Saturday, April 14, 2012



Mr Obama this is over. The joke's over.

You've duped, deceived and fooled the world, so you're proud, right! No ID, no past records, no past present or future personality; you're the Man from Nowhere (Bible).

But it's over, because this is no joke and you've got the nuclear codes and that's High Treason, the same as for foreign (well, you're foreign aren't you!) spies.

The end has come for you.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's opened a seven-month criminal investigation against you, with probable cause of crime - which means in laymans' talk = YOU'RE TOAST!

Now, you've lost your Stimulus Battle and Obamacare's looking toast too in SCOTUS.

Chicago's Lottery drew 666 the very day of your victory - in your hometown Chicago - so heaven's also condemned you to being the Antichrist, so you're Ueber TOAST.

But worldly courts (and SCOTUS) has a date with you, Mr "Out Of Nowhere" Antichrist Obama, or whatever your sorry name really is.

Hitler never had the atomic bombs, nor did Genghis Khan, nor Josef Stalin. But you fraudulently got them.

You, Mr Fake President of the USA, are the greatest criminal of all time / and the worst criminal against Humanity, in the History of Mankind on Earth, in all time, from the beginning of the world.

SCOTUS will hand down a death penalty, that's beyond the slightest doubt.

Get ready for lodging and eating in a full-board hotel called Death Row, Mr WHOEVER.

This article by Geir Smith, is copyrighted by B4IN, but can be reproduced and circulated freely everywhere, to be seen by everybody, worldwide, even in the Far East and can be translated into all languages, worldwide. Geir Smith/King of Shambhala, @copyright

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vrajavala said...

Well. I wish they would just remove him by "quo warranto". He doesn't deserve impeachment hearings, just criminal prosecution and jail.