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Georgian opposition gathers for sanctioned rally

Several hundred Georgian opposition supporters have gathered in front of parliament in Tbilisi for a sanctioned rally to demand parliamentary elections in spring 2008. Full Story

Rice begins tough Turkey talks to avert cross-border strike

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met Turkish leaders Friday with offers of an "effective strategy" against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq in exchange for Ankara holding off on its threat of cross-border military action. Full Story

Suspected missile strike in Pakistan kills four

An explosion, possibly caused by a missile strike, destroyed a hideout of pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan's tribal belt, killing at least four people, residents and officials said. Full Story

China boosts fuel prices to curb demand

China raised gasoline and diesel prices by nearly 10 percent Thursday, reversing anti-inflation controls in hopes of cooling demand amid fuel shortages that have left trucks backed up at filling stations in the booming south. Full Story

US seeks to remove pirates from ships

The U.S. Navy on Friday kept its eye on a Japanese tanker taken over by pirates off Somalia's coast, while a top U.S. official said that piracy remains a "very serious security problem" in the region. Full Story

Litvinenko scare useful test for 'dirty bomb' attack: experts

The murder of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, poisoned by polonium 210, showed how authorities should handle any terror attack involving radiological weapons, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) says. Full Story

Israelis destroy Gaza smuggling tunnelsPosted on Friday, November 2, 2007 at 8:27amIsraeli forces operating in the Gaza Strip this week uncovered and destroyed seven tunnels used by Palestinian militants to smuggle arms and people, the military announced. Full Story

Tamil Tiger political head killed in Sri Lanka raid

Tamil Tiger political wing leader S.P. Thamilselvan was killed in a Sri Lankan air force raid early on Friday, the rebels said, in what analysts warned was a body-blow to any hope of ending the conflict soon. Full Story

Japan government deadlocked over Afghan mission

Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda struggled on Friday to break a deadlock that has halted a refueling mission in support of U.S.-led operations in Afghanistan -- and threatens to stall other policies as well. Full Story

Bosnia prime minister resigns amid tension

Bosnia-Herzegovinas prime minister resigned on Thursday, claiming the situation in the country was absurd and that international interference had rendered him as ineffectual as cartoon character Bart Simpson in leading his country. Full Story

State of Emergency in Pakistan Remains an Option

Imposing a state of emergency in Pakistan to end unrest remains an option although the government hasn't made a final decision yet, Deputy Information Minister Tariq Azeem said. Full Story

Afghanistan: 'Key' Taliban-allied commander killed

A prominent Taliban allied commander, Mawlawi Abdul Manan, has been killed in eastern Afghanistan in an ambush by Afghan security forces and US troops, the US army announced in a statement late on Thursday. Full Story

Pakistan militants parade 48 captured soldiers

Islamic militants loyal to a pro-Taliban cleric in northwest Pakistan paraded 48 men said to be paramilitary troops who surrendered during a week of fierce clashes. Full Story

Palestinian force enters Nablus in security drive

Hundreds of Palestinian security officers went on patrol in Nablus on Friday in a Western- backed drive to impose order in the occupied West Bank ahead of a peace conference with Israel. Full Story

Tribal rebels kill 7 policemen in India's Assam

Tribal rebels killed seven policemen in an ambush in India's tea- and oil-rich northeastern state of Assam on Friday, a senior military officer said. Full Story

Hamas fighters strengthening border defense

Israeli incursions into the Gaza Strip, once a walkover, now encounter increasingly effective resistance from forces organized by militants trained in Iran and by Hezbollah in Lebanon, Israeli officers say. Full Story

Heavy battles in Somali capital

Very heavy fighting between Ethiopian troops and insurgents has broken out in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu. Reports say several people have died in the morning battles taking place in three areas close to the stadium. Full Story

Mexican floods strand 300,000; more rain ahead

Rescuers in boats and helicopters worked early Friday to evacuate people stranded by a flood the president called "one of the worst natural disasters" to hit Mexico. Full Story

Bomb blast in southern Nepal kills one, 5 injured

A powerful bomb exploded near the Nepal Telecom office in southern Nepal's Parsa district killing at least one person and injuring five others, police said. Full Story

Report: Lebanese army fired on IAF fighter jets

Lebanese army units fired in the direction of Israel Air Force planes who entered the country's airspace on Thursday, the London-based Arab language daily newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat is reporting in Friday editions. Full Story

Macedonia ups Iraq force to boost NATO credentials

NATO membership candidate Macedonia will almost double its 44-man force in Iraq soon, ahead of an expected invitation to join the alliance next year, officials said on Friday. Full Story

World powers to push on with more Iran sanctions: UK

Six world powers agreed on Friday to push ahead with a third sanctions resolution against Iran unless reports later this month show that Iran has shown greater transparency about its nuclear program, Britain said. Full Story

Musharraf Is Warned Not to Impose Emergency Rule

American and European diplomats have been warning Pakistans president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, since Monday to refrain from imposing emergency rule to maintain his hold on power in his increasingly volatile nation, a Western diplomat said today. Full Story

Britain: New sanctions on Iran possible

The five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council agreed Friday to move toward a third set of sanctions against Iran if the country does not answer key questions on its nuclear program, the British Foreign Office said. Full Story

Officials: Nuke plant worker with device held

Security officials at the nation's largest nuclear power plant detained a contract worker with a small suspicious device in the back of his pickup truck Friday, authorities said. Full Story

Venezuela legislators OK constitutional changes

Venezuela's pro-government National Assembly overwhelmingly approved constitutional reforms on Friday that would greatly expand the power of President Hugo Chavez and permit him to run for re-election indefinitely. The 69 changes to Venezuela's Constitution now go to Venezuelan citizens for a single yes-no vote on Dec. 2. Full Story

Musharraf Declares Emergency Rule

The Pakistani leader, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, declared a state of emergency on Saturday night, suspending the country's Constitution, blacking out all independent television news reports and filling the streets of the capital with police officers and soldiers. Full Story

Ethiopia reinforces troops in Somalia: witnesses

More Ethiopian troops are pouring into Somalia to join local government soldiers in a battle against Islamist insurgents that has sent tens of thousands of people fleeing Mogadishu, witnesses said on Sunday. Full Story

Poison killings linked to Russian police turf war

At first police thought the two bodies found in a ditch in St Petersburg last weekend were those of drunks who had passed out and died of hypothermia. The case turned out to be far more disturbing.

Both men were from Russia's Federal Drug Control Service, a powerful force of former KGB officers, and they had been poisoned. Full Story

Sri Lanka clash kills 5, security high for rebel funeral

Four Tamil Tigers and a soldier were killed in fighting in north Sri Lanka on Sunday, the military said, while security was boosted across the island ahead of the funeral of a rebel leader killed on Friday.

Troops and police erected additional road blocks and sent extra patrols onto the streets, asking civilians to be vigilant and inform them of any suspicious movements. Full Story

Iraq confirms cancellation of Russian oil contract

Guided by U.S. legal advisers, the Iraqi government has canceled a controversial development contract with the Russian company Lukoil for a vast oil field in Iraq's southern desert, freeing it up for potential international investment in the future. Full Story

Jerusalem Mayor Nearly Targeted by TerroristsPosted on Sunday, November 4, 2007 at 12:48pmThree Jerusalem Arabs were indicted Sunday on charges of planning attacks against Jews, including one against the capital's Mayor Uri Lupoliansky. Full Story

Political Crackdown Continues in Pakistan

Pakistan's government on Sunday continued a nationwide crackdown on the political opposition, the media and the courts, one day after President Pervez Musharraf imposed emergency rule and suspended the constitution in a bid to save his job. Full Story

Former Pakistani PM Sharif urges Musharraf to quit

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called on President Pervez Musharraf on Sunday to step down following his imposition of emergency rule.

Asked what Musharraf should do now, Sharif told Sky News: "Step down, because he is part of the problem ... The more he prolongs his misrule, Pakistan will be moving towards anarchy." Full Story

Officials: 211 Pakistani troops exchanged for 28 militants

Militants freed 211 Pakistani soldiers Sunday in exchange for the release of 28 insurgents from government custody, including some allegedly connected to suicide attacks, officials said. Full Story

Tens of thousands turn out for protests in Georgia

For the third day straight, tens of thousands of Georgian protesters on Sunday congregated in the capital to demonstrate against the policies of President Mikhail Saakashvili and demand his resignation. Full Story

Russian Nationalists March in Moscow

A white supremacist from Texas lifted his black cowboy hat into the air as he stepped forward to address thousands of Russian nationalists at a rally Sunday in Moscow. Full Story

Two soldiers die as rockets hit airport

Security forces bombed suspected locations of militants in the Banda area here on Saturday evening after a rocket attack on the non-operational Saidu Sharif airport. Full Story

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