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Oslo Bombing. Norway Shooter.
Mark S. McGrew
July 27, 2011

I have read over 60 articles and seen countless videos about the Oslo shooter, from BBC, CNN, European news, American news and everything in between.

From the in depth research I have done from these various news organizations, if I were to believe the reporting, I would have to say, that I am fully qualified to say, that I do not have the faintest clue as to what happened and why.

The shooter is a blonde haired, blue eyed, right wing Christian fundamentalist Freemason farm boy. He is evil and he is a terrorist.

The wild guesses coming from major news and the bloggers is that this was a Mossad operation, a NATO operation, a Norwegian Intelligence false flag, Zionists, Neo-Nazi, the work of Islamic terrorists, Muslims, jihad, the police had prior knowledge, the military had prior knowledge, Libyan refugees, Muammar Gaddafi’s agents, the Knights Templar have been revived from the year 1312, and my personal favorite as noted on Press.tv, the shooter is a “fascist”.

A Fascist is a unity of corrupt government with corrupt business. The only person or group I have not seen blamed for this is Snow White and the seven dwarfs and the real perpetrators.
The major media has told us that he is a Christian “fundamentalist”. That only describes about 80% of any Christian nation.

(Alan note: in fact his violent actions are as far removed from and contrary to true followers of Christianity of any form or denomination as it's possible to be, so this label "fundementalist Christian" is an attempt to divert attention from Islamic terrorism that is rampant in Europe and try to establish a false equivalency. How many "Christian " violent events can you count in the last few years? How many hundreds of  events by Islamic activists in the last years? You do the math.)

The mind boggling ignorance and intentionally false reporting of the media is in full stride.
Major news tells us the tragedy of the "youths", "Youngsters", "teenagers", "children", "innocent children" and not a word about the adults at the camp or the group photos before the shooting showing late teenagers and adults.

And not one word about the actual victims of multiculturalism.

The Norwegian people, along with the entire population of Europe, America and Australia are existing in a living Hell of multiculturalism.

What about them? Who, besides Anders Breivik, has yet spoken up for them?

The King and Queen of Norway are fast to offer their comfort to grieving family members, after years of inviting the dregs of humanity to ravage their citizens. If the King had the conscience a bit above that of a lizard, and the Queen had a bit more compassion above that of a rabid dog, they would both be leading angry demonstrations to oust the current political leaders who have fostered the evil of multiculturalism upon Norway.

Norway experiences, according to Norwegian police statistics, over 400 rapes a year of girls under the age of 15, a more than daily occurrence. There's our teenager victims!

Estimates of rape statistics are that 85 to 100% of Norwegian rapes are committed by foreigners. A wild guess is that those foreigners are not coming off the Princess Cruise Lines.

It is estimated that only 5% to 50% of women raped do actually report the crime. There are many reasons for that, such as shame or other psychological feelings. But the main reason is that a rape victim is portrayed as, “Well, you asked for it. You brought it on.”

Even I will agree with that. When a woman walks around half naked flaunting her sex to a bunch of drunken animals, what else is the next logical step?

But, I will not use it as a reason to persecute her. No person, whether a Human Being or a two legged animal has a right to brutalize another.

All violent crimes in Norway are off the charts. And the brutality of the violence is staggering.

Young girls having their faces slashed by a foreigner, just for fun and for the fact that they can get away with it, protected by the multiculturalists in political power.

I have read that one school a week is set on fire.

France has 750 “No Go Zones”. To make it sound kinder and gentler, they call them Sensitive Urban Zones. Won’t that make someone feel warm and fuzzy as his daughter is raped and slashed to ribbons by medieval animals?

England and Germany also have danger zones, where “foreigners” ruthlessly attack the indigenous whites.

Go to www.Google.com and type in: France no go zones or Muslim crime statistics, Muslim rape statistics, etc. You will see that there is indeed, a media free war in progress all across the white cultural areas.

Before you criticize Anders Breivik, spend 30 minutes of your miserable life and see what he saw.

The foreigners exist on government handouts and crime, in Norway, just as in America and other countries. America experiences 2,500 murders each year from illegal aliens and another 2,500 killed by drunk driving illegal aliens foreigners.

The American citizen taxpayers lose close to $1 trillion a year from benefits and services, including medical care and incarceration and crime of illegal aliens. Getting rid of illegal aliens will solve the "budget crisis" in one fell swoop.

I am sure the numbers are the same in every country inundated with foreigners.

Anybody who does not understand that multiculturalism is an enemy foreign invasion is a blinking idiot.

As in American, the Norwegian nightmare onslaught of foreign invaders has been instigated and welcomed and protected by those in political power, with the knowing assistance of major media.

The "camp" where these "youngsters" were meeting, was a training camp for future politicians of the same party as in power now. A breeding ground, to continue the cultural and physical massacre of Norway's defenseless citizens.

These "children" were being groomed to facilitate the entry of, and to assist and protect the foreign invaders who so casually murder and rape countless peaceful innocent Norwegian citizens every single day.

Why should men or women of any country be afraid to go out after dark? Do they believe in boogey men?

They do if they want to survive.

Any man in America or Norway or any place practicing multiculturalism, is a criminal, if he lets his wife or daughter go out alone in the day time, and especially brain dead if he lets them go out alone at night.

The guilty party is not some unseen terrorist group or some high flying intelligence agency. 50% of the fault is on the politicians who support this nation destroying enemy action of multiculturalism and 50% is on the major media covering up these crimes against humanity.

IF...........IF........someday, the people of civilized countries stop the bloodthirsty insanity of multiculturalism, Anders Breivik, could and should become a National hero.

IF, he is not "suicided", while in the custody of authorities, a future political ruling class, that understands that multiculturalism is a treasonous act, may well pardon him and build a statue of him.

Bolsheviks, Jihadists, Jews, Nazis, Muslims, false flag, rogue intelligence agents, CIA, NATO, mysterious secret societies dug up from the ancient graves are responsible??


Norway's political leaders set the stage, armed the killer and pulled the trigger and major media diligently went to work to cover it up.

Anders Breivik sent the only message that treasonous politicians and their trainees can ever understand: A bullet in the head.

All of the media personalities, protecting the politicians with their smoke screen diatribes deserve the same. It is the politicians and their major media protectors who brought this murderous plague to Norway.

Anders Breivik deserves a medal and a post of prominence in Norway’s government.

Pretend for a moment, you invite someone to your home, who you believe is a friend.

You tell him you need to go to the store and do some food shopping for the cookout tonight and ask him to watch over your home.

When you return, you find that he has invited all manner of people over from the hospital for the criminally insane. They have destroyed your furniture, defecated in every room, raped your 14 year old daughter and you demand they leave immediately.

Your friend pulls a gun on you and says, "No! Leave them alone. They are my friends!" And he ties you up and tosses you in a closet with your mouth duct taped.

Shortly, you hear gunshots and commotion. The closet opens and a SWAT team member pulls the tape off, unties your hands and tells you it is safe to come out again.

Would you demand that the SWAT team be arrested and put in jail for 21 years? Would you call them evil terrorists? Would the nightly news call the SWAT team right wing Christian fundamentalist thugs?

Salute Anders Breivik and pray that there are indeed more like him, able, ready and willing to act in defense of their nations. If not, our culture and heritage will surely be destroyed and buried in the garbage dump of politically correct history.

Call me callous and hateful. I don’t care. For perpetrating the rape and murder of thousands of white people, it is the politicians and major media who are callous and hateful.

Call me a white racist. I don’t care. It doesn’t even faze me. Truth is truth.

Most everything in our modern World was created and distributed by white culture.

Blacks, Orientals, Indians, Japanese, Chinese, Lebanese, Nigerians, Mexicans, Brazilians, good people from all cultures have moved to white cultures and let the system allow them to create the millions of items used in every day life.

It’s not about race. It’s about “culture”.

The white culture is responsible for modern technology that creates more food being grown, better medicines, longer, healthier, more productive lives for all cultures.

All people, of all races, of all nationalities, have something positive and productive to offer humanity if allowed and encouraged to develop their ideas. THAT is what white culture brought to the Earth.

Point the finger at the ones who are to blame: The treasonous politicians, the bankers and their media empires pumped up with our taxes. Never trust American or European major media. Over and over, they prove themselves liars, pushing an agenda that 80% of the people are against.

Anders Breivik wiped out a small number of traitors and a large portion of a future treasonous bunch whose only goal is to destroy modern civilization and force the good, decent and honest people to live in brutal and savage conditions.

His only crimes were: 1. Getting caught so early in this new game with new rules. 2. Not killing
enough of these traitorous bastards.

This action may be another “shot heard ‘round the World”. A European revolution may in fact and deed, be in the beginning stage and this was just the first salvo.

Politicians may be very wise to whisper very softly, when conducting their traitorous behavior.

Assassins may be anywhere, planning, plotting, waiting, for the inconvenient moment.
Snipers may lie in wait on quiet roads. The housekeeping staff may poison the master’s food.

Trusted aids, bodyguards, may, as in Afghanistan recently, with President Karzai’s brother, turn on their leaders. Patriotic “right wing Christian fundamentalists” may use false identification to get employment at government offices and news agencies. Mechanics may tinker with the brakes. Gardeners may mistakenly mix the wrong chemicals and inadvertently leave them in sensitive areas.

Newscasters may be butchered, as the dozens in Mexico have been sliced and diced in the past
five years. Dismemberment is something that newscasters around the World understand.

I doubt seriously that any traitorous politician’s family would be targeted, but, a wife walking with her husband may become collateral damage. Their children may become ostracized, as the parents of the children’s friends may prefer to be prudent and cautious.

In guerilla style combat, dangers lurk where least expected. And if this is the dawn of a revolt against treason, the competition will not fight by the traitor’s rules.

Treason is a profitable business. Great fortunes have been made through treasonous activities. But also, many necks have been stretched and many heads have dropped into the basket of the
People. It truly is a quite murderous business.

History is full of examples of what happens to the ruling classes once the “ignorant, unwashed masses” figure out they have been played for suckers.

We can only hope, uselessly probably, that the politicians will begin to play fair. But, the politicians are too stupid to realize that the World has no more patience with their thefts and murders. They will only push harder.

The picture with this article is of Jennifer Lemon, raped by 4 foreigners in Sweden. Her rapist was freed and went on to break into an 84 year old white women’s home and rape her with impunity.

Mark S. McGrew can be contacted at McGrewMX@aol.com . More of his articles can be found at http://www.marksmcgrew.com/  If republishing this article, please include this link to Russia’s Pravda Online News: http://english.pravda.ru/

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Mohit Mago said...

Alan, you have to admit that christians are terrorists as its a terrorist religion they accept.

Christians believe that "women are the root of all evil." Gay terrorist jesus said "if you see a woman you will go to hell" "drop your tunic and take a sword" "I and the father are one" "father why have you abandoned me." Christianity is a terror regime that has killed straight white people the knights, the romans, the pagans, galileo and molested so many children with impunity. Do you understand what is happening? Christianity is a gay religion that hates women and they have brought on the other woman haters the muslims who are also told to beat, rape and own women. Don't call it multiculturism. It is christianity doing what it does best. Persecuting the straight, letting criminals go, taking in violent people who have the same hate of happiness they do. I am so disappointed that the noble white race has been taken hostage by christians in every country you mentioned and those christians are in the government dropping thugs on their own people. I hope people agree with me that christianity and islam must be abolished and the races who keep doing these crimes be sent back. If christians were kind they would not do such bad things, use people, be selfish, and harbour feelings of hatred for others who have more or are more than them. White people are strong and good but christianity has weakened them so badly that they are unable to take action against muslims by punishing them or sending them back to their hell. Alan, you have a christian name but I hope you do not consider yourself a christian. Christianity forces itself on others and dictates orders, sells lies like jesus was born of a virgin when he was born of a prostitute. All else they say is a lie. Bible has some good verse but is filled with hatred and anger at people who are not sick. They don't give people the truth and it is these christian leaders who think it is okay for one person to command and lead so many people in dictatorial fashion for taxes as a priest does command the church crowds for donations. I hope you people find freedom from this tyrannical religion and all the problems it is bringing to hide its lies. I actually am not a citizen of EU but a casual white supremacist who hates the way religions which were made by mad men have taken over the government and made life hell for my cousins the whites. I like whites for a simple reason, they don't hurt or hate me as badly as non whites do. Whites deserve to be free of all religions so they can go back to the business of colonizing the Earth and making it a fair and just place. There are so many places that are even greater than Norway, Scandinavia as they provide bountiful fruits which are so much easier to consume than meat which is the staple in non fruiting northern hemisphere. When I look at my native India, I am a fair guy from north India who is often confused for a caucasian and given the hatred they are by muslims and dark people where I am in Dubai. When I look at India, I see a beautiful country which is made dirty by the brown people, the crazy religious leaders who have taken power illegally. I just desire strongly then that whites colonize India but without a monarch as they did with the brutal Brits. In fact I have wished several times that India were a British colony as it would still be far better than having these inferior brown people, sikhs, idol worshippers and gays having equal status to the few fair people in India. Most of them are corrupted but fairness is a virtue and fair people do more good and hurt others less than darks and religious who worship darkness really. You are wrong when you say christians are peaceful. I have met many christians and they are quite rude and intolerant people but they can hide the hatred of non christians better than muslims.