Saturday, August 7, 2010


By Michael Coren

So let me get this right.

We have elaborate, hugely expensive, highly intrusive and time-consuming security checks at airports because of the justified fear of terrorism.

It has transformed the way we fly and made it far more expensive and difficult.

The vast, overwhelming majority of airline terrorism has been committed by Muslims in the name of Islam — yes, yes I know we’re supposed to use the word “fundamentalist,” but they don’t so why should we?

Oh, and if you doubt my statement look at the figures for successful and attempted attacks.

Yet, the Sun revealed this week: Neither airlines nor security services are asking Muslim women to lift their veils and prove that the face beneath matches their photo ID.

This became known after a passenger took and posted a video of two Muslim women with their faces covered boarding an Air Canada flight in Montreal.

Neither was asked to show their face and the man with the group carried all of the passports and was the only person to speak to the airport staff.

“I complained at the desk — and again as I boarded the plane — asking if the pilot was happy that two women boarded without being identified,” the passenger told the Sun.

“Both members of staff whom I spoke to were flustered and clearly embarrassed.”

He alleged he was subsequently threatened with a lawsuit by the airline for posting the video because it might — wait for it — infringe on security.

So the same people who demand we remove belts and shoes, who analyze our laptops and brush them for explosive powder and who now promise full-body scans are apparently frightened of asking Muslim women to show their faces beneath their veils in case it somehow offends their Islamic sensibilities.

Meaning that they might not be who they claim to be, could be terrorists, could even be men.

It has happened before several times, with criminals dressed as Muslim women committing robberies and Pakistani terrorist leaders being smuggled out of besieged buildings in burkas.

Nobody is looking to humiliate or embarrass a Muslim — it’s not as though they’re Christians and open to all sorts of insults and abuse, or Jews who are not even allowed into several Muslim countries if they’ve dared to visit family or friends in Israel — but just to be fair and equal.

The incident has now received a great deal of publicity and various government ministers have promised an investigation.

But one wonders if the culture of appeasement and fear is already too strong.

Recently I had a splendid tour of Bavaria and Prague.

Our guide, however, was an oddity. A young Dutch woman with standard leftist views, she told me how she had no time for politicians who claimed Islam was any sort of threat.

But, I said, you are Dutch and in your country a movie director was slaughtered like an animal in the street by a Muslim fanatic and a woman MP had to live with 24-hour security because she criticized some aspects of Islam.

“That happened because they offended Muslims,” replied the former social worker and generally good person. “You really should not offend them.”

No, it seems you should not.

Ask Oba-Hussein! He has weakened our physical defenses in every possible way even formally  banning using the word Islam in the same sentence or text with terrorism in his administration.

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