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June 30, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) 26 'Iran-linked terrorists' killed in Baghdad raid: US;_ylt=A0WTcV14N4ZGjPkAcRcTv5UB

(Iraq) US kills senior Egyptian al-Qaeda figure in Iraq -- Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Masri,7340,L-3419179,00.html(Iraq) Al-Qaeda's "mufti" killed near Fallujah

(Iraq) Some 47 Iraqis killed, 22 wounded in Miqdadiya suicide bombing -- at a military recruitment
center in Miqdadiya, Diyala Province

Iraq: US military says reports of 20 beheaded bodies were false

Iraq Sunni militias 'turning against al-Qaeda',23599,21993188-23109,00.html

(Iraq) Sunni legislator says he is quitting politics and joining resistance

(Afghanistan) 39 Taliban killed in military air strike - eight civilians killed (my title);_ylt=AlvXYIJtjisrNaS.flQRmmbOVooA

(Afghanistan) 15 insurgents killed in Afghanistan -- in the southern Helmand province, a local official
said on Saturday

(UK) Police hunting London car bombers

(UK) Al-Qa'eda hunt after two London bombs found;jsessionid=MHA1K3MC5AIDPQFIQMFSFFOAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/06/30/nbomb130.xml

(UK) Fear of al-Qaeda campaign after explosive find in second Mercedes

(UK) British police patrols stepped up after bombs found;_ylt=Ah0LZah173cbAV03B4pfUhgwuecA

(UK) Officials: Car Bomb Plot Bears Al Qaeda's Trademark

(UK) Nightclub bomb alert issued two weeks ago

(UK) Car bomb would have caused huge fireball

(UK) Device is similar to other planned attacks

(UK) Were car bombs revenge for Rushdie's knighthood?

(UK) London mayor defends Muslims as bomb plot foiled;_ylt=AhY9YLvbyLMQFT6bMWKbSfETv5UB

CAIR: "UK Muslim Held in Los Angeles" - and is being returned to Britain

MPACUK: Britain is to Blame for London Car Bombs

(Spain) Bomb explosion at Ibiza airport - Basque separatists ETA

(Pakistan) Taliban militancy could engulf Pakistan, Musharraf is warned

(Pakistan) Document warns Taliban threatens Pakistan - "There is a general policy of
appeasement towards the Taliban, which has further emboldened them"

(Pakistan) 13 oil tankers blown up - by Pro-Taliban militants in Landi Kotal\06\30\story_30-6-2007_pg1_7

(Pakistan) Radical Pakistan mosque warns Musharraf;_ylt=AoXpFunqbrL5Y4cAN1_ZH3zzPukA

(Pakistan) Suicide bombers holed up in Lal Masjid: president

(Pakistan) Musharraf ready to raid Lal Masjid -- if Pakistan media agrees not to show any bodies\06\30\story_30-6-2007_pg1_3

(Pakistan) Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM) behind Lal Masjid stand-off: Musharraf

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid vows not to allow "enlightened Islam"\06\30\story_30-6-2007_pg7_44

(Pakistan) Afghan national beheaded in FATA

(Pakistan) PIDC bombing suspect arrested\06\30\story_30-6-2007_pg7_7
(Pakistan) FIA to trace accounts of banned outfits\06\30\story_30-6-2007_pg7_3
(Indian Kashmir) Two Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir
(USA) U.S. approves contacts with Muslim Brotherhood: 'Region is going Islam'

(USA) Politicians move to cut Guantanamo funding
(Israel) Qassam hits Negev homes - Al-Quds cell claims responsibility for rocket attack which
directly hit elderly couple's home,7340,L-3419145,00.html

(Israel) Kassam rocket fired at Israel lands in Gaza

Hamas: We will receive international forces 'with shells, rockets'

Hamas threatens any international force in Gaza

Hamas TV show kills militant mouse character - describes Farfour the mouse as "martyr" who is
"killed" by "Israeli"

(Lebanon) U.N. chief worried about Syrian/Iran arms smuggling;_ylt=AmFB6m28O_DK0FePfLYbguBSw60A

(Lebanon/Syria) US bans entry for people undermining Lebanese gov't

Syria building more missiles, but unlikely to attack against Israel: defense official

(Egypt) 33 Muslim Brotherhood students arrested in Egypt, official says

Turkey draws up plan to hit Kurd rebels inside Iraq: FM;_ylt=AngEFhYLzfTO6KsvXm2dKR_tfLkA

(Australia) Muslim cleric a danger on paper -- Sheik Feiz Mohamed,20867,21992307-601,00.html

(Thailand) Militant killed in escape attempt

(Thailand) Local administration official shot dead in Yala

(Thailand) Thai PM says Malaysia, others helping arrange talks with southern insurgents

(Iran) IAEA team to visit Iran in July: ISNA;_ylt=ApbxhTSfiQiMc__d.nvW5fJSw60A

Iran: international Islamic court needed, top officials says

(UK) Lockerbie bomber's lawyers reject ruling on fabrication

(India Assam) Seven militants arrested in Assam

(India Assam) 5 ULFA ultras held with explosives, arms

Colombia rebels to hand over 11 bodies;_ylt=AmvbC8Fk4Az5O411JHXOfXWwv7kA

(Sri Lanka) Seven civilians killed as explosives found in Sri Lanka;_ylt=Ajud3CGoHeUvukHUj1M1lNMtM8oA

(Sri Lanka) Explosive-packed truck found in eastern Sri Lanka, navy says

(Sri Lanka) Three civilians killed in separate incidents

North Korea agrees on reactor closure

(USA) Mercury found in subway, courthouse - Isolated incidents investigated because of lethal

Other News:

(Florida) Controversial new mosque in Pompano Beach may be years away -- Islamic Center struggles to raise money to build,0,4725797.story?coll=sfla-news-broward

Friday, June 29, 2007

June 29, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(UK) Terror Plot Involves Islamic Extremists; Police Have 'Crystal Clear' Picture of Suspect

(UK) Second car bomb found in London's West End

(UK) Police Find Explosive Device in Second Car in London - same gasoline bomb and nails as first,2933,287292,00.html

(UK) Was London Bomb Plot Heralded On Web? Internet Forum Comment From Night Before:
"London Shall Be Bombed"

(UK) A Most Lethal Anti-Personnel Bomb Defused : Anatomy of a Bomb in London

(UK Commentary) Car bomb is al-Qa'eda's greeting to Brown;jsessionid=NPZ23EC4LEAF3QFIQMFSFFOAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/opinion/2007/06/29/do2908.xml

(USA) New York to Boost Security After London Bomb Found

(USA) Guantanamo Bay detainees win challenge - US Supreme Court has agreed to consider the
demands of Guantanamo Bay prisoners to have their detentions reviewed by a US federal court

(Pakistan) Musharraf invites top cleric to resolve Lal Masjid standoff

(UK) Car bomb found and defused in Central London -- apparent car bomb with gas canisters and
nails near London nightclub - subway areas near Piccadilly Circus closed off

London Telegraph report;jsessionid=RRMVTHIFK1ZBJQFIQMFSFFOAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/06/29/nbomb229.xml

BBC report

Sky news report,,30000-1272925,00.html

Daily Mail report

(UK) Main London Park Lane Street Cordoned off over New Bomb Alert, Terrorist Probe Launched,23599,21993129-23109,00.html

(UK) Manhunt for London bomb suspect

(UK) Was London Bomb Plot Heralded On Web? Internet Forum Comment From Night Before:
"London Shall Be Bombed"

(UK) Al Qaeda suspected of massive bomb attack on nightclub

(UK) Car Bomb Found in London 20 Days After al Qaeda Suicide Bomber 'Graduation Ceremony'

(UK) Official: Diffused Bomb in Central London Would Have Caused Significant Damage,2933,287292,00.html

(UK) Police probe possible Iraq link to London bomb,23599,21992554-23109,00.html

(UK) Brown says Britain under 'continuous threat' from terrorism

(UK) Cartoon protest 'death threats' - Mizanur Rahman called for the beheading of opponents of

U.S. urges vigilance after U.K. bomb defused

Terrorism fears contribute to rise in oil prices

(Iraq) Five US soldiers killed in Baghdad ambush - military detained dozens of suspected Al-Qaeda
linked militants in raids across Iraq on Friday;_ylt=Au_P8xYlPTc_J5EpZUeD1hUwuecA

(Iraq) Two weapons caches discovered in two Baghdad mosques

(Iraq) Shia leader postpones march to bombed Iraq shrine

Iraq: Bomb Damages Oil Pipeline

(Afghanistan) 4 terror suspects killed in eastern Afghan raid

(Afghanistan) US soldiers raid on Khogiani district, arrest 15 - Afghan rights group claims 4 civilians
killed (my title);_ylt=Am_D5IenDgaTXeRNreUs3MfOVooA

(Afghanistan) NATO never 'intentionally' kills civilians;_ylt=Av6IK_w1tdeKqPbQYaX7W3TOVooA

(Pakistan) Suicide bombers hole up in Pakistan mosque: Musharraf;_ylt=Atze1b3Njdx.oM6NjZTwbcLzPukA

(Pakistan) Female suicide bombers holed up in Lal Mosque - Musharraf

(Pakistan) Tension mounts as Rangers deploy near Red Mosque

Pakistan: Musharraf to unveil terrorist threats nation faces

(Pakistan) Jihadi CDs selling in Karkhano Market\06\29\story_29-6-2007_pg7_43

(Pakistan) Bajaur cleric vows to enforce Sharia

(Pakistan) "Khan network no longer exists"\06\29\story_29-6-2007_pg1_8

(Indian Kashmir) Seven terrorists and two civilians among 11 persons killed in Jammu and Kashmir

(USA) Supreme Court to rule on Gitmo detainees' rights

(USA Padilla Trial) Padilla co-defendant denied mistrial - Juror saw a co-defendant in shackles, but
judge rules fair trial wasn't jeopardized,CST-NWS-pad29.article

Israel kills militant from Abbas's Fatah movement;_ylt=AuvFXukZw90eezFsJg8xq3_uyucA

(Israel) Olmert: "A Country Cannot Protect Itself Ad Infinitum"

Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad warns Islamic preachers;_ylt=ApoYGZZvRH5PpWCR_uYA6MbuyucA

Hamas preacher defies government order to stop talking politics in mosques

Abbas for isolating Hamas, fighting extremists in Lebanon

(Lebanon) Two killed, 10 injured in clashes between Lebanese army and Palestinians

Lebanon army kill demonstrators

Lebanese troops block return of refugees to camp;_ylt=AmLLF4y7Z4AXK6GiN1pNclvagGIB

Lebanese soldiers, Islamists keep up sporadic fire;_ylt=Ag_L.OAOH8CF8JIIaZTWOo7agGIB

(Lebanon) 6 militants killed in Lebanon clashes;_ylt=AheCSyABP8CWSvECcB4jwtowuecA

(Lebanon) Commentary: Al-Qaeda and the deadly Robert Fisk agenda

Spanish police detain Moroccan man Abdellatif Zehraou suspected of links to al-Qaida recruitment

Spain detains fourth al-Qaeda suspect

EU backs passenger data deal with US

"EU moves to prevent religious hatred"

Turkey: Government ready for cross border approval

(Sudan) Navigating the Sudan Sanctions Regime

(India) Sivaganga: Two killed in Tamil Nadu bomb explosion

(USA) Signs point to a terror aid plateau,0,336018.story?coll=ny-leadnationalnews-headlines

(USA/Iran) House pressures Iran with gasoline bill;_ylt=Apun3JzFOCupwKtH48V95EJSw60A

(Iran) British draft compromise on Iran;_ylt=AlmOe7nkpcOe_EgRqSYC0UFSw60A

Malaysian Muslim activists protest outside British, US embassies

(Sri Lanka) Seven people wounded in Sri Lanka blasts;_ylt=AlS72cN64XRe4Cc5omP2FuYtM8oA

(North Korea) UN nuclear inspectors reach 'understanding' with N Korea;_ylt=Ai4b.HN84juE5aoqE0rNnYqCscEA

Other News:
(UK) Magistrate protest over face veil,,2-2007300057,00.html

(Netherlands) Hague: Imam wants censorship committee

Norway cracks down on female circumcision,23599,21993133-23109,00.html

Thursday, June 28, 2007


June 28, 2007 MORE NEWS

(Afghanistan) Update - Two suicide attacks in Kabul, four dead - and Taliban beheaded three

Iraq PM warns of al Qaeda attacks on other nations -- interrogation showed group was planning
attacks in a number of countries

(Iraq) Coalition Forces detain six suspected al-Qaeda terrorists - update

(Somalia) Roadside blast kills 2 soldiers in Somali capital

(Somalia) Islamists Invited to Somali Reconciliation Talks

Somalia seeks U.N. peacekeepers, Security Council wary;_ylt=A9G_R25J_4NGdV8A6gOyFz4D

(Mauritania) 6 arrested in Mauritania on suspicion of terrorism - update to June 26 posting

North Africa is the New al-Qaeda Hotbed

(USA - Padilla Trial) Terrorism Suspect Portrayed as 'Slow'

Lebanon: Al-Zarqawi's brother may be hiding in Palestinian camp

(Lebanon) PLO in Lebanon: Fatah al-Islam must disarm,7340,L-3418880,00.html

Palestinians back Iran bomb -- New poll shows Palestinians are number one supporters of Iran
nuclear weapons,7340,L-3418706,00.html

Hamas-run Gaza gets shipments via Karni crossing

(Gaza) Bombings against Businesses in Gaza Renewed

Norway in talks with Hamas over captured Israeli soldier
Russia to keep contacts with Hamas - diplomat

(France) Threat of terrorism remains "very high" in Europe, top French anti-terrorist judge warns

Spain: Tensions grow over Lebanon mission

EU keeps Iranian opposition group on terror list

(Turkey) Islamic inroads to Europe,22049,21987691-5006003,00.html

(China) Chinese military has special unit to counter biochemical, nuclear threats during Olympics;_ylt=AjIb0nCVyk9QGvUFEkWIqLoTv5UB
Secret trials for terrorists, says US judge,20867,21986986-2702,00.html

Russia 'terror remains' ban kept

Commentary: Radical Outreach -- President Bush coddles American apologists for radical Islam- by Steven Emerson

Commentary: The war of words between Hamas and Al-Qaeda

Other News:

Iran: Moralization moves to the country

Propaganda Alert:

Daily Kos: Evil US Stands in the Way of Hamas Paradise

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June 28, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) More than 130 Qaeda operatives killed, detained in Operation Arrowhead

(Iraq) U.S. says it killed an al-Qaida leader - Mehmet Yilmaz, also known as Khalid al-Turki - and
two Turkish Al Qaeda militants;_ylt=AnH1SB6b5sX564wikAbm2sEwuecA

(Iraq) Bombs kill 34 in Baghdad, 3 UK troops in Basra

(Iraq) Baghdad bus stop bomb kills 21

(Iraq) 20 beheaded bodies found on Iraqi river bank

(Iraq) Four journalists killed in Iraq

(Iraq) Report: Problems in Iraq force training

(Iraq) Radical Shiite cleric Al-Sadr says march to damaged shrine aims for Iraqi unity

(Afghanistan) Kabul suicide attack kills 2 Americans and an Afghan woman: police;_ylt=Ag2mberRToSyxiwJC6sGZcjOVooA

Taliban free 18 mine clearers held for six days;_ylt=AgkjQjlkgZzJch.jXQavrFTOVooA

(Pakistan) Three militants killed by own bomb in Pakistan - at Datta Khel village in North

(Pakistan) "No military operation planned against Lal Masjid"\06\28\story_28-6-2007_pg7_26

(Pakistan) Over 600 Pakistani security personnel around Lal Masjid

(Pakistan) Before the Lal Masjid clerics could carry out their threats of taking action against CD
shops, Police raid mini-cinemas, internet cafes

(Pakistan) US lawmakers want access to disgraced "father of Pakistani bomb"

(Pakistan) Pakistani official: Benazir Bhutto is also guilty like blasphemer Salman Rushdie, says

(Pakistan) Report: Pakistan to help as the US's jailer

(Indian Kasmir) 10 terrorists, soldier killed in J&K gunfights - near Zorawar village in Uri sector of
Baramulla district

(Turkey) Eight Kurdish terrorists killed in clash - update

Lebanese troops kill six Islamist gunmen;_ylt=Aj_jfM9LGEYC5JUlEN2lfE7agGIB

Lebanese Army reports "wiping out" militants' cell

Lebanese PM says Syria sending arms across border;_ylt=AikZ7wSc2InvJI0qtprkgaULtUsB

(Israel) 6 Israeli troops wounded by bomb in W. Bank

Israel fights Fatah militants in West Bank city - of Nablus;_ylt=ArzYzJTpPiEILP8k33Awj__uyucA

Abbas announces crackdown on militants - in West Bank

(Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades) Terrorists deny Abbas' disarm claims -- 'No one asked us to turn in
our weapons,' say Martyrs Brigades leaders

Israel rejects Hamas crossing request

U.S. govt appeals enemy-combatant ruling;_ylt=AhetfMrS6JoLbFKq4kFjVLMTv5UB

(USA) No press limits in imams' US Air case

(Columbia) Report: FARC says 11 hostages killed;_ylt=AufASJ4xwWD6881yumQtarOwv7kA

Somali officials escape assassination bids;_ylt=AtdcAU3Ol5PxDUooqMBmh7KQLIUD

Somalia: Thousands Flee Mogadishu Amid Renewed Violence, UN Reports

(Algeria) Report: Army closes in on hide-out of al-Qaida's North Africa wing

(Algeria) Terrorism has hampered development in Algeria -- MP

(Thailand) Insurgents kill 2 villagers in Yala -- in Pattani, insurgents blasted a unit of five soldiers

(Thailand) Insurgents kill policeman in Songkhla province in Saba Yoi district

(Thailand) Saudi Islamic leader asks end to violence

Philippine military verifying whether top terror suspect escaped southern island

(Philippines) U.S. Vows To Aid Philippines In Neutralizing Al-Qaeda-Linked Group

(UK) Lockerbie bomber allowed appeal -- Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi

(UK) Background: Meet Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Islamic threat no one knows about

EU officials: Banking data collected in US anti-terror probes can only be kept for 5 years

Germany indicts Iraqi for spreading al-Qaeda propaganda online

"Dutch anti-terror approach is unique"

(Spain/France) ETA mobile cell thought to be based in Málaga

Iran Embassy in Canada attacks Canadian press and Ottawa Citizen

Sri Lanka says kills 11 rebels, jets bomb camps§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Sri Lanka) Air raids in Sri Lanka as bomb kills two soldiers;_ylt=AvSrhAURktE2Lp3yXc33e4gtM8oA

(North Korea) UN inspectors head to N. Korea reactor;_ylt=AiOoNpZlwSh.KWh48Mjz4dSCscEA

(North Korea) Timeline set for N. Korea nuclear closure
North Korea: Launches were new missiles

(Kansas City IRS) White powder, anthrax threat closes US tax office

Commentary: The Next Generation of Jihad

(USA) Report: Terror-linked group applauds Bush announcement -- CAIR recently linked to a
plot to fund the terrorist group Hamas

Other News:

Norway: Responses to female circumcision

UK: Special guidelines for Muslim students

Netherlands: No tax deduction for halal mortgage

(DC) American University Professor: West 'must stop looking at Islam through the lens of terror',,2112944,00.html

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


June 27, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Car bomb strikes busy square in mainly Shiite area in Baghdad -- Kazimiyah neighborhood

Iraq: Chemical Ali can hang in Kurdistan, says judge

(Israel) 3 Kassam rockets land in w. Negev - on Wednesday night

In West Bank, Hamas is hard to find but still strong

Hamas: Blair cannot be man of peace in Mideast,7340,L-3418449,00.html

(Hamas) Rice calls Hamas 'resistance movement' -- But unscripted remarks about terror group not published by paper

State Dept interview weblink:

(Lebanon) Australian Omar Hadba detained in Lebanon may have al-Qaeda link,23599,21980638-2,00.html?from=public_rss

Hezbollah gearing for war: analysts

(Egypt) Warnings in the Egyptian Press: The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Is Going the Way of Hamas in Gaza

(UK) Two men charged under Terrorism Act,,-6740411,00.html

(Spain) Theft of 22kg of fire bomb materials kinked to ETA

(Indian Kashmir) Kashmir militants use liquid bombs

(India Assam) Two bomb blasts in Assam - no casualties - in Dhibri district

Libya's Gadhafi Misbehaving Again

President Bush condemns radical Muslims in visit to mosque,1,963862.story?track=rss&ctrack=3&cset=true

US to Send Envoy to Organization of Islamic Conference House speech:

U.S. Efforts against Terrorism Financing: A View from the Private Sector

Senate Panel demands White House eavesdropping documents

Commentary: A lawsuit without merit -- Islamic Society of Boston

Wordpress Hosting Jihadist Propaganda Blogs

(USA) New players in terrorism fight

(USA) FBI terrorism task force enlists scuba instructors to watch for suspicious training

Attorney: NY Times and Washington Post Legally Complicit in Terror? Could the NY Times and Washington Post be guilty of providing material support for a terrorist organization?

Commentary: Secret Weapon Against Terror: Mexicans,2933,286991,00.html

Russia: Ex - Guantanamo Detainee Killed - in a a region near Chechnya plagued by violence linked both to crime and to religious tensions according to the Federal Security Service

(Russia) 2 Policemen Charged Over Beslan Seizure - 2 charged with negligence in connectionwith the 2004 Beslan school hostage seizure.

Vatican to Back Moderate Muslims

Other News:

"Pro-Muslim video game to be released" - Syrian-produced Muslim video game Al-Quraysh has"Jews being portrayed as the 'baddies'"

NYC Power Outage Snarls Traffic, Trains

(Iraq) 10 people killed in Iraq blasts - two roadside explosions in Baghdad and the northern
shrine city of Samarra;_ylt=AnB31.tKuyOgviuusc5.6ARX6GMA

(Iraq) Baghdad car bombing in the Suleikh district market area (my title);_ylt=AmcaWipf_OEqCuaDu3HiHnBX6GMA

Iraq: Bomb kills 5 policemen in Samarra; Drive-by shootings kill 1, wound 6 in Baghdad

(Iraq) Al-Qaeda claims attack on sheiks as White House warns it expects more "spectacular
acts of terror" ahead;_ylt=AlYQoVGi0Z5x0RwnpPIa0L8wuecA

(Iraq) Fourteen militants killed in Iraq, eight students abducted

Gaza: 12 Palestinians dead, 40 wounded in clashes with IDF -- also -- 2 Kassam rockets
landed in Sderot and 3 mortars fired into Israel near the Erez crossing in the northern Gaza

(Gaza) Christians threatened in Gaza -- Islamists seek to enforce Sharia law

Hamas rejects Abbas decree nixing armed groups

Commentary: The Hamas blitzkrieg - by Walid Phares

Jordan struggles with Palestinians;_ylt=AofqN3O1crb5VBrwIa9eZ.BYU.0A

(Lebanon) UN: Lebanon needs help to stop arms from Syria;_ylt=AsPSDqbpRAJUYpYILaftO9jagGIB

(Lebanon) Report: UNIFIL raises alert level in s. Lebanon

(Somalia) Grenades kill 2 in main market in Somalia's capital, police say

(Afghanistan) NATO use of air power unlikely to change§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) "Suicide bombers are in Islamabad"\06\27\story_27-6-2007_pg1_7

Pakistan Bracing for Suicide Attacks - govt received intelligence indicating suicide bombers
have entered the capital city of Islamabad

(Pakistan) Rocket fired at army base\06\27\story_27-6-2007_pg7_6

(Pakistan) Blast destroys CD shops in Charsadda\06\27\story_27-6-2007_pg7_7

(Pakistan) Al-Qaida regroups in new sanctuary in Pakistan, U.S. says

Pakistan's Musharraf urges tribes to expel Al-Qaeda;_ylt=AgEgCcNwo2ZTGr7Q_jaZZZzzPukA

(Pakistan) Women pledge to army of Islamic vigilantes

(Pakistan) Security around Lal Mosque uplifted for possible operation

China urges Pakistan to better protect Chinese

(Indian Kashmir) Three soldiers and three terrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir - in an
encounter at Gamroo in the Bandipora district - also Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HuM) militants

(USA) Bin Laden looms over Padilla terrorism trial;_ylt=ApZ2TRk8hG6jcjW09U0kWl4wuecA

(USA) Mosques Reflect on Padilla's Islamic Education

(USA) President Bush wants Muslims to denounce terror

(Spain) Al-Qaeda Eyes Spain's 'Lost City',8599,1637631,00.html?xid=rss-world

(Spain) 100 members of al-Qaeda seep into Spain

Spain and Muslims: The right of return

(Spain) Judge orders probe into death of UN soldiers - in Lebanon

EU backs anti-terror deal with U.S. on bank data;_ylt=AqEy3trtrQleVrRGI_ve3nkTv5UB

Turk army chief reaffirms need for N.Iraq incursion

(Thailand) Southern Islamic insurgency makes 919 widows, 1,740 orphans

(Thailand) Bomb in Thailand's restive south kills two, wounds 18

(Thailand) Police nab 24 after explosions

(Indonesia) Bashir files lawsuit against anti-terror squad - update -- Bashir views Indonesia
counter-terrorism unit as "apostates" and stated that infidels are permitted to live, but only
under Islamic law,10117,21978873-401,00.html?from=public_rss

(Indonesia) "West funds elite unit to destroy Islam": hardliners

(Indonesia) Bomb explodes in Central Java

Philippines appoints new peace negotiator with Muslim rebels

(Philippines) New Abu Sayyaf leader 'is Islamic scholar' - Yasser Igasan

Indian Maoists burn train station, kidnap railway personnel;_ylt=AumcUwJxrmzQRZaS1DEn4XBA7AkB

(Indian Maoists) Security forces foil Maoist attempt to blow up a railway bridge in Chhattisgarh

(Columbia) Witness says never saw Colombian rebel;_ylt=AvmwC4R3aTkKeorsOzvD8BKwv7kA

(Sri Lanka) Tigers say five Sri Lankan troops killed in fresh attack;_ylt=AhZIuUc526zz3rs1H1_s6fMtM8oA

Sri Lankan police detain 300 after bomb discovery;_ylt=Ao2u.b2PoEmlmQAxNbXSPd0tM8oA

(Sri Lanka) 12 LTTE cadres feared killed in Jaffna district

Sri Lanka to resume night flights from next month

North Korea may have fired missile: report;_ylt=AtFq2WnBDJ9RidttInMq1dmCscEA

(North Korea) UN Monitors 'to see N Korea reactor'

(USA) 1990s terror response assailed
(UK) Train station to get terrorist-tracking CCTV

Other News:

Jordan: 2 men get 10 years for "honor killings"

Canadians fear Muslim, Christian tensions: survey

Netherlands: Schools close on Muslim holidays

Netherland Parliament member: "Cut benefits to burqa wearers"

(Iran) Petrol stations torched in Iran after Ahmadinejad rations fuel

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


June 26, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Somalia) Explosion kills 6 in Somalia - roadside bomb in Mogadishu;_ylt=AnatNbC1Cf3l2irVGajsqzSQLIUD

(Iraq) U.S. troops target bomb networks -- believed to be bringing powerful roadside bombs
from Iran;_ylt=Ar2Q2R3Xtj2bYjknV4jN_6JX6GMA

(Iraq) Clashes break out in central Iraq - in Diwaniyah between Shia militiamen and local
security forces

(Iraq) Bombs from Iran are being used against British troops, says UK MoD

Iranian forces crossed Iraqi border: report

(Afghanistan) Report: Al-Qaeda ready for conditional talks

Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF): "Let Them Find Ruthlessness in You" -- Sheikh Hussein bin
Mahmoud -- MEMRI report (my title)

Pakistan: Local Taliban asked to help curb crimes -- by NWFP tribes

(Pakistan) Taliban Militant killed in North West Frontier Province - tried to abduct the foreign
principal of a school at Bannu

Pakistan considering use of drones to keep an eye on Taliban activity

(Pakistan) 2 terrorists arrested - in Faisalbad

(Pakistan) Insurgents blow up two power pylons in Balochistan

(Pakistan) Women in Black: Pakistan's vigilante madrassas

(Pakistan) China worried about rising extremism

(Indian Kashmir) Two Indian troopers killed in gunfight in Kashmir - also killed Harkatul
Mujaheedin group - in Bandipore

(Indian Kashmir) Two civilians killed in grenade attack in Jammu and Kashmir - update on
Doda bus stop bombing story

(India) Maoists kill two civilians in Chhattisgarh

(India) UNLF hideout neutralized in Assam

India, Bangladesh vow to tackle cross-border terrorism

(USA - Padilla Trial) Rise of al Qaeda detailed in Padilla trial - update

(USA) Homeland Security chief: US growing complacent on terrorism -- Michael Chertoff says
Americans are 'starting to be unwilling' to make the needed sacrifices to repel attacks.

(USA) SEC Site Shows Ties to Terror Sponsors

(Spain) Two suspected members of Al-Qaeda group arrested -- Moroccans Mohamed Laksir
and Moulay Lahoucine Miftah Idrissi - members of Al Qaeda for the Islamic Lands of Magreb

(Germany) Moroccan-born Al-Qaeda suspect to be tried in Germany - Redouane e-H charged
with recruiting Iraqi suicide bombers and maintaining contact with 9/11 plotters

Algeria: al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb to lead attacks based on digital system

(Israel) IDF arrests six terror suspects in West Bank

(Israel) Two Kassams fired into Negev - on Tuesday morning

Abbas seeks to bolster Fatah with Jordan-based force

Fatah is a terror group, says Yesha Council

Fears in PA: Gaza May Turn into Taliban-Style Emirate

Hamas shuns Al-Qaida's support

(Turkey) Clashes kill two Kurdish rebels southeast Turkey - in the town of Silvan in Diyarbakr

Turkey bombards Kurdish border villages

(Turkey) Members of Hizbullah sentenced to life

(Lebanon) Al Qaeda seen behind attack on UN peacekeepers - Lebanon paper

(Lebanon) Hezbollah probing attack on Lebanon peacekeepers;_ylt=ArM9bxlpI1mCdFGoAEZBWavagGIB

(Lebanon) Deported London preacher Bakri blames Syria for violence

Mauritania: Five Al-Qaeda suspects arrested in an Internet cafe - update to previous story

(Indonesia) Islamist hardliners demand Indonesia disband anti-terror unit;_ylt=AvMZG5B6UZ_mUqlhX8QkJvYTv5UB

(Indonesia) Bashir calls bombers 'counter-terrorists',23599,21973518-23109,00.html

(Philippines) US commander surveys captured al-Qaida jungle camp

(Thailand) One killed, 4 injured when insurgent fires into teashop - in Pattani

(Thailand) Insurgents burn Yala school, govt office

(UK) 'Honour' killings linked to terror groups

(UK) Terror suspect appears in court -- Ceri Bullivant - absconded while subject to an anti-terror
control order,,-6736617,00.html

(UK) Lockerbie Verdict Could Be Sent Back to Appeals Court

(UK) British troops leave IRA 'bandit country'

(Russia) 16 criminal cases opened 2006 over financing of terrorism

Iran says new Fatah Palestinian government is a "lackey" regime;_ylt=AkE6dy0P.lZCoRlfY51MCgJSw60A

(Iran) Shiite cleric assassinated in Iran - known for his anti-Wahhabi activities;_ylt=AnC7N4kbHcumfhmvFS2eSRhSw60A

(Liberia) Former Liberian leader Taylor boycotts resumption of his war crimes trial, stalling

(Nigeria) Two Indian hostages freed in Nigerian oil delta;_ylt=AoROwGSzaDSj1HS6nABMxU7Z9YEA

Kenya police kill suspected Mungiki members;_ylt=Aj5fz.hV9h97qSYOEtG1IPBOs6YB

(USA) Ex-EPA chief rejects criticism over 9/11 workers' illnesses

North Korea, IAEA to discuss reactor shutdown;_ylt=AnRL6G6Jmf1ICrGM_GBRzveCscEA

Terrorists, the new op-ed contributors -- Ahmed Yousef, a senior leader of Hamas, op-ed
pieces in New York Times and in the Washington Post

Analysis: Box-office terrorism

Other News:

(UK) One in ten people in the UK now foreign born - with the largest groups originating in India
(570,000), Ireland (417,000) and Pakistan (274,000).
Norway: Somali circumcisers admit circumcising Norwegian girls
(USA) Chicago Council on Global Affairs Report: Muslim integration crucial to US;_ylt=Avr7T2KkVvTVtzL_dkV41.FI2ocA

Monday, June 25, 2007


June 25, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(USA - Padilla Trial) Jurors in Padilla terror support trial get lesson on bin Laden, formation of

(USA) Government report criticizes U.S. communication in overseas terrorism investigations

(Iraq) Two US soldiers killed in Baghdad area

(Iraq) Sunni Clerics Ask Shiites to Halt March - March by Shiites in predominantly Sunni area
could lead to more sectarian violence between the two sects

Taliban tries to recruit boy suicide bomber - 6 years old

Algerian troops kill six armed Islamists

(Mauritania) Suspected Islamist militants face Mauritania court

(Egypt) Al Qaeda in Egypt Leader Calls for Attacks On Women and Children - update on earlier

Pakistan Reluctant to Face Mosque Militants -- Islamic vigilantes growing in stature as
authorities watch

(Pakistan) Las Majid: Pakistan radicals to target dance clubs in international hotels

(Pakistan) Rushdie Knighthood violates UN code\06\25\story_25-6-2007_pg7_19

Commentary: An honor worth defending -- Ayaan Hirsi Ali -- regarding Rushdie Knighthood

(Israel) Olmert: 250 Fatah prisoners to be released,7340,L-3417444,00.html

(Gaza) Al-Qaida looming large in Gaza

Hamas websites feature WND article

(Lebanon) UN condemns "terrorist attack" on peacekeepers

(UAE) Bahraini's terrorism case in UAE put off -- Adel Mohammed Mehmood Abdul Khaliq

(Europe) US to begin fingerprinting European visitors at airports

French Elite Anti-Terror Unit To Triple in Size

(Germany) Could German anti-terrorism laws shut down Gmail?

Iranian President Volunteers to Serve as Human Shield at Natanz Nuclear Facilities - Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad: "we will sit down together in the nuclear facilities, and if they want to attack, they
will have to attack us first"

Other News:
(UK) Pakistani woman: My father tried to murder me' by honour killer daughter

(Iraq) Six tribal leaders among 41 killed in Iraq;_ylt=Amb8wNlW9h5SmLefhFgIhzRX6GMA

Iraq bombers kill 40 in 4 separate bombings, sheikhs opposed to Al-Qaeda among Mansour
hotel dead - car bombings in Baiji, Mosul, Hilla, and suicide bomber in Baghdad's Mansour hotel
- fuel tanker rammed police HQ in Baiji;_ylt=AmnFytjF1lzDb4Eu_8i11jVX6GMA

(Iraq) US-led troops find Qaeda "execution" den in Iraq,22049,21964298-5012771,00.html

(Iraq) U.S. warns of difficulty holding on to Iraq territory gains

Iraqi female journalist shot to death on her way home from work in northern Iraq

(Afghanistan) Sixteen dead in Afghan clash - on Sunday - includes 13 Taliban and 3 police - in
Zehri district of Kandahar province;_ylt=Akp1QUASgB.Yc_OfZGYpVjLOVooA

Afghan forces retake captured district of Ghorak;_ylt=AqeBQuV.W_8.eDV.pAihjDTOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban expected to free 18 kidnapped mine-clearing experts, official says;_ylt=AqjfupuEk26VXVMhZxupyX7OVooA

(Afghanistan) Most opium now processed inside Afghanistan: UN;_ylt=At5MoKcl7Xb8xlZ0GsqAejHOVooA

(Indonesia) Accused Asian terror leader warns more blood will be shed -- Jemaah Islamiyah's
Abu Dujana: Islamists will continue to target Westerners on the streets of Indonesia as they
fight to impose full Islamic law
(Indonesia) Muslims want back land, JI captive says,22049,21967883-5001028,00.html?from=public_rss

(Lebanon) Jihadists answer al-Qa'ida call to arms - call to flood Lebanon with foreign Islamic
extremists appears to have been heard,20867,21968216-2703,00.html

(Lebanon) Sniper kills Lebanese soldier fighting Islamists

Lebanon points finger at Islamists over UN attack;_ylt=A9G_RoDz0H9G9mwBVxAwuecA

Lebanon on alert after deadly UN attack - killed six UN peacekeepers;_ylt=AsbScaRUozIRRGjXtrUD0bLagGIB

(Lebanon) Spain's soldiers were killed by 50-kilo car bomb§ion=middleeast&col=

(Lebanon) Spanish Defense Minister in South Lebanon after attack on UNIFIL

(Lebanon) Three Australians held in Lebanon allegedly extremists: FM;_ylt=AlruGhXFdjHVuPbEiP94moTagGIB

(Lebanon) Australian Detainee's relatives deny link with terrorism

(Egypt) Militant calls for attacks on targets in Egypt

Egypt Al-Qaeda cell backs Hamas

Al Qaeda No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri Calls on Hamas to Implement Islamic Sharai Rule in Gaza,2933,286520,00.html
(Al-Qaeda) Al-Zawahri: Muslims should support Hamas
(Al-Qaeda Video) "Forty Years Since the Fall of al-Quds [Jerusalem]" – A Speech by Dr. Ayman
al-Zawahiri Produced by as-Sahab Media
New message from Zawahiri: Forty Years Since the Fall of Jerusalem - copy of the video can be
downloaded here

Hamas releases tape of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit;_ylt=AjjEQP3gB6dsAOXwIodB2yLuyucA

"Fatah officers cooperated with Hamas in Gaza",7340,L-3417018,00.html

(Gaza) BBC captive Alan Johnston in 'bomb vest' video
(Gaza) BBC reporter in video warning against rescue§ion=middleeast&col=
Gaza BBC reporter's family urges captors not to harm him;_ylt=AheTU6YBVDfgWszMazIhJdwTv5UB

(Israel) Kassam rocket falls near Sderot

(Israel) IAF Terminates Gaza Terrorist Who Launched Rocket on Sunday

(Israel) Is al-Qaeda threat to Israel growing?,7340,L-3416751,00.html

Somali lawmaker ambushed, six wounded in grenade attack;_ylt=AgocyZFZEIsux4MseG86sYWQLIUD

(Pakistan) Five suspected Tajik militants arrested in Balochistan

(Pakistan) Three army personnel kidnapped

(Pakistan) Taliban blow up CD shop in NWFP

(Pakistan) An Islamic school taunts the Pakistani authorities

Pakistan minister rushes to Beijing after hostage crisis

(Pakistan/Germany) Suspected Terrorist had Access to Radioactive Material - access to a
research center in Karlsruhe, Germany

(Pakistan/Indian Kashmir) Terrorist Infiltration From Pakistan Cause For Concern: Defense

(Indian Kashmir) Thirteen people injured in grenade attack in Kashmir - at a bus stand in Doda

(Indian Kashmir) Eight terrorists and a soldier killed in Jammu and Kashmir - update

(India) Court sentences 9 Muslims to life for killing Hindu nationalist leader in India: prosecutor

(India) Three suspected Pakistan ISI agents arrested in Delhi

(India) Bomb attack on Soren's convoy -- in Jharkhand

(Bangladesh) Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) militant arrested in Rajshahi

(Turkey) Six Kurdish terrorists killed Southeast Turkey

(Turkey) Report: Turkey detains 5 people with suspected links to al-Qaida - on Sunday

(Germany) Iraqi jailed in Germany for supporting Islamic group linked to al-Qaida

(France) 'Silence is killing' Darfur, says Sarkozy

(Denmark) Copenhagen: Imams cooperating with Hizb ut-Tahrir

Iran: We'll launch Bushehr nuclear plant in October

(Iran) UN nuclear inspectors to go to Iran;_ylt=AiASernyuZIKW35BPltYh5hSw60A

(Australia) Muslim groups' united front - for terrorist group Hezbollah,22049,21962222-5001021,00.html

(Thailand) Suspected insurgent shot dead in Narathiwat

(Thailand) Thai army detains 160 in Muslim south raids;_ylt=AtQCkV__JFkahw3RKTuC5evuNREB

(Philippines) Italian missionaries seek talks with Philippine kidnappers;_ylt=AtNbAZdf4mQMHuEcrXESifNUKYUA

(Burma) Burmese 'terrorists' kill 27 on buses

(Sri Lanka) 15 LTTE cadres killed in separate incidents

North Korea says has funds, awaits U.N. team;_ylt=AkLTXhPUACyZa0ovf7syRL.CscEA

(Columbia) Bomb kills two in troubled Colombia port;_ylt=ArYaU8YfPPCQK6fJdmXI9gywv7kA

(Venezuela) Chavez Tells Venezuelan Soldiers to Prepare for War With U.S.,2933,286521,00.html

The Next Terrorist Targets Could Be the Satellites, Said US and Romanian Scientists

Preparing for a digital Pearl Harbor

(Guantanamo Bay) Closing jail 'will free terrorists',20867,21967988-2702,00.html
U.S. begs for passport workers
(USA) Postal Workers Take Part In Bio-Terror Drill

Daniel Pearl:

(Daniel Pearl) "A Mighty Heart" Gives A Free Pass to Terror

US State Dept Video: Daniel Pearl Story

Other News:

(Germany) Construction of mosque ignites German hostility

(Australia) Media Watch fails racism test,23663,21959678-10388,00.html