Thursday, November 1, 2007



Iraqi police kill al Qaeda commander of western Iraq (Aide captured)

US: al-Qaida Presence in Baghdad Reduced

Job No. 1 in Northern Iraq: Keep al Qaeda on Ropes

Rock Hammer III disrupts enemy supply network in Baqouba

Iraqi Special Operations Forces detain AQI commander, three others

Coalition forces capture targeted Special Groups member, eleven others detained

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda in Iraq, three terrorists killed

MND-B Soldiers seize cache in southern Baghdad

Concerned Local Citizens lead Coalition Forces to cache location

MND-C Soldiers attacked

Iraqi Security Forces rescue sheik hostages

Four terrorists killed, 17 suspects detained during Coalition operations

Coalition Forces free hostage from al Qaeda

Iraqi citizens take stand against insurgents; aid National Police to discover cache

Iraqi Army, Security Forces detain members of terrorist kidnapping group

Iraqi Army discovers cache

Local citizens help Iraqi Security Forces seize terrorist weapons cache in Hillah

1-15 Infantry air assault results in six detentions

Coalition forces disrupt terrorist operations, 11 detained

Task Force Iron Soldiers discover significant caches

Coalition Forces discover large weapons caches

Dragon Talon II: Troops find cache, detain three

Iraqi Police EOD commander disarms large VBIED in Qayyarah

Dragon Talon II: Cache, 13 suspected terrorists seized

Coalition forces disrupt terrorist networks, six suspects detained

1-15 Infantry detains 6 suspected insurgents

Coalition forces disrupt foreign terrorist networks; 15 suspects detained

Improvised explosive device cache turned in

Paratroopers discover rocket cache

Concerned Local Citizens help round up suspected extremists

Three Al-Qaeda armed men killed by US forces

US military kills 51 militants dissidents from Al-Sadr militia

Turkish army confirms 15 Kurdish rebels killed near Iraq border

Afghanistan / Pakistan / Central Asia:

Afghans and NATO kill 50 Taliban and surround 200

Dozens of Taliban, four police killed in fighting (Western Afghanistan)

U.S.-led coalition forces kill several militants in eastern Afghanistan

60 Islamist militants killed

Pakistani gunships kill two rebels after truce collapse

Foreign Fighters of Harsher Bent Bolster Taliban (Going to Afghanistan instead of Iraq?)

Forces in Afghanistan Kill, Wound 50 Taliban Insurgents

Several insurgents killed in raid on al-Qaida 'facilitators'

Afghan security agents arrest 3 Taliban trainers from Pakistan

Key tribal leader on verge of deserting Taliban (Mullah Abdul Salaam)

Uzbek court jails 8 suspected Islamists

ANSF, Coalition forces kill several Taliban fighters in Oruzgan Province (Afghanistan)

The West:

Spain fears al-Qaeda's dream of new Al-Andalus

Militants allegedly target U.S. embassy (Azerbaijan)

Al-Qaida attack accused sent to crown court

Spain: Islamic terrorist cell members sentenced

One militant arrested, another turns himself in to police in Chechnya

India / Pakistan:

Top Pakistani Militant Killed in Kashmir Gunfight (Zangi Chacha)

Kashmir Gunfight Claims Two Hizbul Militants

Lashkar-e-Toiba turns smuggler to fund terror (death throes for LeT?)

Hizbul Mujahideen militant surrenders in Kashmir

Southeast Asia:

14 insurgents surrender in Assam

Indonesia considers charging sect leader

14 suspected insurgents rounded up in Narathiwat, Thailand (2 leaders captured)

Five suspected insurgents arrested (Thailand)

Arab Peninsula:

Frozen Assets: US Has Crimped Al Qaeda Funds

US aid for Yemen linked to al-Qaeda suspect

Israel / Levant:

Three Palestinian al Qaeda operatives are intercepted in Sinai on way to suicide bombings in Israel (Debka)

Israeli forces continue incursion in Rafah

Israeli jets shell southern Gaza police post

Israel arrests local Hamas chief in West Bank


Algeria: terror support cell dismantled

At least 17 terrorists, one soldier killed in latest clashes in Algeria

Nigeria: SSS Arrests Suspected Al'Qaeda Members in Kano

Algeria: Millennium Bomb Plot Algerian Suspect Sentenced in Absentia to Life

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