Thursday, December 20, 2007



3 people were killed and 28 were injured in a parked car bomb explosion near alcohol shop in Sadoun Street downtown Baghdad around 3,30 pm.

Police found two anonymous bodies in Baghdad. One body was found in Shaab while the other body was found in Saidiyah.


13 members of Sahwa (awakening) were killed including Sheikh Nasir Al Mandalawi, one of the members of the supporting 2oth revolution brigades and 8 others were wounded when a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt attacked awakening recruiting center in Door Mandili area 10 KMs north Baquba city today morning

Gunman killed a civilian in Al Gatoon neighborhood west Baquba today morning.

Two gunmen were killed in clashes between the Iraqis army and gunmen in Hashimiyat area north Baquba today morning.


Police released two kidnapped women and arrested the kidnapper in two separated incidents today afternoon. The first woman was found in Al Jaza’ir neighborhood downtown Basra city while the other woman was found in Al Ashar neighborhood.

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