Sunday, January 20, 2008



US-Iraqi troops sweep Al Qaeda village haven

Al Qaeda in Iraq's shrinking area of operations
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Turkey bombs rebel targets in northern Iraq

Anbar to revert to Iraqi control in March

American forces nab notorious insurgency chief in Iraq

Coalition forces target al-Qaeda near Hamrin Lake, threeterrorists killed

Al-Qaeda operations in northern Iraq disrupted; two killed, 17 detained

Coalition forces capture criminal element network facilitator

U.S. Special Operations Forces train Iraqi Security Forces

Three IEDS found, destroyed in Adwaniyah

Soldiers capture HVT south of Baghdad

Phantom Phoenix denies enemy sanctuary

Suspected al-Qaeda counterfeiter arrested

Coalition forces target facilitation networks, attack cells; three terrorists killed, nine detained

ISF, MND-N Soldiers kill seven extremists after attack

Operation Phantom Phoenix: U.S. Soldiers find cache, given warheads

Iraqi Police capture suspected terrorists

Coalition forces degrade al-Qaeda networks; three terrorists killed, four detained

Operation Phantom Phoenix: Tip leads MND-North Soldiers to extremist car bomb factory and large cach

Coalition forces detain two suspects, disrupt criminal networks

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda in Iraq operations, 14 suspects detained

Rakkasans uncover VBIED factory

U.S. boosts its use of airstrikes in Iraq

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Thirty-two militants killed in Pak madrasa blast (Missile or work accident?)

Taliban commander killed in Parachinar, claims official (Maulvi Mansoor )

Mehsud-Wazir tension grows after power cut

Seven troops, 40 Islamic militants killed in South Waziristan

Three Get Life Sentences For Plotting To Kill Musharraf

Pakistan Takes Control of Swat Valley From Militants

Two more Uzbek militants killed in Pakistan clash

Afghan kidnap gang arrested

The West:

Ex-Mich. congressman indicted in terrorist fund-raising conspiracy

Padilla Gets 30 to Life

The Caucasus:

Russian police kill four militants in Chechen capital

Security forces thwart Jihad plan to bomb Tel Aviv-Jerusalem railroad

Israel / Levant:

Lebanon Warrants Issued Against Al-qaida

West Bank: Jihadi leader killed in Israeli raid

India / Pakistan:

Five militants arrested

Nine Lashkar Workers Arrested in Kashmir: Police

Suicide attack suspects being investigated

Lashkar Top Commander Killed in Kashmir Gunfight

Saudi Peninsula

UN Sanctions 3 Kuwaitis for al-Qaida Tie


Mauritanian Officials Interrogate al Qaida-Linked Suspects aboutFrench Tourist Murder

U.S to help Mauritania confront al Qaeda threat

Algerian security forces kill al-Qaeda-inspired suspects east of capital

Southeast Asia:

Hunted Abu Sayyaf guerrilla killed (Philippines)

Italian priests staying despite kidnap threats (Philippines)

Police Hunting Down Suspected Female Al-Qaida Bombers In Southern Philippines

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