -- Martyrdom awaits North Koreans on Christmas

US urges Japan not to exit war on terror

(U.S.) Terrorism and the Times: What's Not Fit To Print -- by Steven Emerson

(U.S.) Bin Laden's driver to receive POW review -- military judge agreed to decide if Bin Laden's driver a POW under the Geneva Conventions

(U.S.) 'American Taliban' Lindh asks Bush to reduce 20-year prison term

US military not told of Turkey bomb plan

(U.S.) Judge orders hearing on destroyed CIA videos

(U.S.) Congress eases access to gov't records

(U.S.) Congress renews terror insurance act

(Pakistan) Forces foil suicide plot, seize explosives

Lebanon charges al Qaeda cell in church bomb plot -- charged 31 al Qaeda-linked individuals on Tuesday for plotting to attack a church and other religious sites

Egypt Frees 200 Jihad Prisoners

Egypt: Women of the Muslim Brotherhood rebel

(UK) Longer sentences for al-Qaeda men - Court of Appeals finds original sentencing "unduly lenient": Younes Tsouli sentence increased to 10 years, Waseem Mughal sentence increased to 12 years, Tariq Al-Daour sentence increased to 10 years

(Sri Lanka) Bomb explodes near train

Kosovo: 10,000 Serbs hold protest as independence looms

Colombian rebels to hand Chavez 3 hostages -- and -- Colombian hostage taken with Betancourt ordered freed: report - see Douglas Farah's Dec. 10 post

Turkish army sends soldiers into Iraq - 300 troops 1.5 miles into Iraq in overnight operation - Officials: Turkey withdraws from Iraq

22 killed in Iraq attacks: officials (updated) -- Bombings in Baquba, Baghdad, Diyala

(Iraq) American forces discover underground network of Qaeda hideouts in Iraq

(Iraq) Baghdad bolsters security before holiday -- Eid al-Adha holiday that begins Wednesday

(Iraq) Turkish troops enter northern Iraq: Kurdish official

(Afghanistan) 15 guards, several Taliban killed in Afghanistan: officials

(Afghanistan) Taliban leader Mullah Omar vows to fight on -- and -- Taliban leader taunts NATO

(Pakistan) Two police officers charged in Briton's escape: Pakistan police -- Rashid Rauf suspect in transatlantic jet plot to attack USA -- 'Rashid Rauf escaped with his uncle' -- and -- Heathrow bomb suspect on the run

(Pakistan) Al-Qaeda plays dealbreaker in Pakistan

(Pakistan) Bin Laden not in Pakistan, say pro-Taliban militants

(Pakistan) Suspected militants kidnap four govt officials in Pakistan

(Pakistan) Extremist group operates openly in Pakistan -- Jamaat ud-Dawa is listed as a charity, but the U.S. say it trains terrorists (formerly known as Lashkar-e-Taiba)

(Pakistan) 30 suspected pro-Taliban militants arrested in Swat -- and -- Waziristan militants announce Eid ceasefire

(Pakistan) Fugitive cleric says militants joining forces, would welcome bin Laden -- follow-up story on Faqir Mohammed and Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan group

(Pakistan) 5 injured in Parachinar clashes

(India) Gunfight between insurgents and securitymen in Manipur

(India J&K) Jihad Council fine with Ireland model for J&K

(India) College dropout to terror mastermind -- Sheikh Faisal - key member of the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, a Pakistan-based terror outfit

(Al Qaeda) FBI, CIA Debate Significance of Terror Suspect Abu Zubaida -- Agencies Also Disagree On Interrogation Methods

(Al Qaeda) Al-Zawahiri in Two Recent Messages: 'Iran Stabbed a Knife into the Back of the Islamic Nation;' Urges Hamas to Declare Commitment to Restoring the Caliphate

(Al Qaeda) Zawahri Wants Your Questions Online

(U.S.) NY court won't reconsider LA airport bomb conspiracy conviction -- Millenium terror bomber Ahmed Ressam

(U.S.) Ex-CAIR Member Takes on Free Speech - article by Investigative Project

(U.S.) Surveillance bill delayed until 2008

Iran sees Bushehr nuclear plant at full capacity in one year: official -- after passing a "critical stage" with the delivery of fuel from Russia

(Iran) Bush supports Russia sending enriched uranium to Iran -- and -- Iran says U.S. report a "declaration of surrender"

Lebanon sentences two over Germany bomb plot -- for failed attempt to bomb German trains - Jihad Hamad sentenced to 12 years, Youssef al-Haj Deeb gets life (in absenstia), 3 other defendants acquitted

(Lebanon) Jihad Hamad's lawyer says he will appeal if sentence is high -- vowed to appeal if sentence was not 3 to 5 years

(Gaza) 12 dead after Israeli strikes Gaza -- update -- 'Islamic Jihad may respond to strikes' -- and -- Islamic Jihad: We will carry out suicide attacks on Gaza periphery towns

Rand: Evidence about the Link Between Education, Poverty and Terrorism among Palestinians -- higher education and standard of living are positively associated with participation in Hamas or PIJ and with becoming a suicide bomber

(Gaza) More than 10,000 Palestinians attend militant's Gaza funeral

(West Bank) '16 Hamas operatives were arrested by PA security forces'

(Israel) Middle East Quartet condemns Kassam rocket attacks - against Israeli towns

(Saudi Arabia) Terror in disfavor in Saudi poll

Algerian terror group targeting institutions: report

Kenyan police arrest British Muslim in grenade probe -- and -- Kenya anti-terror squad allow visit to detained British national -- Ahmed Khalid Ibrahim aka Graham Andrew Adams

Nigeria's main militant group urges faction to unite and cripple oil industry

Sudan: Gunmen Attack AU Peacekeepers

(Russia) Chechnya: Roadside bomb kills prison guard in Grozny -police

Russia threatens US missile shield -- Russia has threatened to target two proposed American bases in Europe with its nuclear missiles

(Canada) Somali drug khat may fund terrorism

(UK) Counter-terror police examine DVD -- available in West Yorkshire which uses images of a young girl and appears to glorify suicide bombings

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