Monday, July 9, 2012


Note how Gingrich bows instead of shaking hands with Maryam Rajavi, since Moslem women do not like to shake hands with men, who are not relatives.

Newt accords her the title of "president" to offset the Mullah regime.

He speaks in philosophical terms and in opposition to the USA State Department's Terrorist labeling of the Mojaheddin (MEK), the strongest anti-Mullah group around.

The Marxist-Islamist MEK, while not my favorite political group and in some ways as bad as the Mullahs are certainly worthy of political support if we want to throw a trained, dedicated (though cultish) force at the Mullahs.

The clerics have spent every moment since the start of the Khomeini Iran-Iraq war in poisoning Iranian minds against this group. Possibly the only opposition, other than the students and Green movement,they really fear. And with their base in France, unable to shell or displace as they did with those members who were in Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

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