Sunday, December 20, 2009


Jeyzia (tax by Moslems on non-Moslems to permit them to stay alive) Demands in Copenhagen - "If you fail to comply, and we will find out, we will have to initiate the next step, which will be disabling a family member. Second step, if necessary, will be more fatal"

Text of blackmail/extortion letter sent to every resident in this small town near Copenhagen, Denmark.

,,For some time we have kept you under our scope. You are blessed with a lovely family and we hope you appreciate this fortune of live, nothing is static. We apologize for the poorly chosen time of approach (Your holy month), and will respectfully keep a distance whilst you and your family enjoys your RR.

Our lives may sometimes turn down a road we didn´t foresee, on some occasions we can change this course, on others we can´t.

Your live is about to take such a turn, and it is up to you if you want to get back on track, entirely up to you, we might add!

In our country, we are so familiar to changes, radical changes, so we know what we are talking about. Your part of the world have exploited us for centuries (not you personally though), so in all fairness it would be appropriate if you lend a helping hand.

For some reason we can´t get your government to take appropriate course of action, hence this solution.

We are civilized people, although you may think otherwise, but in order to be taken seriously, we have to stand by our terms and statements. For this purpose, we have hired ,,local contractors#, surprisingly easy in Denmark, who will carry out the more uncivilized part, let´s hope it doesn´t come to that.

In short we request you to deliver 215.000,- Danish Kroner ( can be converted into USD or Pound Sterling), details will follow later on. We will give you 6 weeks from today´s date. The amount will not break you financially, we know, and we never use the same beneficial twice.

Obviously there are certain rules, simple ones.

- Do not share this with anyone or anybody.

- Meet our terms promptly.

If you fail to comply, and we will find out, we will have to initiate the next step, which will be disabling a family member (by customary acid in the face?).

Second step, if necessary, will be more fatal.

There is no room for negotiation or second chance.

Once we press the red button, others will take over.

The people who will carry out this task do not know us and we do not know them.

Due to the way they are getting paid, they will perform, trust us!

We hope you will take this seriously, we have nothing to lose.

We will get back to you shortly.


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