Thursday, February 5, 2009


Maybe the Allies will learn to stop taking prisoners.

Canada's Gitmo Dilemma Six detainees seek refugee status north of the border. by Thomas Joscelyn 02/05/2009 12:00:00 AM
Over the past several weeks, the Canadian press has reported that at least six detainees currently held at Guantanamo are interested in seeking refugee status north of America's border. But the Canadian government should be wary of accepting them. Canadian officials should carefully evaluate their cases, including the unclassified files the U.S. government has released for each of them. Three of the six detainees have especially troubling ties to al Qaeda. And there is no question that one of them is an exceptionally dangerous threat.


Welcome to the Mission Viejo chapter of ACT! for America

Our chapter has been formed to support the American Congress for Truth and to carry out the mission of ACT! for America. We meet formally on a monthly basis, and subcommittees within the chapter meet according to need, which may be more or less frequent. Our membership is composed of individuals who have become aware of the threat of Islamofascism and intend to halt and defeat its advancement in America.What are these organizations and what are their objectives?



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