Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Alan Note: AntiMullah presents this article as an indicator of what is happening inside our country, not as a plug for the Mapping Sharia Organization, which nevertheless appears to have the best interests of the USA in mind and heart.

We report you decide.

An Islamic cleric recently proclaimed that suicide bombings against U.S. troops in Iraq were justified.

It might not surprise you to learn that these were the words of some fanatic Al Qaeda leader hiding in a cave in Pakistan, or a mullah indoctrinating students at a madrassa in Syria.

But this was said by an imam in Texas.That's right, this incendiary statement—advocating the killing of our soldiers—was made right here on American soil.

And this Texas imam is hardly alone.

Across the United States, foreign-born clerics are using mosques as staging grounds to advocate violence against non-Muslims and the spread of Sharia, or Islamic law.

While presenting themselves as pious spiritual leaders, Islamofascist scholars trained in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan are flooding onto our shores and inciting a young generation of American Muslims to plot the downfall of the Constitution and the rise of law based on the violent teachings of the Koran.

It's not too late to stop this surge of radical Islam on American shores. But in order to stop it, authorities need to know which organizations are advocating treason in our midst.This is where the Mapping Sharia Project comes in.

While political correctness and red tape often prevent law enforcement from investigating groups allegedly supporting terrorist causes, our operatives are able to collect this important information from the most obvious source—the imams themselves. At the Mapping Sharia Project, we send our trained field researchers in to meet with imams and learn their views directly from them.

So far, we have visited over 200 Islamic centers across the country, and conducted legal interviews with these foreign scholars to learn firsthand what they're advocating.In order to continue our efforts to document which organizations are advocating violence against non-Muslims, we need your help.

The Mapping Sharia Project is an independent organization that receives no government support.

We depend on the support of concerned citizens like you to sustain the manpower and resources required to send our trained researchers out into the field to document how radical Islam is taking root in America.

Consider just a few examples that Mapping Sharia Project researchers have recently uncovered:In New York, Islamic leaders advocating putting weapons into the hands of gang members after they have been taught Islam.

In Virginia, an Islamic leader near Virginia Tech informed our researcher he advocates Sharia law in the U.S., similar to Sudan. He also argued in favor of slaying anyone who does not adhere to "pure Islam."In Florida, Islamic leaders support killing non-Muslims and even Muslims who do not agree with their ideology of Sharia.

In Texas, clerics informed our researchers how illegal funding is obtained in the U.S. and then transferred to foreign organizations in support of terrorist organizations. Foreign clerics are sowing the seeds of radical Islam here in America.

The War on Terror is not a foreign war being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Islamofascists have brought the battle to our own backyard. We need to know what they're planning.

The work being done by the concerned citizens at Mapping Sharia Project is critical for national security. We need your help to keep up our efforts to document the foreign nationals who have entered our country to preach hatred and convert young Americans to their evil cause.

The march of radical Islam can be stopped, but only if we know where it is going. Please help the Mapping Sharia Project continue its efforts to defend liberty.Click Here to help the Mapping Sharia Project by making a contribution today.

P.S. "The Mapping Sharia Project is performing a critical mission," says Joseph Farah, editor and founder of WorldNetDaily.com. "With foreign-born jihadists on American soil preaching violence and seeking to undermine the Constitution, Mapping Sharia plays an invaluable role in identifying potentially dangerous organizations accused of terrorist ties.

No one else is doing this work—not the FBI, not the police, not the Department of Homeland Security. So it's up to those of us who recognize the dangers to support the Mapping Shariah Project."

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