Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Do you want to hire a suicide bomber?

Just come to Pakistan.

If Lahore police is to be believed, a suicide bomber can be bought in Pakistan to settle personal scores.

The shocking revelation came out after the police probed a suicide attack on the house of PML-N legislator Rasheed Akber Nawani in Bhakkar which left over two dozen people dead in August, media reports said on Wednesday.

According to Crimes Investigation wing of the police, five people accused of being involved in planning the attack on the house of Nawani have been arrested.

Accused Waqas Hussain and his four accomplices Nazar Hussain, Arif, Muhammad Amjad and Saeed Amjad, residents of district Bhakkar, had hired a suicide bomber and explosives expert from Wana to kill a former friend of his with whom he had a monetary dispute, the CID officials were quoted by the reports as saying.

They claimed that Waqas and Ijaz Hussain, who became a victim of the same suicide attack, were close friends but they got involved in a clash when Ijaz borrowed Rs 21,45,000 on interest to start a business and delayed the payment.

Waqas's father Nazar Hussain requested one Arif to help them, who suggested them to hire a suicide bomber from the Northern Areas to get Ijaz killed.

The trio, after finalising the plan, went to the Tank to meet one Haji Jaan Muhammad Wazeer, a resident of Wana. Haji promised them that he would send a suicide bomber and an expert of explosives for a suicide attack at Nawani's residence after getting Rs 12,00,000.

Only a day before the attack on Nawani's house, Haji handed over the suicide bomber and an explosives expert to Arif, who later handed over the two alleged terrorists to Waqas along with jacket carrying explosives.

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