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This article opens up the "new thinking" for Jihad - LOOK CLOSELY at what Obama is doing (in Spades!) and COMPARE his destruction of America's finances through his Porkulus "non-stimulus" with what this writer in a Mullah English language paper proposes to destroy the West.

Tehran Times columnist Hamid Golpira has long been a Misunderstander of Islam -- that is, he believes that jihad involves warfare and the subjugation of infidels, the elements of that concept that Western apologists, both Muslim and non-Muslim, are so keen to deny even exist. In 2004 he wrote this in the Tehran Times about how Muslims should deal with infidels:

First we must invite them to Islam.

Even if they declare war against us, we should invite them to Islam by calling a one-day truce for them to think over our invitation.

If after one day they embrace Islam, we should accept them as Muslim brothers and sisters and war has been averted.

If they do not embrace Islam, we should invite them to pay the jeziya tax and become dhimmis or to make a peace treaty with the Muslims, and we should again call a one-day truce for them to think over our proposal.

If after one day they decide to pay the jeziya tax and become dhimmis or to make a peace treaty with the Muslims, we should accept their decision, and again war has been averted.

Then in 2006 he called for an "information jihad" against the fiendish Zionist "Islamophobia" that supposedly dominates the Western media.

Yet given his belief that Muslims must fight against non-Muslims until they're converted to Islam or subjugated under the rule of the Muslims, wouldn't Golpira himself -- according to Islamic spokesmen and apologists in the West -- be an "Islamophobe"?

Anyway, now Golpira is saying that "the global economic crisis will help us" and that "it's time for some economic jihad.

Let's destroy a corporation for Palestine." Don't say you weren't warned.

"Destroy a corporation for Palestine," by Hamid Golpira in the Tehran Times, February 8:

It's time for some economic jihad. Let's destroy a corporation for Palestine.

Muslims must adopt a comprehensive economic strategy in this era of globalization.

If we don't, then we will be worthy of contempt because we will have become our own worst enemies.

One and a half billion Muslims acting in unison can have a great influence on the global economy.

Indeed, the Islamic ummah is already a key component of the world economy since a market of 1.5 billion people cannot be ignored.

But unfortunately, most Muslims have not realized this fact and the profits from our purchases are still being used against us.

When will we wake up?

However, it's not easy to be a jihadi. The struggle must be fought on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. True jihad must be fought on all fronts. It must be waged on the cultural, military, intellectual, ideological, psychological, spiritual, and economic fronts.

But in this era of globalization, it is essential that Muslims learn how to correctly conduct economic jihad.

First of all, we must not give money to the enemy.

Even now, the enemies of Islam are laughing at us, saying, "Look at the foolish Muslims. We have brainwashed them so completely that they are giving us their money.

They are buying products manufactured by our corporations and are oblivious to the fact that we are using the revenues to pay for weapons that are killing their own people and to fund programs meant to undermine their own culture and way of life. They are financing the destruction of their own civilization."

Shame on us. This is true for a large segment of the Muslim ummah.
Thus, clearly, it is time to reform ourselves.

And then we can truly begin the economic jihad.

There are about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. Although we should
welcome any help from non-Muslims who believe in justice, our community, the Islamic ummah, is so large that we can do it on our own.

There is currently a campaign calling for a boycott of Israeli products.

This is a good idea, but we should expand the campaign and make it a boycott of all corporations that are financing the war on Islam.

Although it is important to target all enemy corporations, in order to achieve a quick initial victory, which would boost morale, we should especially target one giant multinational corporation.

We should first ask the executives of that corporation to stop financing the war on Islam. If they agree, we should take it off the boycott list. If they refuse, we should call for a worldwide boycott of the targeted corporation's products with the goal of bankrupting the corporation.

The global economic crisis will help us. Many major corporations have gone bankrupt during the global economic meltdown of the past year.This economic jihad is a novel way to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

A corporation from the U.S. military-industrial complex would be a very good target to begin with.

As a matter of fact, many Islamic countries are buying arms and military equipment from the very same corporations that manufactured the weapons, jets, and tanks that are being used by the Israelis to kill Muslims in Gaza.

Can't we produce our own arms and military equipment in the Islamic world?

Or, if not, can we at least make our arms purchases from corporations that are not supplying the weapons that are killing Muslims?

If we do not take action now, we will be making a serious strategic error and committing a grave sin. And we will have to hang our heads in shame for failing to act while certain Muslim countries are financing the destruction of Islamic civilization.

The beauty of economic jihad is that it is completely legal. Even Muslims who would not participate in other forms of jihad out of fear of persecution and arrest could join this struggle.

Of course, the enemies of Islam will say that economic jihad is economic terrorism, but when that happens we must act swiftly on the ideological front to prove that such actions are totally legal. After all, people have been organizing economic boycotts for many years.

So, Muslim brothers and sisters, let us take up the struggle of economic jihad now. Destroy a corporation for Palestine.

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