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Pakistan: Sectarian violence spreads in Karachi, toll rises to 28

(Pakistan) British family shot dead in Pakistan

(Pakistan) Ex-president Musharraf vows return to Pakistan politics

(Pakistan) Taliban threaten to kill Osama Khalid over action against Hamid Mir

— Pakistan Daily Times: “Osama Khalid, the son of former Inter-Services Intelligence officer Khalid Khawaja, has claimed that the Asian Tigers have indirectly threatened to do the same to him as they did to his father if any action is taken against Hamid Mir, a private TV channel reported on Thursday”\05\21\story_21-5-2010_pg7_27

(Pakistan) Five people gunned down in Balochistan\05\21\story_21-5-2010_pg7_8

(Pakistan) Forces arrest 6 suspects, recover arms in Bajaur\05\21\story_21-5-2010_pg7_7

(Pakistan) Mehsud ‘peace broker’ shot dead in Tank\05\21\story_21-5-2010_pg7_2

(Pakistan) Sweden closes embassy in Islamabad due to security\05\21\story_21-5-2010_pg7_9

(India) Mumbai Attacks: Pak major held may be Headley handler

(India) Mumbai Attacks: Kasab is Qaidi No C-7096

(Afghanistan/Maldives) Taliban in Maldives for meeting

-— Taliban in Secret Talks at Mystery Location

-— Talks Being Held Somewhere in the Maldives, Officials Tell ABC News

-— Afghan Govt, Taliban hold 2nd meet in Maldives

— Kabul denies meeting Taliban in Maldives

(U.S.) Terror Comes Home

At least 25 American citizens have faced serious terrorism offenses in the past 18 months, a pattern that has counterintelligence officials concerned.

(U.S.) Alleged Terrorists Used Social Network Sites

(U.S.) Times Square Car Bomb Plot: Lag in Times Square suspect’s court date defended

— Prosecutors say “uninterrupted access” needed to Shahzad

(U.S.) Times Square Car Bomb Plot: U.S. Outlines Moves After Bomb Suspect’s Arrest

(U.S.) Times Square bomb plot: Massachusetts man had suspect’s phone number

(U.S.) $200m ‘behavior detection’ officers fail to spot a single terrorist at airports

— At least 1 6 known terrorists undetected by federal behavior specialists

(U.S.) Obama fires intelligence chief after security lapses — Dennis Blair

-— January 22, 2010: Top Intelligence Chief Says ‘We’ll Make a New Mistake’ When Trying to Prevent Terror Attempts — DNI Dennis Blair,2933,583666,00.html

-— September 15, 2009: Spy Chief Says U.S. Hunting al Qaeda More Effectively — Dennis Blair 

Iraq: Two policemen, civilian killed, 10 others injured in explosion western Mosul

Iraq: Bin Laden deputy lauds slain Al-Qaeda leaders

Iran: Pros and cons in UN’s Sanctions Proposal on Iran

Syria: US to Syria: Stop Hizbullah armsUS to Syria: Stop Hizbullah arms

(Yemen) Al-Qaeda appeals to women to fight in Yemen

(Yemen) Al-Qaida in Yemen announces terror leader killed

Turkish aircraft raid PKK

(Canada) Suspect knew camp flag similar to jihad symbols — Asad Ansari

Indonesia seeks seven years for ‘Prince of Jihad’

— Mohammed Jibril Abdurahman

Other News:

Muslims Respond to Cartoon Controversy

— Cartoon Contests and Human Dignity

Cartoonist draws a line under contest to picture Prophet

Thousands of Mohammed images uploaded on Facebook

— Anger? Not so much at this Prophet cartoon caper

‘Publication of caricatures hurts Muslim sentiments’\05\21\story_21-5-2010_pg7_21 

Tommy DeSeno on “The Facebook Creed?”

Pakistan Government Blocks Facebook and YouTube Sites -— more reports on protests

— April 16, 2008: Pakistan PM Gilani at National Assembly meeting calling for international death penalty for “blasphemy”\04\16\story_16-4-2008_pg7_6

Pakistan netizens up in arms against ban on websites

— Lawyers boycott courts in support of Facebook ban\05\21\story_21-5-2010_pg13_5

Pakistan blasphemy laws used to justify ‘murder’: EU parliament

Sweden: Arson suspect suffers from burns

(Belgium) Brussels: Municipality doesn’t allow veil ban protest

France makes way for grand mosque\05\21\story_21-5-2010_pg7_4

Iran: Mothers meet with detained hikers in Iran, report says

— Iranians React to Visit of American Mothers

Iraqi believers warned to leave

Kuwait: 5 years in jail for beating maid to death - ‘Woman tortured victim, but had no plan to kill’

Saudi woman beats up virtue cop 

UK: Anti-Democracy Leader Anjem Choudary Threats to Woman Muslim MP Sayeeda Warsi

Egyptian Professor of Hebrew Literature Ibrahim Farid Denounces Endorsement of Antisemitic Myths by Arab Media and Institutions

Sudanese authorities in pursuit of aid workers’ kidnappers in Darfur

(U.S.) Mojave Desert war cross ‘returned’

— Authorities Say Mojave Desert Replacement Memorial Cross Must Come Down

(U.S.) Newsweek report on Rima Fakih

(U.S.) North Carolina: Popular local Muslim figure arrested on federal charges

Mohammed “Moe’ El-Gamal of Raleigh, the president of the Muslim American Public Affairs Council charged with exporting computer equipment to Libya without a license

(U.S.) California: UCSD Students Seek Official Condemnation of Pro-Holocaust Statement

(U.S.) Islamic leaders decry Tea Party reference to Muslim ‘monkey-god’

-— Original report references “monkey-god”

(U.S.) Reports on Rand Paul and Civil Rights Bill Discussions

Thailand Civil War News:

Clash death toll reported at 51

Police detain 63 suspects

Three more protest leaders surrender to police, deny terrorism charges n

Thai Red shirt stronghold recoups after angry riots

Bangkok aftermath: ‘Not the Thailand we know anymore’

Thailand issues three-day curfew as 13,000 protesters rally in provinces

Thai Forces Restore Order in Bangkok After Clearing Protest Site

Bangkok battleground deserted but city life goes on

Bangkok Under Curfew as Fears Persis

Peace restored, anger still burns in Bangkok

Marian statue spared by rioters thanks to priest

Against Totalitarianism News:

North Korea threatens ‘all-out war’ over warship sinking report

North Korea: Pentagon won’t say ship sinking is an act of war

— US warns of ‘consequences’ after Pyongyang is found guilty of sinking ship

North Korea slams report that it torpedoed South Korean ship

Mona Eltahawy: Confronting Tyrants

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