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Response to an Email we received about the Texas Senate honoring this man who is trying to replace the Turkish secular government with a Khomeini type Islamic regime like in Iran!!! And apparently runs a string of Islamic 'madrasseh" (clerical schools) around America

This shows to what degree proponents and supporters of Jihadi Islam have infiltrated (with intense Obama and Eric Holder assistance) into our government at all levels, including legislative and policy makers, and how our overall ignorance of the "players and their organizations" facilitates the infiltration

UN- effing-BELIEVABLE! He is the Turkish equivalent of Iran's Islamic regime founder Khomeini !!!

Are we stuck on stupid? With what is happpening in Egypt and a cascade of other countries vulnerable to Islamic take-over are we showing how moronic we are in Texas (and REALLY all over the USA) by acclaiming another radical Khomeini mindset  to add Turkey - ever more linked to Islamic Iran - to the countries falling to radical Islam?

Here are archival reports about this man, which not only Texas Senators but others who continue to stick their heads in the sand as Islam takes over with a global Caliphate.

Note: Archiving removes formatting so the articles often appear as one long paragraph  (note reference to potential Egypt's current events)

TX Senate Honoring Fethulla Gulen/2-11-11

Update: Texas Senate resolution to honor Fethullah Gulen, Islam Imam

2.11.11 -- Today I called the Texas Senate Secretary's office. The staffer said that SR 85 "was read and adopted on the floor of the Senate. If there had been an objection from any of the 31 Senators, that objection would have been so noted in the record." Nobody objected. What this tells me is that our Senators either were not informed about who and what Fethullah Gulen represents, or else they support his efforts.

Today I also called Sen. Lucio's office (Democrat from Brownsville) because since he read SR 85 on the floor of the Senate, it appears to me that he may be the prime author. A staffer was to call me back in a few minutes; but after waiting for three hours, I called and said that if I did not hear from them in a few minutes, I would assume Sen. Lucio was the prime author. I have heard nothing back.

P. 69 -- Texas Senate Journal --- 5th day of Regular Session, 82nd Legislature


Senator Lucio offered the following resolution:

SR 85, Commending Fethullah Gulen for his contributions to the promotion of global peace.

Primary Authors: Senators Lucio, Nelson, Fraser, Van de Putte, and Huffman

The resolution was read and was adopted without objection.


Senator Lucio was recognized and introduced to the Senate Congressmen Nurettin Canikli, Hasan Murat Mercan, Emin Nedim Ozturk, Abdullah Caliskan, Murat Yildirim, Mehmet Sahin, and Congresswoman Fatma Sahin, all from the Republic of Turkey.

The Senate welcomed its guests.

Texas Senate Honors Islamist Imam, Fethullah Gulen

The Texas Senate passed SR 85 on Jan. 25, 2011.� Guess who was honored:� Fethullah Gulen. WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas is pleased to recognize Fethullah Gˇlen for his ongoing and inspirational contributions to the promotion of global peace and understanding . . ."

Here is the link:

The authors of SR 85 are Senators Lucio, Fraser, Huffman, Nelson, and Van de Putte:

Now look at how this action by the Texas Senate was viewed by the people in Turkey.� This link is to a Turkish newspaper article that covered this "momentous" decision:

Who is Fethullah Gulen?




Muslim Indoctrination at Taxpayers' Expense

By Donna Garner


I have been wondering how so many Americans (e.g., educators, politicians, etc.) know about the "Gulen Movement." Now I know. The University of Houston has the Gulen Institute. Fethullah Gulen is a Muslim imam.

Please go to �  to find out how Gulen has managed to indoctrinate Americans all over this country, many of whom are involved now in Turkish charter schools (e.g., Harmony Science Academies).

A professor friend of mine just sent me her comments regarding the Turkish charter schools:

Just a comment about Turkish Charter Schools - A few of the participants in my summer workshops teach at these charter schools. Three teachers from a charter school in a large metroplex area shared that Turkish and Spanish are taught in their school. They mentioned that those students who study Turkish receive more attention and funding for their language program. This summer the school "managed" to send the students and teachers to Turkey to help them increase their "proficiency" skills. Of course the students who study Spanish were not given a "free" trip to study in Spain!

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