Sunday, October 10, 2010


First, comments that Islamic Iran, which imports gasoline fuel for domestic shortfalls (cannot refine the 45% it lacks even with Chinese technology upgrade help) is exporting "gas" to other countries fails to differentiate  "liquid natural gas" from "gasoline" car fuel which is generally shortened down to "gas".

Vehicle fuel "gas" has been rationed and the price is slowly becoming beyond the reach of the average Iranian. Specially for what is over the ration limit.

As is food and has been for quite a while, specially when the regime fails to pay factory workers fo rnonths at a time NOR pensions of retirees - often for a YEAR or two, who live in extreme poverty off the charity of also impoverished relatives.

As at the start of the Khomeini 1979 inserruction, people have to find time from holding down three jobs to make ends meet to stand in long lines, again with ration cards for some items, to obtain their daily food needs. At sky-rocketing prices.


Meanwhile, in Iran,  the price of domestic flight tickets has increased 30% - because of fuel prices. Bus ticket prices have also risen. A bit more and the populace will not be able to afford to travel, which would suit the regime which would like nothing more to have people immobilized.

While traitorous Nokia-Siemens announces  it has stopped providing cell phone monitoring/tracking equipment to the Islamic regime, which resulted in the arrest and horrible consequences for dissidents, the Chinese have stepped into the vacuum.

Nokia had become the most popular, almost universal cell phone for Iranians until Siemens stabbed them in the back - at which point merchants refused to sell them and users refused to buy them. Apparently this perfidy also quite aptly lowered Siemens sales worldwide.

While Siemens also falls under some suspicion for introducing the Stuxnet virus into the Islamic nuclear computer controlled network, the Islamic regime has arrested some of the 50,000 Russian consultants, who appear in almost every government organization with emphasis on those directly involved in the Russian built nuclear plant.

Much to the delight of China, Russians are fleeing Islamic Iran in droves. They realize that the Islamic regime's treatment of anyone arrested makes, even the former ruthless Soviet regime they used to have, look like pussy cats. And that is saying a lot.


With huge schisms icreasingly appearing among the senior  Mullahs as they vie for power or suffer as the Ahmadi-Nejad allied Revolutionary Guards take over most of the country's industry, economy and management, suppression of dissent has reached them, too.

Websites of some leading clerics like ayatollahs Dastghaib and Zanjani have been blocked and their mosques (where they preach) and even their homes have been raided by regime goon squads. Putting Supreme Leader, "ayatollah" Ali Khamenei in an awkward position. He no longer has enough power to oppose such attacks by para-military, IRGC (Revolutionary Guard) forces on fellow clerics. Even those, who like the IRGC oppose him or Ahmadi-Nejad's policies and handling of the country.

The IRGC and Khamenei started this by officially removing opposition figure ayatollah Rafsanjani's designation of ayatollah and reducing hin to a Hojat-ol-Eslam - a middle level clerical title. Also making him liable to execution as ayatollahs are not allowed to be executed.

Khomeini, having been condemned to death by the courts in 1964 for inciting the overthrow of the government, was saved by being artificially promoted to ayatollah and exiled instead -  to outside Iran.

For example Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi (son of a highly respected Ayatollah during the reign of the late Shah) is being slowly abused to death by the Islamic regime while in prison since 2006 for opposing the regime.

They deny him critical medications for diabetes, high blood pressure and other life threatening illnesses. They barely feed him a piece of bread and keep him in freezing solitary confinement, though he has severe arthritis.

They cannot formally execute him but they face no law (as if that would matter) against forcing him to die of "natural causes"!

Why no international human rights group has taken up his cause is unbelievable. And still correctible. His only "sin" was to oppose the  bloodthirsty regime. Just like the students of the Green Movement did and died - many hundreds of them in prisons.

In a somewhat parallel way, the international Golden Pen award of Reporters without Borders has been awarded to a Persian dissident journalist serving a long prison sentence, after which he has been exiled for five years to a provincial town called Gonbad (horrible weather) and then banned from any political or SOCIAL activity for life!

Resistance to the regime also increasingly leading to violence by opponents.

Two armed men reportedly belonging to the Ansar-ol-Eslam in mostly Sunni Iranian Kordestan conducted a drive-by shooting at a government post killing and wounding some 14 government employees. The regime claims these two have been shot and killed in an ensuing pursuit.

And also deny that a nuclear expert was kidnaped by Sunni anti-regime militants in southern Iran - pointing at the Jondollah - whose leaders have been executed by the regime.

A bomb planted beside a para-military march killed some 80 soldiers and wounded another 120.

Even the weather seems to be opposing the regime. Blinding dust storms have closed down parts of the country, even reaching Gilan and Mazanderan provinces around the Caspian Sea region, forcing people to stay at home or wear masks and closing down businesses and trade.

These dust storms, generally coming West to East from neighboring countries appear to be a newish phenomenon - I do not remember them happening with any frequency (if at all)  in years past before the revolution.

Meanwhile Islamic Iran continues sending lethal explosives into Afghanistan disguised as domestic appliances. A recent shipment had some 20 tons of high explosives hidden inside refrigerators, washing machines and disguised as food products. The regime vehemently denied this saying that the hidden material thus found by Afghan customs was not really explosive just  firework level of "explosive".

Why it had to be disguised and concealed as Home Appliances was not addressed by the Iranian regime which generally goes through merchandise leaving the country with a tooth comb but failed to search this and similar cargo sent in the past.

As with Iranian made arms and armament stamped with made in Iran serial number identifiers/logos,  supplied across the border to insurgents in Iraq and in Afghanistan to attack America, NATO and Coalition troops, Iran continues to export deadly terrorism and anti-West terrorism while denying any involvement or knowledge.

On October 13th, Ahmadi-Nejad is heading to a two day visit to Lebanon to organize delivery of $450 million in military supplies and armament to the Hezbullah.

With a clear logistics intent, Islamic Iran has partially mended fences with Egypt and plans to resume air service between the countries for a potential supply route to the region, including to HAMAS in Gaza.

Similar to Obama spending public funds for his own political and philosophical purposes, against the will of the people,  Ahmadi-Nejat sucks up money which belongs to the Iranian people and bankrupts them to promote terrorism and political projects aimed at Israel and the West.

Hard to tell these days who leads and who follows with Obama and the Islamic regime copying each other in intent and policy. Similar actions in very disimilar countries, only Obama is still somewhat limited by USA law, not ALL of which he can ignore, though he has already trashed our Constitution.

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