Monday, December 17, 2007



2 civilians were killed and 2 policemen were injured in an IED explosion in Al Alif Dar area (the 1000 houses area)in New Baghdad neighborhood east Baghdad around 7,30 am. The explosion was preceded by another IED in the same place which didn’t cause any casualties and after people gathered, the 2nd explosion.

Gunmen opened fire killing a traffic policemen inside his car in New Baghdad area east Baghdad around 8,30 am.

2 members of Adhemiyah Sahwa were killed and 10 others were injured in an IED explosion that targeted the office of Sahwa in Eshreen Street in Adhemiyah neighborhood north Baghdad around 12,30 pm.

2 civilians were injured when gunmen opened fire targeting their car in Waziriyah neighborhood east Baghdad around 12,30 pm.

3 members of Doura Sahwa were injured when they were attacked from one of the houses in Al Kafa’at area in Doura neighborhood south Baghdad around 12,30 pm.

A civilian was killed and 3 others were wounded in a suicide car bomb targeted a check point for the Iraqis army in Bayaa neighborhood southwest Baghdad around 4,30 pm.

Police found 4 bodies in Baghdad today in the following neighborhoods (1 body in New Baghdad, 1 body in Qahira, 1 body in Doura and 1 body in Saidiyah).


Iraqi army found 4 corpses of civilians in Hdid area 5 Kms west of Baquba city.

3 civilians were wounded (2 men and a woman) when an IED exploded targeting a car in Muqdadiyah town east Baquba city.


Karbala police spokesman Rahman Al Mshawi said that two children were killed and two others were wounded in a cluster bomb that was left over from the 2003 invasion. The incident took place in a soccer field in Al Ghadeer neighborhood south Karbala city today afternoon.


Clashes happened between Iraqi police and gunmen in Al Karama neighborhood in the west bank of Mosul city north of Baghdad yesterday night, police killed Abo Salih Al Saudi, the prince of Qaida in Mosul city.

Courtesy McClatchy Newspapers

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