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Security officials plan to combat threat of the lone terrorist

Richard Norton-Taylor
The Guardian,
Friday October 3 2008
The "lone terrorist" individual, self-radicalised and not connected to any group, forms a new potential threat, according to senior Whitehall security sources who are drawing up a new strategy to counter what they say is the continuing serious threat of attacks.

Officials are pursuing a twin-track approach: countering terrorists' bomb-making skills and internet activity, and addressing the grievances of young Muslims, including concerns about British foreign policy.


Story from BBC NEWS:

It's notable that the foreign press pays more attention to this story than our own press does -

Weathermen: Home-grown US radicals
By Joe Boyle BBC News

Sarah Palin has accused presidential candidate Barack Obama of "palling around" with terrorists - referring to his acquaintance with a former member of the Weather Underground. So who were the Weather Underground?

(They have been Obama's friends)

Embroiled in an unpopular war in Vietnam, with many of the grievances of the civil-rights movement still unanswered, the US government was facing widespread protests in the late 1960s.

Often those who rebelled were rich in idealism but unable or unwilling to take concrete action.

On 8 October 1969, all that changed. A newly-formed group of left-wing extremists, dubbed the Weathermen, went on the rampage in a well-planned protest in Chicago - the so-called Days of Rage riots.

A police station in the city was bombed, and protesters engaged police in combat on the streets. More than 250 of the rioters were arrested, and the FBI began to follow the movements of the Weathermen very closely.

They were a splinter-group from Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) - a product of the student radicalism endemic in college campuses in the late 1960s.

The group had recently published an article in the society's newspaper rejecting peaceful protest in favour of communist revolution. The article signed off with the Bob Dylan lyric: "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows."

According to the FBI, several of their members had travelled to Cuba and North Vietnam during 1969.


Officials say Taliban Mad Over Alleged US Strike

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan, (AP) - The Taliban are unusually angry about the latest suspected U.S. missile strike in Pakistan, a sign a top militant may have died in the attack, officials and residents said Sunday amid reports the death toll rose by two to 24.

Elsewhere in Pakistan's northwest, an official said some 15,000 Afghans had left a tribal region the military is trying to wrest from insurgents, but that tens of thousands more had yet to meet a government ultimatum to get out by Sunday.

The U.S. has ramped up cross-border strikes on alleged al-Qaeda and Taliban targets along Pakistan's side of the border with Afghanistan, straining the two nations' anti-terror alliance.


New 'radical Islam in Bulgaria' claims15:47 Sun 05 Oct 2008 - Clive Leviev-SawyerJust days after Sofia hosted a forum on how teaching at schools could beused to forestall radical Islam, a researcher gave an interview allegingthat extremist Islamic sects were operating in eastern Bulgaria.

In an interview with Bulgarian news agency Focus, associate professorTatyana Dronzina - described as an expert on conflict and terrorism research- was quoted as saying that Turkish-linked radical sects Nurju,

Suleymandjand Miligurush were believed to be active in the eastern part of thecountry.There were some grounds for believing that people linked to these sects weretrying to make contact with pupils in Muslim religious schools in Shoumen, Rousse, Momchilgrad and in the Islamic Institute in Sofia as well, Focusquoted Dronzina as saying


Saturday, October 04, 2008 17:39 IST

MANGALORE: Some sketches and other incriminating documents seized from the four terror suspects arrested at Mangalore on Friday indicated they had been planning a BAM (Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mangalore) blasts after the recent MAD (Mumbai,Ahmedabad, Delhi) blasts.The joint-operation, the Mumbai police, Karnataka's police and anti-Naxal squad, succeeded nabbing four Indian Mujahidin activists with substantial cash, CD, explosives, Jihad material, credits cards and active mobile sets. In all, 11 people were picked up, of whom four have been placed under arrests, and the remainder let off after interrogation.

Pointless and useless exercise. No understanding whatsoever of relationship of underlying Islamic ideology to terrorism.

UK terror strategy to be updated

The government is updating its counter-terrorism strategy to focus more on preventing the radicalisation of Muslims, the BBC has learned.

Officials are increasingly aware of a threat from loners unconnected to al-Qaeda who have become radicalised.
A top priority for the government's strategy, known as Contest, will be reducing the supply of terror recruits.

Working with local communities and dealing with the role of the internet will be key to the updated strategy.

The government's terrorist threat level has remained pegged at its second highest rating - severe - since last summer.
'Severe' threat level

Senior Whitehall officials say the police and security service are working near capacity and the threat level is unlikely to be reduced soon.


Denmark: New anti-Islam group might attract terrorist attacks

Khader was interviewed in Weekendavisen (DA). I will translate the interview in the upcoming days.---------Denmark will continue to be in the terrorists' sights, maintains Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen, former operative chief of PET, after parliament member Naser Khader created a new association of internationally famous Islam critics. The association will make Copenhagen the epicenter of the fight against Muslim fanaticism.


Terrorists target prisoners in Wales

by Andrew Dagnell, Wales On Sunday

AL-QAEDA terrorists have targeted Muslim criminals holed up in Welsh jails in an attempt to recruit them for a holy war, probation officers have said.

The officers believe that attempts have been made to convert one in 10 of the estimated number of Muslims across Welsh prisons, including Parc and Cardiff.

The campaign is being led by 150 hardcore Muslim terrorists who are operating on the inside of jails across Wales and England, preying on young, petty criminals who are serving
time for minor offences.


Muslim cleric's victory in deportation fight short-lived

Homeland Security to appeal decision granting residency
By Elizabeth Llorente THE RECORD
October 5, 2008

HACKENSACK, N.J. – What was expected to be a day of jubilation at the Islamic Center of Passaic County in Paterson yesterday turned into one of bitterness as news spread that the mosque's spiritual leader must renew his fight against deportation.

“We thought it was over,” said Awatif Abadrabbo, referring to the announcement by Homeland Security Department officials who were appealing an immigration judge's ruling last month granting Imam Mohammad Qatanani permanent U.S. residency.


British Government Efforts against "Extremists" Ignores Jihad and Islamic SupremacismAugust 31, 2008
by Jeffrey Imm

In the global war against Jihad, the United Kingdom is a key battlefield of vital importance to American national security. British Jihadists have planned or attempted three mass casualty terrorist attacks on the United States homeland - led by Dhiren Barot, Richard Reid, and a team of jihadists who sought to target transatlantic jets from UK to Washington DC, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

The national security debates over American homeland security must not lose sight of the continuing threat of Islamic supremacists in the United Kingdom to the United States and other nations. But the past several weeks have shown a willingness of British government agencies to ignore the basis behind such Jihadist threats.

This has been seen in the recent MI5 report that states that Jihadists are not "religious zealots" and that there is "no single pathway" to Jihad, ignoring the ideology of Islamic supremacism. This has also been seen in the British Home Office's inconsistencies in trying to discredit Al-Qaeda, while promoting an individual who calls for Jihad in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Israel. Such combined denial and inconsistencies should be troubling to Americans.

On further inspection, these actions are part of a larger challenge for the British government and for American national security in honestly addressing and confronting the Islamic supremacist ideology behind Jihad. Recent studies have shown that many young British Muslims continue to believe violence is justified by religion, and over the past several months, some Americans have finally seen excerpts from videotapes from British Jihadists in the August 2006 transatlantic jet terror plot - where such Britons justify their actions based on an Islamic Jihad against America.


Alleged top al-Qaeda figure Abu Rami killed in shoot out
Deborah Haynes in Baghdad

An alleged, top al-Qaeda figure accused of masterminding one of the deadliest car bombings in Iraq and the videoed execution of a Russian diplomat, has been killed in a shoot out with coalition forces in Baghdad, the US military said today.


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The "lone terrorist" individual, self-radicalised and not connected to any group, forms a new potential threat, according to senior Whitehall security.Embroiled in an unpopular war in Vietnam, with many of the grievances of the civil-rights movement still unanswered, the US government was facing widespread protests in the late 1960s.


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