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Obama has had huge success in scrubbing the Internet of items he does not like BUT nowadays information spread is such he cannot get all of it!

Here is the article originally on the Daily Telegraph in England. WHY BOTHER? Nothing wrong with her Spring break outing.  Or is there? Something we do not know?

Was it the photo she did not like because of her teeth braces? And asked him, or someone on his behalf,  to abuse his power to have it removed from the Daily Telegraph?

If neither then WHAT? Is it something among the dozen or so companions that went with her? This heavy handed act arouses curiosity and leads to speculation?

The adult Obamas have lots of that with their ton of secrets, so why pull in their daughter into their parenting messes?

OAXACA, Mexico - The elder daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama is spending her spring break in the historic Mexican city of Oaxaca in the company of 12 friends, a state police official said.

The young tourists, including 13-year-old Malia Ann Obama, are staying at a downtown hotel in this city famous for its colonial architecture and well-preserved native American traditions, the official said.

"We are here to block access to the hotel by other people and escort the vehicles that are carrying the visitors to tourism sites," the police official told AFP under the condition of anonymity.

Malia Obama and her friend are guarded by 25 U.S. Secret Service agents as well as Mexican police, the official noted.

The group, which arrived in Oaxaca Saturday, has already visited the architectural zone of Mitla and the tree of El Tule believed to have one thousand years.

The sightseeing plan also includes visits to Monte Alban known for its archeological research sites and Oaxaca’s famous artisan quarters.

Here are other instances of Obama 'abuses' - Email sources:

Summer of 1980

Here is an interesting things ‘discovered’ about the Selective Service forgery.

The form supposedly filled out by 0bama IN HAWAII was supposedly done July 29, 1980.

Check this out...


“Thummalapally lived with 0bama the summer of 1980. The two ran together daily, three miles in the early morning, often chatting about their dreams. Thummalapally wanted to start a business back home; 0bama talked about helping people.”

So 0bama spent the summer of 1980 in LA - not Hawaii!

Could he have gone to Hawaii for a quick trip (and gone out his way to fill out the SS card)? Sure. But it is also recorded that he went to Hawaii during Christmas of 1980.

“The way his half sister, Maya, remembers it, 0bama returned home at Christmas in 1980, and there he told his mother and grandparents: no more Barry.”


Doubtful he would have enough money to be flying back and forth to Hawaii regularly.

Not ironclad proof. But an interesting data point that would support a forged Selective Service Document by someone who did not know the whereabouts of 0bama in the summer of 1980.




“Thummalapally came to the United States in 1974 at the age of 19, and attended 0ccidental College in Los Angeles, where he first met 0bama in 1980. They spent the summer as roommates, debating foreign policy and watching Los Angeles Lakers basketball games.

“Thummalapally made Indian food for “Barry” — the name 0bama went by at that time — teaching him how to make daal.”

ALSO from Email sources:

This essay by Ann Barnhardt on this Executive Order is a MUST read.


“Barnhardt: Why The March 16th, 2012 White House Executive Order Is Different”

“She lays it out better than anyone ever has. zer0 is about to go full dictatorship. This must go viral. Including the short video at the end.”

The video HBO tried to bury


Things NOT to ask the _ resident.


List of Lies:


Dunn Dodges Questions On Manufactured Fluke Story

The former "Zero" (Obama) Administration Communications Director refused to answer whether she had urged the  Zero _resident to call Laura Ingraham or Sarah Palin when Ed Schultz and Bill Maher used horrible language against them.


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