Sunday, January 8, 2012


With only two months before Islamic Iran's scheduled elections take place, severe conflict among rival groups has caused cracks which leak information otherwise kept under wraps.

One of these shows that just in one north-eastern, holy city, Mashhad, local authorities secretly executed some 550 people last year, including one Nigerian and quite a few Afghan nationals. That is in addition to the "official" ones.

That's more than one death a day in one city!

Previous annual statistics, based mostly in the capital city of Tehran showed one execution every EIGHT hours during 2011 but clearly understated the much higher real figure if the "secret" executions were to be  factored in.

Remember there are more than 100 "unofficial" prisons in major Iranian cities run by different factions of the "law enforcement" groups which do not bother to report to the National Director of Prisons.

Each formal group, such as the IRGC (Revolutionary Guard) or Bassiji (Suppression Forces) or "Lebass Shakhsi" (Plain Clothes Enforcers) or paramilitary Special Forces has its own powerful men who act as their own legal system with power to accuse, arrest, condemn and put to death anyone they wish - outside the "formal " system of "injustice".

Add to this the theocratic courts when a local Mullah UNofficially wields the same power of life and death in smaller towns or villages, even though "officially" he must formally request a confirmation of a death sentence from the Central Supreme Court in Tehran.

Knowing no local official can easily check or ensure this took place, they mete out death with impunity. The execution often taking the form of death under torture, which requires no Central confirmation and is written off as accidental or a suicide.

To hide the evidence of torture, some bodies are returned to the family by authorities inside a block of concrete! Any bruising, swelling, wounding, eventually found on the body would be attributed to chiselling/chipping the corpse out of the concrete. Specially internal wounds from gang rape by others or with foreign objects.

Meanwhile the sabre rattling by Iran and threat of closing down the Hormoz Straits to Oil tankers is part of the internal strife arising from newly appointed Generals in various paramilitary Guard and Special Forces seeking to retain power in a war environment where they can blame the ills of the country and the people on "the war"! And if need be they will
cancel elections under the saem pretext.

SOUND AND FEEL FAMILIAR? Obama is increasingly creating pretext after pretext to incite crisis by illegally acting contrary to our Constitution and creating a situation where he can declare martial law and suspend the 2012 national elections!

WARNING! There is also increasing talk in many circles that IF he senses he will not be re-elected in November 2012, Obama will DECLARE WAR ON IRAN! Psychological threat apart, that if you do not want America embroiled in another war (to suit his ambition to remain in the Oval Office), then re-elect him - or else - it serves as an inducement and reaason for him to become a wartime president and expect the nationa to rally around him when he cancels elections.

His corrupt Chicago politics mentality knows no bounds and cares nothing about America other than as a trough at which he can feast high on the hog for free, no matter what it costs our nation. In short the only job he cares about is his own! The only future that concerns him if his own. America for him and Michelle, as his mentor Reverend Wright repeatedly said: is "Not God Bless America, but God Damn America"! You cannot listen to this preacher for 20-years and pretend you care about America.

At no time has Iran's President Ahmadi-Nejad paid even lip service to the Islamic regime's Theocratic Constitution nor has Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and they both have increasingly hostile competition from a splintering theocracy of Mullahs vying for riches and power and more secular paramilitary, interested more in money than religion.

These set of conflicts have summoned Ahmadi-Nejad three times before Iran's parliament, which he has evaded. And three Kermanshah businessmen, charged with corruption on a national level will have to see how much pull they can muster and vie with other insiders of the Supreme Leader's coterie and of his son Mojtaba, who have also stolen several hundred BILLION dollars through falsified Letters of Credit in a horribly smelly set of circumstances with Bank Saderaat and those close to Ali Khamenei AND the Revolutionary Guard.

What a tangled web they weave! As they try to avoid getting stabbed in the back by allies they can no longer trust and/or are hoist with their own petard. Their credibility with the populace is down to nothing and they can no longer pretend they received 87% of the vote like last time - not even half of that. Nor even the more realistic 37% from before they would be happy to receive today.

They face a boycott from the populace and even potentially one or two million of them in protest in the streets as their safety and well being is endangered by the bellicose actions of the Mullahs, who threaten the well being of the industrial West and ever more rapidly a major attack on Iran by a highly disgruntled West where though the West may suffer enormous financial harm, the Mullahs will face the shock and awe of a magnitude ultiple times higher than Iraq, where the peripheral deaths could exceed 100,000 Iranians and deaths will very rapidly rise in increments of many tens of thousands.

With smart guided bombs coming at them the Iranian regime leadership will be decimated or annihilated so they should think carefully - as should Obama in the USA - before either of them unleash their own destructive plans and a boomerang backwash that could slap them in the face like a wet fish.

The world is on the brink of unforeseen consequences, so take care.

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